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Train No. 11303 / 11304 Hyderabad-CSMT Kolhapur-Hyderabad Express is provided with additional stoppage at Kosgi station with effect from 6th March, 2014 o­n an experimental basis for a period of three months. Accordingly,Train No. 11304 CSMT Kolhapur-Hyderabad Express will arrive / depart Kosgi at 22:52 / 22:53 hrs.
Tue Mar 04, 2014 (07:12PM)
⇐ Return Journey: Train# 11303

17004⇒11304/Kolhapur - Hyderabad Express

Mar 04 2014 (7:10PM)
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Inaugural Run
Fri Feb 18, 2011
✕ NO Pantry Car
✓ Catering Avbl
Loco/Rake Reversals
MRJ/Miraj Junction (6); GTL/Guntakal Junction (6);
RSA - Rake Sharing
11051/52 and 11303/04
Rake/Coach Composition
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IMPORTANT: Live Status shown here is based on the OFFICIAL DELAY STATUS. It has been observed that sometimes this information is WRONG. Use this information at your own risk. Please consult other sources for confirmation. Thanks.

Status Updated: 11h 31m ago

6 intermediate Stations

Sat Departure: Crossed MRB/Munirabad (1) @ 19:10 21m late

Hide intermediate Stations

1KOP»Kolhapur CSMT»0.0Sat Apr 19on time07:35
1.1GRMTGur Market3.6Sat Apr 19on time07:3807:38
1.2VVValivade6.6Sat Apr 19on time07:4007:40
1.3RKDRukadi13.2Sat Apr 19on time07:4507:45
2HTKHatkanagale20.7Sat Apr 1917m late08:0708:08
2.1NMGTNimshirgaon T...27.8Sat Apr 1916m late08:2208:22
2.2JSPJayasingpur35.2Sat Apr 1916m late08:3708:37
3MRJMiraj Junctio...47.1Sat Apr 196m early08:3909:00
3.1VJRVijaynagar55.2Sat Apr 19on time09:0709:07
3.2SEDShedbal64.2Sat Apr 19on time09:1609:16
3.3UGRUgar Khurd73.8Sat Apr 19on time09:2409:24
4KUDKudachi80.0Sat Apr 1938m late10:0810:09
4.1CNCChinchli86.8Sat Apr 1937m late10:1510:15
5RBGRaybag97.3Sat Apr 1943m late10:2910:31
5.1CKRChikodi Road111.7Sat Apr 1943m late10:4710:47
5.2BGWDBagewadi118.9Sat Apr 1943m late10:5510:55
6GPBGhatprabha126.6Sat Apr 1955m late11:1511:17
6.1GKKGokak Road132.1Sat Apr 1955m late11:2611:26
6.2PRKHParkanhatti141.0Sat Apr 1955m late11:4111:41
6.3PCHPachhapur147.0Sat Apr 1955m late11:5111:51
6.4SULSuldhal157.3Sat Apr 1955m late12:0912:09
6.5SBHSulebhavi168.8Sat Apr 1955m late12:2812:28
6.6SXBSambre172.6Sat Apr 1955m late12:3512:35
7BGMBelgaum184.5Sat Apr 1913m late12:1312:50
7.1DURDesur195.2Sat Apr 1945m late13:0313:03
7.2IDJIdalhond201.7Sat Apr 1945m late13:1113:11
7.3KNPKhanapur210.3Sat Apr 1945m late13:2213:22
7.4GNJGunji225.1Sat Apr 1945m late13:4013:40
8LDLonda Junctio...235.8Sat Apr 1950m late13:5814:00
8.1SVTNShivathan240.1Sat Apr 1950m late14:0614:06
8.2DEVDevarayi247.6Sat Apr 1950m late14:1714:17
8.3NAGNagargali255.3Sat Apr 1950m late14:2914:29
8.4TVGTavargatti260.4Sat Apr 1950m late14:3614:36
8.5BIEBhistenhatti263.4Sat Apr 1950m late14:4114:41
9LWRAlnavar Junct...269.1Sat Apr 1956m late14:5515:01
9.1KHSTKashanatti281.5Sat Apr 191h 1m late15:1915:19
9.2KBIKambarganvi286.0Sat Apr 191h 1m late15:2615:26
9.3NGVNaglavi288.0Sat Apr 191h 1m late15:2915:29
9.4MGDMugad292.8Sat Apr 191h 1m late15:3615:36
9.5KRKPKyarkop299.9Sat Apr 191h 1m late15:4715:47
10DWRDharwad306.2Sat Apr 1944m late15:3915:45
10.1NVUNavalur312.7Sat Apr 1945m late16:0616:06
10.2AGLAmargol317.5Sat Apr 1945m late16:2216:22
10.3UNKUnkal322.4Sat Apr 1945m late16:3716:37
11UBLHubli Junctio...326.3Sat Apr 1919m late16:2416:45
11.1HBQHubli East Ca...327.0Sat Apr 1930m late16:4616:46
11.2KUGKusugal336.1Sat Apr 1930m late16:5516:55
11.3HBSHebsur345.0Sat Apr 1930m late17:0417:04
11.4SVHESisvinhalli349.1Sat Apr 1930m late17:0817:08
11.5NVDNavalgund Roa...353.0Sat Apr 1930m late17:1217:12
11.6NGRAnnigeri361.2Sat Apr 1930m late17:2017:20
11.7KNKPKondikoppa365.5Sat Apr 1930m late17:2417:24
11.8LKTHulkoti371.8Sat Apr 1930m late17:3117:31
11.9BKITBinkadakatti378.3Sat Apr 1930m late17:3717:37
12GDGGadag Junctio...384.0Sat Apr 1929m late17:4217:45
12.1KGXKanginhal392.7Sat Apr 1930m late17:5417:54
12.2RLPHarlapur402.3Sat Apr 1930m late18:0418:04
12.3SOQSompur Road411.0Sat Apr 1930m late18:1318:13
12.4BNABanni Koppa418.5Sat Apr 1930m late18:2118:21
12.5BNPBhanapur429.0Sat Apr 1930m late18:3218:32
13KBLKoppal441.5Sat Apr 1934m late18:4918:51
13.1GINGinigera452.6Sat Apr 1934m late19:0719:07
13.2HTNLHitnal457.6Sat Apr 1934m late19:1519:15
13.3MRBMunirabad463.2Sat Apr 1921m late19:1019:10
14HPTHospet Juncti...469.4Sat Apr 199m late19:0719:08
14.1KGWKariganuru475.7Sat Apr 198m late19:1619:16
14.2PKLPapinayaknaha...482.6Sat Apr 198m late19:2419:24
14.3BYOBayaluvaddige...487.6Sat Apr 198m late19:3119:31
14.4GNRGadiganuru494.5Sat Apr 198m late19:3919:39
15TNGLToranagallu501.6Sat Apr 198m late19:4819:50
15.1DAJDuroji507.3Sat Apr 198m late20:0120:01
15.2KDNKudatini514.3Sat Apr 198m late20:1520:15
15.3BYCBellary Cantt...530.6Sat Apr 198m late20:4620:46
16BAYBellary Junct...534.1Sat Apr 19on time20:4520:50
16.1HDDHaddinagundu540.3Sat Apr 19on time20:5520:55
16.2HGIHagari547.0Sat Apr 19on time21:0021:00
16.3VPVirapur556.8Sat Apr 19on time21:0821:08
16.4TKBNTsakibanda561.8Sat Apr 19on time21:1221:12
16.5BNLBevinahalu565.5Sat Apr 19on time21:1521:15
16.6SNKGSankaragumman...568.4Sat Apr 19on time21:1721:17
16.7BLLBantanahal572.3Sat Apr 19on time21:2121:21
16.8GTLWGuntakal West580.4Sat Apr 19on time21:2721:27
17GTLGuntakal Junc...584.1Sat Apr 19on time21:3021:50
17.1NLANancherla593.4Sat Apr 19on time21:5721:57
17.2NMLUNemakallu598.7Sat Apr 19on time22:0122:01
17.3MGVMolagavalli604.7Sat Apr 19on time22:0622:06
17.4ASPAspari615.8Sat Apr 19on time22:1422:14
17.5NRRNagarur626.6Sat Apr 19on time22:2322:23
18ADAdoni636.0Sat Apr 19on time22:3022:32
18.1ESVIsivi642.5Sat Apr 19on time22:3722:37
18.2KGLKupgal650.5Sat Apr 19on time22:4222:42
19KOKosigi664.1Sat Apr 19on time22:5222:53
19.1EGUIranagallu669.8Sat Apr 19on time22:5922:59
20MALMMantralayam R...677.3Sat Apr 19on time23:0823:10
20.1HPHHanumapura680.0Sat Apr 19on time23:1323:13
20.2MTUMatmari688.5Sat Apr 19on time23:2123:21
20.3MRCMarichethal695.9Sat Apr 19on time23:2823:28
21RCRaichur Junct...705.7Sat Apr 19on time23:3823:40
21.1YSYermaras714.6Sat Apr 19on time23:4723:47
21.2CKChiksugar722.1Sat Apr 19on time23:5423:54
21.3YDLPYadalapur728.1Sat Apr 19on time23:5923:59
22KSNKrishna730.9Sun Apr 20on time00:0100:02
22.1CGTAChegunta740.1Sun Apr 20on time00:1000:10
23SADPSaidapur751.1Sun Apr 201m late00:2100:22
23.1LGRELingiri763.9Sun Apr 20on time00:3100:31
24YGYadgir774.3Sun Apr 20on time00:3800:40
24.1TGDEThangundi783.7Sun Apr 20on time01:0001:00
24.2SPHLShampurhalli792.7Sun Apr 20on time01:1801:18
25NWNalwar799.7Sun Apr 201m late01:3401:35
25.1HLTSHalkatta Shar...812.1Sun Apr 20on time01:5801:58
26CTChittapur826.4Sun Apr 20on time02:2402:26
27MQRMalkhaid Road836.1Sun Apr 20on time02:3102:33
28SEMSedam848.2Sun Apr 20on time02:4102:43
29KQTKurgunta856.6Sun Apr 20on time02:5102:53
30NAWNawandgi864.2Sun Apr 20on time03:1303:15
30.1MVHMantatti873.1Sun Apr 20on time03:2203:22
31TDUTandur881.7Sun Apr 20on time03:2803:30
31.1RMYRukmapur892.5Sun Apr 20on time03:4203:42
31.2DRRDharur901.9Sun Apr 20on time03:5303:53
31.3MWYMailaram908.0Sun Apr 20on time04:0004:00
31.4GDQGodamgura914.7Sun Apr 20on time04:0804:08
32VKBVikarabad Jun...923.8Sun Apr 20on time04:1804:20
32.1CTFChitgidda934.3Sun Apr 20on time04:2704:27
32.2GGDGullaguda941.2Sun Apr 20on time04:3104:31
32.3RPKRavulapalli K...947.3Sun Apr 20on time04:3504:35
33SKPShankarpalli952.7Sun Apr 20on time04:3804:40
33.1NPLNagalapalle963.6Sun Apr 20on time04:5004:50
34LPILingampalli973.3Sun Apr 20on time04:5805:00
34.1CDNRChandanagar975.2Sun Apr 20on time05:0205:02
34.2HFZHafizpet978.6Sun Apr 20on time05:0605:06
34.3HTCYHi-Tech City981.5Sun Apr 20on time05:1005:10
34.4BRBDBorabanda984.4Sun Apr 20on time05:1405:14
34.5BTNRBharat Nagar986.6Sun Apr 20on time05:1605:16
35SNFSanathnagar987.9Sun Apr 20on time05:1805:20
35.1FNBFatehnagar989.2Sun Apr 20on time05:2605:26
35.2NCHSNature Cure H...990.5Sun Apr 20on time05:3205:32
36BMTBegumpet991.5Sun Apr 201m early05:3605:38
36.1HSJHussain Sagar...993.3Sun Apr 20on time05:5905:59
36.2NLRDNecklace Road993.6Sun Apr 20on time06:0306:03
36.3KQDKhairatabad994.8Sun Apr 20on time06:1806:18
36.4LKPLLakdikapul995.9Sun Apr 20on time06:3006:30
37HYBHyderabad Dec...997.2Sun Apr 20on time06:45
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