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From 4/11/14 Dep: 23.50
Wed Sep 24, 2014 (08:33PM)
⇐ Return Journey: Train# 11448

11447/Shaktipunj Express

Nov 03 (11:04PM)
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✕ NO Pantry Car
✓ Catering Avbl
Loco/Rake Reversals
KTE/Katni Junction (6); CPU/Chopan (3); BRKA/Barkakana Junction (4);
RSA - Rake Sharing
NO RSA. 3 rakes.
Rake/Coach Composition
JBP TO KTE :ENG - SLR - GEN - GEN - S1 - S2 - S3 - S4 - S5 - S6 - S7 - B1 - A1 - B2 - GEN - GEN - SLR.; KTE TO CPU : ENG - SLR - GEN - GEN - B2 -...
A1 - B1 - S7 - S6 - S5 - S4 - S3 - S2 - S1 - GEN - GEN - SLR; CPU TO BRKA : ENG - SLR - GEN - GEN - S1 - S2 - S3 - S4 - S5 - S6 - S7 - B1 - A1 - B2 - GEN - GEN - SLR.; BRKA TO HWH : ENG - SLR - GEN - GEN - B2 - A1 - B1 - S7 - S6 - S5 - S4 - S3 - S2 - S1 - GEN - GEN - SLR
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IMPORTANT: Live Status shown here is based on the OFFICIAL DELAY STATUS. It has been observed that sometimes this information is WRONG. Use this information at your own risk. Please consult other sources for confirmation. Thanks.

Status Updated: 5h 43m ago

66 intermediate Stations

Fri Departure: Arrived HWH/Kolkata Howrah Junction (23) @ 04:10 5m early

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1|==|JBPJabalpur Junc...-889.1Fri Nov 211h 45m late01:35
1.1|==|ADTLAdhartal-881.0Fri Nov 211h 45m late01:4201:42
1.2|==|DOEDeori-872.2Sat Nov 221h 45m late01:4901:49
1.3|==|GSPRGosalpur-861.6Sat Nov 221h 45m late01:5801:58
2|==|SHRSihora Road-850.5Sat Nov 221h 55m late02:1702:19
2.1|==|DDCEDundi-835.6Sat Nov 221h 55m late02:3202:32
2.2|==|SBDSleemanabad R...-826.1Sat Nov 221h 55m late02:4102:41
2.3|==|SNRRSansarpur-819.2Sat Nov 221h 55m late02:4702:47
2.4|==|NWRNiwar-811.5Sat Nov 221h 55m late02:5302:53
2.5|==|MDRRMadhavnagar R...-803.5Sat Nov 221h 55m late03:0003:00
2.6|==%KTESKatni South-800.2Sat Nov 221h 55m late03:0303:03
3|==%KTEKatni Junctio...-798.3Sat Nov 222h 0m late03:1003:40
3.1|-=/NKJNew Katni Jun...-794.5Sat Nov 222h 20m late03:4703:47
3.2|--|KTKDKatangi Khurd-787.1Sat Nov 222h 20m late04:0204:02
3.3|--|LEKLakhakhera-778.5Sat Nov 222h 20m late04:2004:20
3.4|--|SLHASalhana-769.0Sat Nov 222h 20m late04:3804:38
3.5|--|PWKPipariya Kala...-751.5Sat Nov 222h 20m late05:1405:14
4|--|KHBJKhanna Banjar...-747.7Sat Nov 222h 15m late05:1605:18
4.1|--|MFQMahroi-735.9Sat Nov 222h 15m late05:2805:28
4.2|--|DMYADamoy-727.5Sat Nov 222h 15m late05:3505:35
4.3|--|VSTBijaysota-717.8Sat Nov 222h 15m late05:4305:43
4.4|--|BBARBara-711.2Sat Nov 222h 15m late05:4905:49
4.5|--|CTJChhataini-697.7Sat Nov 222h 15m late06:0106:01
5|--|BEHRBeohari-686.7Sat Nov 222h 18m late06:1306:19
5.1|--|BARDDubri Kalan-679.2Sat Nov 222h 19m late06:2506:25
5.2|--|KNCKanchanpur Ro...-669.3Sat Nov 222h 19m late06:3306:33
5.3|--|JOBAJoba-656.2Sat Nov 222h 19m late06:4306:43
5.4|--|SKBRShankarpur Bh...-637.4Sat Nov 222h 19m late06:5806:58
6|--|MWJMarwasgram-633.6Sat Nov 222h 26m late07:0807:10
6.1|--|BSDLBharsendi-627.5Sat Nov 222h 26m late07:1607:16
6.2|--|NWBNiwas Road-614.1Sat Nov 222h 26m late07:3007:30
6.3|--|SSGJSursaraighat ...-610.9Sat Nov 222h 26m late07:3307:33
7|--|SGAMSarai Gram-594.3Sat Nov 222h 45m late08:0908:11
7.1|--|GAJBGajara Bahara-582.1Sat Nov 222h 45m late08:4108:41
7.2|--|DRGMDeoragram-575.6Sat Nov 222h 45m late08:5808:58
7.3|--|MZHLMajhaoli-563.8Sat Nov 222h 45m late09:2709:27
7.4|--|BRGWBargawan-558.0Sat Nov 222h 45m late09:4109:41
7.5|--|GNDIGondwali-551.2Sat Nov 222h 45m late09:5809:58
7.6|--|MHDAMahdeiya-543.9Sat Nov 222h 45m late10:1610:16
8%--|SGRLSingrauli-538.2Sat Nov 222h 13m late09:5810:08
8.1%--%KRLRKaraila Road ...-527.1Sat Nov 222h 13m late10:2110:21
8.2%--%MCQMirchadhuri-517.0Sat Nov 222h 13m late10:3310:33
8.3%--%KDRDKhuldil Road-506.4Sat Nov 222h 13m late10:4510:45
8.4%--%MWFMagardaha-500.6Sat Nov 222h 13m late10:5210:52
8.5%--%PPKDPhaphrakund-493.8Sat Nov 222h 13m late11:0011:00
9%--%OBRObra Dam-487.6Sat Nov 222h 27m late11:2111:23
9.1%--%OBACObra A Cabin-485.7Sat Nov 222h 27m late11:2911:29
9.2%--%BXLLBilli Junctio...-482.2Sat Nov 222h 27m late11:4011:40
10|--%CPUChopan-475.6Sat Nov 222h 8m late11:4312:10
10.1%--%BXLLBilli Junctio...-469.2Sat Nov 222h 5m late12:1912:19
10.2%--%SLBNSalai Banwa-464.3Sat Nov 222h 5m late12:2612:26
10.3%--%PPNIParas Pani-453.3Sat Nov 222h 5m late12:4112:41
10.4%--%GMXGurmura-451.0Sat Nov 222h 5m late12:4412:44
10.5%--%JGFJogidih-444.6Sat Nov 222h 5m late12:5312:53
11%--%RNQRenukut-433.8Sat Nov 221h 59m late13:0213:07
11.1%--%MPFMuirpur Road-424.1Sat Nov 222h 2m late13:1813:18
11.2%--%JRQJharokhas-419.5Sat Nov 222h 2m late13:2313:23
12%--%DXNDuddhinagar-412.7Sat Nov 222h 2m late13:3013:32
12.1%--%MXYMahuariya-400.6Sat Nov 222h 2m late13:4413:44
13%--%WDMWyndhamGanj-390.2Sat Nov 222h 1m late13:5313:55
14%--%NUQNagar Untari-378.4Sat Nov 221h 55m late14:0814:10
14.1%--%RMFRamna-367.1Sat Nov 221h 55m late14:2014:20
14.2%--%MQXMeralgram-355.5Sat Nov 221h 55m late14:3014:30
15%--%GHQGarhwa-344.4Sat Nov 221h 56m late14:4014:42
16%--%GHDGarhwa Road J...-334.4Sat Nov 221h 47m late14:5215:15
16.1/==/TRZTolra-328.5Sat Nov 222h 5m late15:2115:21
16.2/==/LBTLalgarh Bihar...-323.2Sat Nov 222h 5m late15:2615:26
16.3/==/RHRRajhura-318.7Sat Nov 222h 5m late15:3015:30
16.4/==/KFTKajri-307.4Sat Nov 222h 5m late15:4215:42
17/==/DTODaltonGanj-301.0Sat Nov 222h 12m late15:5516:00
17.1/==/CNFChianki-294.1Sat Nov 222h 12m late16:0616:06
17.2/==/KCKIKechki-286.3Sat Nov 222h 12m late16:1216:12
17.3/==/MAZMangra-281.2Sat Nov 222h 12m late16:1716:17
18/==/BRWDBarwadih Junc...-273.6Sat Nov 222h 16m late16:2716:32
19/==/CPDRChhipadohar-265.3Sat Nov 222h 20m late16:4516:47
19.1/==/HHGHehegara Halt-256.8Sat Nov 222h 20m late16:5816:58
19.2/==/KMNDKumendi-247.2Sat Nov 222h 20m late17:1017:10
19.3/==/BFQBendi-239.4Sat Nov 222h 20m late17:2017:20
20/==/LTHRLatehar-233.4Sat Nov 222h 9m late17:1717:18
20.1/==/DEMUDemu-227.2Sat Nov 222h 8m late17:2417:24
20.2/==/RCGTRichughutu-218.8Sat Nov 222h 8m late17:3217:32
20.3/==/CTQChetar-210.5Sat Nov 222h 8m late17:4017:40
21/==/TORITori-201.0Sat Nov 222h 12m late17:5317:57
21.1/==/MMLNMahuamilan-188.1Sat Nov 222h 14m late18:0718:07
22/==/MGMEMcCluskieGanj-179.0Sat Nov 222h 18m late18:1818:20
23/==/KLREKhalari-172.7Sat Nov 222h 18m late18:2718:29
24/==/RAYRay-163.6Sat Nov 222h 18m late18:3618:38
24.1/==/KOLEKole-160.7Sat Nov 222h 18m late18:4618:46
24.2/==/HNDRHendegir-152.3Sat Nov 222h 18m late19:0919:09
24.3/==/TKSTokisud-143.8Sat Nov 222h 18m late19:3219:32
25/==/PTRUPatratu-136.5Sat Nov 221h 42m late19:1519:17
25.1/--/BHKDBhurkunda-128.3Sat Nov 221h 42m late19:2619:26
26/--/BRKABarkakana Jun...-118.2Sat Nov 221h 45m late19:4020:05
26.1/--/ARGDArigada-114.9Sat Nov 221h 50m late20:2020:20
27/--/RRMERanchi Road-109.1Sat Nov 221h 29m late20:2620:35
27.1/--/KMHTKarmahat-101.2Sat Nov 221h 36m late21:0021:00
28/--/CNPRChainpur-96.8Sat Nov 221h 13m late20:5120:53
28.1/--/JGBRJogeshwar Bih...-91.9Sat Nov 221h 13m late21:0021:00
28.2/--/DNEADanea-83.8Sat Nov 221h 13m late21:1021:10
28.3/--/DMBRDumri Bihar-72.9Sat Nov 221h 13m late21:2521:25
29/--/GMIAGumia-66.1Sat Nov 221h 3m late21:2421:26
30/--/BKROBokaro Therma...-60.6Sat Nov 221h 4m late21:3421:36
30.1/=-/JANJarangdih-54.4Sat Nov 221h 4m late21:5221:52
31/==/BRMOBermo-51.6Sat Nov 2258m late21:5421:55
31.1/==/AMLOAmlo-49.0Sat Nov 2257m late22:0022:00
32/==/PUSPhusro-45.8Sat Nov 2254m late22:0422:06
33/-=/BHMEBhandaridah-39.7Sat Nov 2259m late22:1722:19
34/--/CRPChandrapura J...-34.3Sat Nov 2240m late22:3222:34
34.1/--/DNHDeonagar-31.4Sat Nov 2240m late22:4022:40
34.2/--/DDGADugda-29.9Sat Nov 2240m late22:4322:43
34.3/=-/JNNAJamuniatanr H...-27.1Sat Nov 2240m late22:4922:49
34.4/==/JMXJamuni-24.6Sat Nov 2240m late22:5422:54
34.5/==/PLJEPhulwartanr-22.1Sat Nov 2240m late22:5922:59
34.6/==/BDQBudora-21.3Sat Nov 2240m late23:0123:01
34.7/==/TNOTundu-19.3Sat Nov 2240m late23:0523:05
34.8/==/SZESonardih-17.8Sat Nov 2240m late23:0823:08
34.9/==/TNJETentulla-16.3Sat Nov 2240m late23:1123:11
35/==/KTHKatrasgarh-13.8Sat Nov 2228m late23:0423:05
35.1/==/ANJEAngarpathra H...-12.0Sat Nov 2227m late23:1123:11
35.2/==/SJASijua-10.8Sat Nov 2227m late23:1623:16
35.3/==/BZSBansjora-8.3Sat Nov 2227m late23:2523:25
35.4/==/BZEBaseria-6.2Sat Nov 2227m late23:3223:32
35.5/==/KDSKusunda Junct...-4.0Sat Nov 2227m late23:4023:40
36/==/DHNDhanbad Junct...»0.0Sat Nov 222m late23:3023:38
36.1/==/DOKMDokra Halt5.3Sat Nov 22on time23:4223:42
36.2/==/PKAPradhankhunta...9.1Sat Nov 22on time23:4523:45
36.3/==/CAMChhota Ambana15.2Sat Nov 22on time23:5023:50
36.4/==/KAOKalubathan24.3Sat Nov 22on time23:5723:57
36.5/==/TNWThapar Nagar28.5Sun Nov 23on time00:0000:00
36.6/==/MMUMugma33.9Sun Nov 23on time00:0400:04
37/==/KMMEKumardubi38.5Sun Nov 2333m late00:4100:42
37.1/==/BRRBarakar41.0Sun Nov 2332m late00:4500:45
38/==/ULTKulti44.3Sun Nov 2335m late00:5200:53
38.1/==/STNSitarampur Ju...49.4Sun Nov 2334m late01:0001:00
38.2/==/BCQBarachak Junc...53.1Sun Nov 2334m late01:0601:06
39/==/ASNAsansol Junct...58.2Sun Nov 2336m late01:1501:25
39.1/==/ASNEAsansol East59.8Sun Nov 2338m late01:2701:27
39.2/==/KPKKalipahari63.5Sun Nov 2338m late01:3101:31
39.3/==/NMCNimcha72.5Sun Nov 2338m late01:4201:42
40/==/RNGRaniGanj76.3Sun Nov 2336m late01:4401:45
40.1/==/BQTBakhtarnagar80.8Sun Nov 2335m late01:4901:49
40.2/==/UDLWAndal West Ca...81.9Sun Nov 2335m late01:5001:50
40.3/==/UDLAndal Junctio...83.6Sun Nov 2335m late01:5101:51
40.4/==/UDLEAndal East Ca...85.6Sun Nov 2335m late01:5301:53
40.5/==/EOCAndal East Ou...86.0Sun Nov 2335m late01:5301:53
40.6/==/POLPinjrapol89.8Sun Nov 2335m late01:5601:56
40.7/==/OYRWaria91.8Sun Nov 2335m late01:5801:58
40.8/==/DCOPDurgapur Coke...98.2Sun Nov 2335m late02:0302:03
41/==/DGRDurgapur100.7Sun Nov 2331m late02:0102:02
41.1/==/RBHRajbandh108.5Sun Nov 2330m late02:0902:09
41.2/==/PANPanagarh116.3Sun Nov 2330m late02:1702:17
41.3/==/MNAEMankar126.5Sun Nov 2330m late02:2702:27
41.4/==/PAJParaj134.8Sun Nov 2330m late02:3502:35
41.5/==/GLIGalsi141.2Sun Nov 2330m late02:4102:41
41.6/==/INCIIshan Chandi ...147.8Sun Nov 2330m late02:4702:47
41.7/==/KANKhana Junctio...151.1Sun Nov 2330m late02:5002:50
41.8/==/TITTalit156.6Sun Nov 2330m late02:5602:56
42/==/BWNBarddhaman Ju...164.2Sun Nov 2327m late03:0003:04
42.1/==/GRPGangpur171.2Sun Nov 2327m late03:1103:11
42.2/==/SKGSaktigarh176.2Sun Nov 2327m late03:1703:17
42.3/==/PRAEPalla Road181.0Sun Nov 2327m late03:2203:22
42.4/==/CHCChanchai183.9Sun Nov 2327m late03:2403:24
42.5/==/MSAEMasagram Junc...187.1Sun Nov 2327m late03:2803:28
42.6/==/NBAENabagram190.1Sun Nov 2327m late03:3103:31
42.7/==/JRAEJaugram194.3Sun Nov 2327m late03:3503:35
42.8/==/JPQJhapandanga196.4Sun Nov 2327m late03:3703:37
42.9/==/GRAEGurap201.2Sun Nov 2327m late03:4203:42
42.10/==/HIHHajigarh203.4Sun Nov 2327m late03:4503:45
42.11/==/CRAECheragram Blo...205.0Sun Nov 2327m late03:4603:46
42.12/==/SHBCSibaichandi207.3Sun Nov 2327m late03:4903:49
42.13/==/DNHLDhaniakhali H...210.2Sun Nov 2327m late03:5203:52
42.14/==/BMAEBelmuri212.3Sun Nov 2327m late03:5403:54
42.15/==/PBZPorabazar214.3Sun Nov 2327m late03:5603:56
42.16/==/CDAEChandanpur218.5Sun Nov 2327m late04:0004:00
42.17/==/MDSEMadhu Sudanpu...223.0Sun Nov 2327m late04:0504:05
42.18/==/KQLSKamarkundu (l...225.8Sun Nov 2327m late04:0804:08
42.19/==/KQUKamarkundu225.8Sun Nov 2327m late04:0804:08
42.20/==/BLAEBalarambati227.6Sun Nov 2327m late04:1004:10
42.21/==/MBEMirzapur Bank...229.6Sun Nov 2327m late04:1204:12
42.22/==/BRPABarui Para232.8Sun Nov 2327m late04:1504:15
42.23/==/BPAEBegumpur236.5Sun Nov 2327m late04:1904:19
42.24/==/JOXJanai Road238.5Sun Nov 2327m late04:2104:21
42.25/==/GBRAGobra241.8Sun Nov 2327m late04:2504:25
42.26/==/DKAEDankuni Junct...244.0Sun Nov 2327m late04:2704:27
42.27/==/BZLBelanagar247.8Sun Nov 2327m late04:3104:31
42.28/==/BLYBally250.3Sun Nov 2327m late04:3304:33
42.29/==/BEQBelur252.3Sun Nov 2327m late04:3604:36
42.30/==/LLHLiluah254.0Sun Nov 2327m late04:3704:37
42.31/==/SYAELiluah Sortin...255.3Sun Nov 2327m late04:3904:39
42.32/==/HWHGHowrah Goods ...257.6Sun Nov 2327m late04:4104:41
43/==/HWHKolkata Howra...258.6Sun Nov 235m early04:10
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