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Cancelled on 6/8/14 #1158953-1
Tue Jul 22, 2014 (09:18PM)
⇐ Return Journey: Train# 22853

22854/Visakhapatnam-Shalimar Express

Sep 02 (12:38AM)
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Inaugural Run
Wed Jul 06, 2011
✕ NO Pantry Car
✕ NO Catering
RSA - Rake Sharing
Rake/Coach Composition
Official Loco Links:- WAP-4 (SRC)
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IMPORTANT: Live Status shown here is based on the OFFICIAL DELAY STATUS. It has been observed that sometimes this information is WRONG. Use this information at your own risk. Please consult other sources for confirmation. Thanks.

Status Updated: VERY OLD STATUS

59 intermediate Stations

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1VSKPVisakhapatnam...»0.0Wed Oct 01on time13:35
1.1MIPMMarripalem4.7Wed Oct 01on time13:4413:44
2SCMSimhachalam8.1Wed Oct 01on time13:5013:52
2.1SCMNSimhachalam N...9.6Wed Oct 01on time13:5313:53
2.2PDTPendurti17.3Wed Oct 01on time13:5913:59
2.3KTVKottavalasa J...26.2Wed Oct 01on time14:0714:07
2.4KPLKantakapalle34.2Wed Oct 01on time14:1314:13
2.5ALMAlamanda43.4Wed Oct 01on time14:2114:21
2.6KUKKorukonda50.5Wed Oct 01on time14:2614:26
3VZMVizianagaram ...61.2Wed Oct 01on time14:3514:40
3.1NMLNellimarla72.4Wed Oct 01on time14:4814:48
3.2GULGujjangivalas...79.7Wed Oct 01on time14:5414:54
3.3GVIGarividi85.5Wed Oct 01on time14:5814:58
3.4CPPChipurupalle92.1Wed Oct 01on time15:0315:03
3.5BTVABatuva96.9Wed Oct 01on time15:0715:07
3.6SGDMSigadam105.3Wed Oct 01on time15:1315:13
3.7PDUPonduru115.4Wed Oct 01on time15:2115:21
3.8DUSIDusi124.2Wed Oct 01on time15:2715:27
4CHESrikakulam Ro...130.7Wed Oct 01on time15:3215:34
4.1ULMUrlam140.7Wed Oct 01on time15:4415:44
4.2TIUTilaru150.4Wed Oct 01on time15:5315:53
4.3HCMHarishchandra...155.9Wed Oct 01on time15:5915:59
4.4KBMKotabommali164.1Wed Oct 01on time16:0716:07
4.5DGBDindu Gopala ...172.1Wed Oct 01on time16:1416:14
4.6NWPNaupada Junct...177.9Wed Oct 01on time16:2016:20
4.7RMZRouthpuram Ha...185.1Wed Oct 01on time16:2716:27
4.8PUNPundi191.4Wed Oct 01on time16:3316:33
5PSAPalasa203.7Wed Oct 01on time16:4516:47
5.1SUDVSummadevi210.2Wed Oct 01on time16:5216:52
5.2MMSMandasa Road216.7Wed Oct 01on time16:5616:56
5.3BAVBaruva226.1Wed Oct 01on time17:0317:03
6SPTSompeta235.6Wed Oct 01on time17:1017:12
6.1JPIJhadupudi241.8Wed Oct 01on time17:1817:18
6.2IPMIchchapuram253.6Wed Oct 01on time17:2917:29
6.3SLRDSurla Road262.0Wed Oct 01on time17:3817:38
6.4GTAGolanthra267.3Wed Oct 01on time17:4317:43
7BAMBrahmapur278.0Wed Oct 01on time17:5317:55
7.1JNPJagan Nathapu...286.8Wed Oct 01on time18:0218:02
7.2NRSPNarasimhapura295.7Wed Oct 01on time18:0918:09
7.3CAPChatrapur299.5Wed Oct 01on time18:1218:12
7.4CAPCChatrapur Cou...300.4Wed Oct 01on time18:1218:12
7.5GAMGanjam308.4Wed Oct 01on time18:1918:19
7.6HMAHumma314.6Wed Oct 01on time18:2418:24
7.7RBARambha325.6Wed Oct 01on time18:3218:32
7.8KITKhallikot336.9Wed Oct 01on time18:4118:41
7.9KLJIKalijai341.7Wed Oct 01on time18:4518:45
7.10CLKAChilka346.8Wed Oct 01on time18:4918:49
7.11BALUBalugaon354.1Wed Oct 01on time18:5418:54
7.12SLZSolari361.9Wed Oct 01on time19:0119:01
7.13GNGDGangadharpur367.1Wed Oct 01on time19:0519:05
7.14KUUKuhuri375.0Wed Oct 01on time19:1119:11
7.15KAPGKalupara Ghat381.8Wed Oct 01on time19:1619:16
7.16MKTPMuketashwar386.1Wed Oct 01on time19:1919:19
7.17BSDPBhusandpur391.6Wed Oct 01on time19:2419:24
7.18NKPNirakarpur398.7Wed Oct 01on time19:2919:29
7.19GLBAGolabai402.7Wed Oct 01on time19:3219:32
7.20TAPTapang407.5Wed Oct 01on time19:3619:36
7.21DLMHDhaulimuhan411.3Wed Oct 01on time19:3919:39
7.22KPXRKaipadar Road415.9Wed Oct 01on time19:4319:43
7.23ARGLArgul P.H.419.9Wed Oct 01on time19:4619:46
8KURKhurda Road J...425.1Wed Oct 01on time19:5020:00
8.1RTNRetang432.5Wed Oct 01on time20:1020:10
8.2SRKTSarkantra437.4Wed Oct 01on time20:1620:16
8.3LGTRLingaraj Temp...439.6Wed Oct 01on time20:1920:19
9BBSBhubaneswar444.1Wed Oct 01on time20:2520:30
9.1BNBHBani Bihar447.5Wed Oct 01on time20:3420:34
9.2MCSMancheswar450.9Wed Oct 01on time20:3920:39
9.3PTABPatia P.H.453.9Wed Oct 01on time20:4220:42
9.4BBSNBhubaneswar N...454.7Wed Oct 01on time20:4320:43
9.5BRAGBarang459.8Wed Oct 01on time20:5020:50
9.6GBKGopalpur Balk...467.6Wed Oct 01on time20:5920:59
9.7KTJIKatha Jori470.3Wed Oct 01on time21:0321:03
10CTCCuttack Junct...472.0Wed Oct 01on time21:0521:10
10.1KNPRKendrapara Ro...476.1Wed Oct 01on time21:1321:13
10.2NRGNergundi482.6Wed Oct 01on time21:1721:17
10.3KISKapilas Road ...486.8Wed Oct 01on time21:1921:19
10.4SJDRSri Jhadeshwa...492.6Wed Oct 01on time21:2321:23
10.5BYYByree496.6Wed Oct 01on time21:2621:26
10.6BRTGBarithengarh501.1Wed Oct 01on time21:2921:29
10.7DNMDhanmandal507.4Wed Oct 01on time21:3321:33
10.8HDSHaridaspur512.6Wed Oct 01on time21:3621:36
10.9NGMPNew Garh Madh...522.4Wed Oct 01on time21:4221:42
10.10JENJenapur528.3Wed Oct 01on time21:4621:46
10.11BRMIBrahamani Ph530.5Wed Oct 01on time21:4721:47
10.12JKPRJakhapura536.2Wed Oct 01on time21:5121:51
11JJKRJajpur Keonjh...544.0Wed Oct 01on time21:5621:58
11.1KRIHKorai Halt548.9Wed Oct 01on time22:0522:05
11.2BTVBaitarani Roa...555.8Wed Oct 01on time22:1422:14
11.3DLPTDulakhapatna561.3Wed Oct 01on time22:2222:22
11.4MZZManjuri Road565.3Wed Oct 01on time22:2722:27
11.5KEDKenduapada572.2Wed Oct 01on time22:3722:37
11.6KPLDKapali Road576.9Wed Oct 01on time22:4322:43
11.7BUDRBaudpur581.2Wed Oct 01on time22:4922:49
12BHCBhadrak587.6Wed Oct 01on time22:5823:00
12.1RNTLRanital595.4Wed Oct 01on time23:0523:05
12.2MKOMarkona601.9Wed Oct 01on time23:0923:09
12.3SZZSabira607.9Wed Oct 01on time23:1323:13
12.4SOROSoro616.6Wed Oct 01on time23:1923:19
12.5BNBRBahanaga Baza...625.2Wed Oct 01on time23:2423:24
12.6PNPNPanpana629.7Wed Oct 01on time23:2723:27
12.7KHFKhantapara634.6Wed Oct 01on time23:3023:30
12.8NGRDNilgiri Road639.4Wed Oct 01on time23:3323:33
13BLSBalasore650.1Wed Oct 01on time23:4023:42
13.1TKPLTikirapal Hal...655.0Wed Oct 01on time23:4623:46
13.2HIPHaldipada661.8Wed Oct 01on time23:5123:51
13.3ROPRupsa Junctio...667.9Wed Oct 01on time23:5623:56
13.4NMBRN Mayurbhanj ...673.3Thu Oct 02on time00:0000:00
13.5BTSBasta678.1Thu Oct 02on time00:0400:04
13.6ARDAmarda Road683.4Thu Oct 02on time00:0800:08
13.7RGTRajghat Halt689.8Thu Oct 02on time00:1300:13
13.8JERJaleswar697.5Thu Oct 02on time00:1900:19
13.9LXDLakshannath R...703.7Thu Oct 02on time00:2400:24
13.10AGVAngua709.6Thu Oct 02on time00:2800:28
13.11DNTDantan714.0Thu Oct 02on time00:3200:32
13.12NSINekurseni722.6Thu Oct 02on time00:3800:38
13.13BLDABelda730.6Thu Oct 02on time00:4400:44
13.14CNTContai Road730.7Thu Oct 02on time00:4500:45
13.15VKDBakhrabad736.6Thu Oct 02on time00:4900:49
13.16NYANarayangarh743.1Thu Oct 02on time00:5400:54
13.17BPEBenapur754.2Thu Oct 02on time01:0301:03
13.18HIJHijli762.3Thu Oct 02on time01:0901:09
14KGPKharagpur Jun...766.1Thu Oct 02on time01:1201:17
14.1JPRJakpur773.2Thu Oct 02on time01:2301:23
14.2MPDMadpur779.0Thu Oct 02on time01:2801:28
14.3SMCKShyam Chak784.9Thu Oct 02on time01:3301:33
14.4BCKBalichak790.3Thu Oct 02on time01:3801:38
14.5DUANDuan793.5Thu Oct 02on time01:4101:41
14.6RDURadhamohanpur796.6Thu Oct 02on time01:4401:44
14.7HAURHaur801.0Thu Oct 02on time01:4701:47
14.8KHAIKhirai805.4Thu Oct 02on time01:5101:51
14.9PKUPanskura Junc...810.5Thu Oct 02on time01:5601:56
14.10NPMRNarayan Pakur...814.0Thu Oct 02on time01:5901:59
14.11PKEOPanskura East...814.9Thu Oct 02on time02:0002:00
14.12BOPBhogpur817.7Thu Oct 02on time02:0202:02
14.13NDGJNandaigajan P...819.9Thu Oct 02on time02:0402:04
14.14MCAMecheda822.9Thu Oct 02on time02:0702:07
14.15QGTKolaghat826.2Thu Oct 02on time02:0902:09
14.16DTEDeulti830.3Thu Oct 02on time02:1302:13
14.17GGTAGhoraghata833.4Thu Oct 02on time02:1602:16
14.18BZNBagnan836.1Thu Oct 02on time02:1802:18
14.19KGYKulgachia841.5Thu Oct 02on time02:2302:23
14.20BSBPBir Shibpur845.0Thu Oct 02on time02:2602:26
14.21ULBUluberia849.0Thu Oct 02on time02:2902:29
14.22FLRPhuleswar851.5Thu Oct 02on time02:3202:32
14.23CGAChengel854.1Thu Oct 02on time02:3402:34
14.24BVABauria Juncti...857.2Thu Oct 02on time02:3702:37
14.25NALRNalpur860.9Thu Oct 02on time02:4002:40
14.26ABBAbada863.4Thu Oct 02on time02:4202:42
14.27SELSankrail865.4Thu Oct 02on time02:4402:44
14.28ADLAndul869.0Thu Oct 02on time02:4702:47
14.29MRGMMaurigram870.7Thu Oct 02on time02:4802:48
15SRCKolkata Santr...873.7Thu Oct 02on time02:5102:53
15.1PDPKPadmapukur875.9Thu Oct 02on time03:1003:10
16SHMKolkata Shali...878.4Thu Oct 02on time03:30
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