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There will be 2 more General Second Class for 23rd June 2013(Saturday).
Sun Jun 23, 2013 (05:53PM)
⇐ Return Journey: Train# 12721

12722/Dakshin SF Express

Dec 31 2013 (1:30PM)
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✓ Pantry Car Avbl
✓ Catering Avbl
Veg Meal (Rs 93... Arhar dal, Mix veg curry, chhole,...
2 parathas, rice, pickle, curd, water glass.. Gud taste); Egg biryani (Rs 70.. Ok types); Catering done by Otik foods pvt ltd.http://indiarailinfo.com/blog/post/710381
RSA - Rake Sharing
Rake/Coach Composition
From NZM to KZJ, 12722Dakshin Exp; LOCO(LGD-WAP7)-SLR-GS-GS-GS-GS-S1-S2-S3-S4-S5-S6-S7-PC-B1-A1-SLRD-A2-B2-S8-S9-S10-SLR; From KZJ to HYB, 12722 Dakshin Exp; LOCO(LGD-WAP7)-SLR-GS-GS-GS-GS-S1-S2-S3-S4-S5-S6-S7-PC-B1-A1-SLRD
Loco In-Charge :- LGD WAP-7 / LGD WAP-4
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IMPORTANT: Live Status shown here is based on the OFFICIAL DELAY STATUS. It has been observed that sometimes this information is WRONG. Use this information at your own risk. Please consult other sources for confirmation. Thanks.

Status Updated: 6h 31m ago

190 intermediate Stations

Tue Departure: Arrived HYB/Hyderabad Deccan Nampally (6) @ 05:15 15m late

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1NZM»Delhi Hazrat ...»0.0Tue Apr 15on time23:00
1.1OKAOkhla3.7Tue Apr 15on time23:0323:03
1.2TKECTuglakabad Ea...6.8Tue Apr 15on time23:0623:06
1.3TKDTuglakabad9.7Tue Apr 15on time23:0823:08
1.4TKDCTughlakabad C...15.5Tue Apr 15on time23:1323:13
2FDBFaridabad20.8Tue Apr 155m late23:2323:25
2.1FDNFaridabad New...24.7Tue Apr 155m late23:3023:30
3BVHBallabgarh28.9Tue Apr 155m late23:3623:38
3.1PYLAPiyala Block ...34.7Tue Apr 155m late23:4223:42
3.2ASTAsaoti38.8Tue Apr 155m late23:4523:45
3.3PWLPalwal50.0Tue Apr 155m late23:5423:54
3.4RDERundhi59.3Tue Apr 155m late00:0100:01
3.5SHLKSholaka69.8Wed Apr 165m late00:0800:08
3.6BNCRBanchari73.1Wed Apr 165m late00:1100:11
3.7HDLHodal80.2Wed Apr 165m late00:1600:16
4KSVKosi Kalan92.5Wed Apr 1618m late00:3800:46
4.1CHJChata102.8Wed Apr 1624m late00:5400:54
4.2AJHAjhai112.8Wed Apr 1624m late01:0201:02
4.3VRBDVrindaban Roa...123.8Wed Apr 1624m late01:1101:11
4.4BTSRBhuteshwar131.3Wed Apr 1624m late01:1701:17
5MTJMathura Junct...133.9Wed Apr 1624m late01:1901:24
5.1BADBaad143.9Wed Apr 1624m late01:3701:37
5.2FARFarah152.6Wed Apr 1624m late01:4801:48
5.3FHTFarah Town154.9Wed Apr 1624m late01:5101:51
5.4KXMKitham164.1Wed Apr 1624m late02:0302:03
5.5RNKARunkuta173.1Wed Apr 1624m late02:1502:15
5.6BFPBilochpura Ag...182.2Wed Apr 1624m late02:2702:27
5.7RKMRaja Ki Mandi183.6Wed Apr 1624m late02:2902:29
6AGCAgra Cantt.187.6Wed Apr 16on time02:1002:15
6.1BHABhandai197.9Wed Apr 1612m late02:3402:34
6.2JJJajau213.3Wed Apr 1612m late02:4402:44
6.3MIAMania227.8Wed Apr 1612m late02:5402:54
6.4DHODholpur Junct...240.2Wed Apr 1612m late03:0203:02
6.5GHERGher245.9Wed Apr 1612m late03:0603:06
6.6HETHetampur253.0Wed Apr 1618m late03:1703:17
6.7SIKDSikroda Kwanr...258.1Wed Apr 1618m late03:2003:20
7MRAMorena267.1Wed Apr 1623m late03:3103:33
7.1SANKSank276.8Wed Apr 1623m late03:4103:41
7.2NUBNurabad280.3Wed Apr 1623m late03:4403:44
7.3BAOBanmor286.4Wed Apr 1623m late03:4903:49
7.4RRURayaru292.5Wed Apr 1623m late03:5303:53
7.5BLNRBirlanagar303.0Wed Apr 1623m late04:0204:02
8GWLGwalior Junct...305.6Wed Apr 1630m late04:1104:15
8.1STLISithouli314.4Wed Apr 1629m late04:2304:23
8.2SLVSandalpur321.8Wed Apr 1629m late04:2904:29
8.3ARIAntri327.8Wed Apr 1629m late04:3404:34
8.4AEHAnant Paith338.0Wed Apr 1629m late04:4304:43
8.5SMTLSimariatal342.7Wed Apr 1629m late04:4704:47
8.6DBADabra348.0Wed Apr 1629m late04:5204:52
8.7KTRAKotra357.5Wed Apr 1629m late05:0005:00
8.8SORSonagir366.8Wed Apr 1629m late05:0805:08
9DAADatia378.3Wed Apr 1626m late05:1505:17
9.1KRQKarari391.9Wed Apr 1620m late05:2705:27
10JHSJhansi Juncti...403.4Wed Apr 1630m late05:5006:00
10.1JHSAJhansi A Cabi...406.2Wed Apr 1632m late06:0106:01
10.2BJIBijauli411.8Wed Apr 1632m late06:0306:03
10.3KHJKhajraha420.8Wed Apr 1632m late06:0706:07
11BABBabina428.9Wed Apr 1658m late06:3606:38
11.1BPWBurhpura434.0Wed Apr 1658m late06:4406:44
11.2BZYBasai441.0Wed Apr 1658m late06:5206:52
11.3MZXMatatila448.5Wed Apr 1658m late07:0007:00
11.4TBTTalbahat453.8Wed Apr 1658m late07:0607:06
11.5DLADoulta459.0Wed Apr 1658m late07:1207:12
11.6BJABijrotha464.5Wed Apr 1658m late07:1807:18
11.7JHAJakhaura473.2Wed Apr 1658m late07:2807:28
11.8DWADailwara483.3Wed Apr 1658m late07:3907:39
12LARLalitpur493.7Wed Apr 1627m late07:2007:22
12.1JROJiron503.2Wed Apr 1627m late07:3107:31
12.2JLNJakhalaun510.4Wed Apr 1627m late07:3807:38
12.3DUADhaura522.0Wed Apr 1627m late07:4907:49
12.4MXSMohasa530.9Wed Apr 1627m late07:5707:57
12.5KOAKaronda536.9Wed Apr 1627m late08:0308:03
12.6AGDAgasod548.6Wed Apr 1627m late08:1408:14
13BINABina Junction556.6Wed Apr 1620m late08:1508:20
13.1KIKAKurwai Kethor...565.9Wed Apr 1620m late08:2808:28
14MABAMandi Bamora573.8Wed Apr 1625m late08:4008:50
14.1KAHKalhar582.6Wed Apr 1633m late08:5708:57
14.2CLHTChulheta588.1Wed Apr 1633m late09:0209:02
14.3BETBareth592.5Wed Apr 1633m late09:0609:06
14.4RKDIRaukheri599.2Wed Apr 1633m late09:1109:11
14.5RKRIRao Khedi599.2Wed Apr 1633m late09:1109:11
15BAQGanj Basoda602.3Wed Apr 1632m late09:1309:15
15.1PAIPabai611.1Wed Apr 1632m late09:2109:21
15.2GLGGulabhGanj620.6Wed Apr 1632m late09:2709:27
15.3SUMRSumer628.2Wed Apr 1632m late09:3209:32
15.4SORISorai636.3Wed Apr 1632m late09:3709:37
16BHSVidisha641.6Wed Apr 1634m late09:4309:45
16.1BTWNBetwa Cabin645.2Wed Apr 1634m late09:4909:49
16.2SCISanchi651.0Wed Apr 1634m late09:5609:56
16.3SMTSalamatpur658.3Wed Apr 1628m late09:5909:59
16.4DWGDewanGanj667.6Wed Apr 1628m late10:1010:10
16.5BVBBhadbhadaghat676.4Wed Apr 1628m late10:2110:21
16.6SUWSukhisewaniya...683.9Wed Apr 1628m late10:3010:30
16.7NSZNishatpura694.2Wed Apr 164m late10:1810:18
17BPLBhopal Juncti...695.2Wed Apr 1635m late10:5011:00
18HBJBhopal HabibG...701.4Wed Apr 1641m late11:1111:13
18.1MSOMisrod707.6Wed Apr 1641m late11:1811:18
18.2MDDPMandi Dip717.5Wed Apr 1641m late11:2711:27
18.3ITKLItaya Kala723.5Wed Apr 1641m late11:3211:32
18.4ODGObaidulla Gan...731.0Wed Apr 1641m late11:3911:39
18.5BKABarkhera742.4Wed Apr 1641m late11:4811:48
18.6CHQChoka749.0Wed Apr 1641m late11:5411:54
18.7MIGMidghat754.9Wed Apr 1641m late11:5911:59
18.8BNIBudni761.8Wed Apr 1641m late12:0512:05
19HBDHoshangabad768.8Wed Apr 1638m late12:0812:09
19.1PRKDPowerkheda778.6Wed Apr 1637m late12:3512:35
19.2ETFItarsi F Cabi...785.6Wed Apr 1637m late12:5412:54
20ETItarsi Juncti...786.9Wed Apr 168m late12:2812:30
20.1JUHJujharpur Cab...788.0Wed Apr 165m late12:3112:31
20.2JHPJujharpur790.4Wed Apr 165m late12:3312:33
20.3KRTHKiratgarh797.6Wed Apr 165m late12:3912:39
20.4KSLAKesla803.3Wed Apr 1640m late13:1913:19
20.5TAKUTaku809.3Wed Apr 1640m late13:2413:24
20.6SAHLSaheli813.3Wed Apr 1640m late13:2713:27
20.7KQEKala Akhar819.9Wed Apr 1640m late13:3213:32
20.8POXPola Patthar826.2Wed Apr 1640m late13:3713:37
20.9DOHDhodra Mohar834.6Wed Apr 1640m late13:4413:44
20.10MGRDMagardoh840.3Wed Apr 1640m late13:4913:49
20.11BBTRBarbatpur845.6Wed Apr 1640m late13:5313:53
21GDYAGhoradongri857.2Wed Apr 1632m late13:5513:57
21.1DHQDharakhoh872.3Wed Apr 1632m late14:1714:17
21.2MJYMaramjhiri885.1Wed Apr 1632m late14:3414:34
22BZUBetul893.1Wed Apr 1621m late14:3414:37
22.1MALKMalkapur Road899.6Wed Apr 1622m late14:4414:44
22.2BYSBarsali906.2Wed Apr 1622m late14:5214:52
23AMLAAmla Junction916.0Wed Apr 1620m late15:0115:03
23.1JKRJaulkhera927.7Wed Apr 1620m late15:1015:10
24MTYMultai938.9Wed Apr 1623m late15:2015:22
24.1HTNHatna Pur948.4Wed Apr 1623m late15:3315:33
24.2CCDChichonda954.2Wed Apr 1623m late15:3915:39
24.3GDKPGhundankhapa963.3Wed Apr 1623m late15:5015:50
24.4TEOTeegaon970.9Wed Apr 1623m late15:5815:58
25PARPandhurna979.7Wed Apr 1622m late16:0716:09
25.1DDMTDarimeta988.2Wed Apr 1622m late16:1516:15
26NRKRNarkher Junct...998.0Wed Apr 1624m late16:2416:26
26.1TNHTinkheda1005.0Wed Apr 1624m late16:3216:32
26.2KLBAKalambha1013.1Wed Apr 1624m late16:3816:38
27KATLKatol1023.2Wed Apr 1629m late16:5116:53
27.1MERMetpanjra1032.3Wed Apr 1629m late17:0417:04
27.2SNKBSonkhamb1039.3Wed Apr 1629m late17:1217:12
27.3KOHLKohli1047.6Wed Apr 1629m late17:2217:22
27.4KSWRKalmeshwar1059.9Wed Apr 1629m late17:3617:36
27.5BWRABharatwada1070.6Wed Apr 1629m late17:4817:48
27.6GNQGodhani1076.9Wed Apr 1629m late17:5617:56
28NGPNagpur Juncti...1084.0Wed Apr 1615m late17:5018:10
28.1MIBNagpur Moti B...1084.8Wed Apr 1625m late18:1118:11
28.2AJNIAjni1087.0Wed Apr 1625m late18:1218:12
28.3KRIKhapri1096.3Wed Apr 1625m late18:1918:19
28.4GMGGumgaon1102.9Wed Apr 1625m late18:2418:24
28.5BTBRButi Bori1111.6Wed Apr 1625m late18:3018:30
28.6BOKBorkhedi1119.4Wed Apr 1625m late18:3618:36
29SNISindi1130.9Wed Apr 1638m late18:5718:59
29.1TGPTuljapur1138.8Wed Apr 1638m late19:0719:07
29.2SLORSeloo Road1148.9Wed Apr 1635m late19:1419:14
29.3VADRWarud1156.8Wed Apr 1635m late19:2219:22
30SEGMSewagram Junc...1160.2Wed Apr 1637m late19:2819:30
30.1CHJCChitoda1163.5Wed Apr 1637m late19:3319:33
30.2BPKBhugaon1170.6Wed Apr 1637m late19:3919:39
30.3SNNSonegaon1177.1Wed Apr 1637m late19:4419:44
30.4WGWagholi1185.5Wed Apr 1637m late19:5119:51
31HGTHinganghat1193.3Wed Apr 1634m late19:5519:57
31.1YNAYenor1198.6Wed Apr 1634m late20:0120:01
31.2NGINagri1210.1Wed Apr 1634m late20:1020:10
31.3CKNIChikni Road1221.9Wed Apr 1634m late20:1920:19
32WRRWarora1232.4Wed Apr 1630m late20:2320:24
32.1MJRIMajri Junctio...1244.8Wed Apr 1629m late20:3520:35
33BUXBhandak1254.5Wed Apr 1645m late20:5921:00
33.1TAETadali1264.1Wed Apr 1640m late21:0821:08
33.2CPWChotipadoli1271.8Wed Apr 1640m late21:1721:17
33.3VVKNVivekananda N...1273.2Wed Apr 1640m late21:1921:19
34CDChandrapur Ma...1278.8Wed Apr 1636m late21:2221:25
34.1BUPHBabupeth1283.3Wed Apr 1637m late21:4521:45
34.2VSPWasanapura1288.3Wed Apr 1637m late22:0822:08
34.3GNVRGondwanavisap...1288.4Wed Apr 1637m late22:0822:08
35BPQBalharshah Ju...1292.6Wed Apr 16on time21:5022:00
35.1MAGHManikgarh1302.1Wed Apr 16on time22:0722:07
35.2VHGNWihirgaon1310.7Wed Apr 16on time22:1222:12
35.3WIRRWirur1320.1Wed Apr 16on time22:1922:19
35.4MKDIMakudi1333.0Wed Apr 16on time22:2822:28
35.5SRURSirpur Town1344.4Wed Apr 16on time22:3622:36
35.6VEMVempalli1354.0Wed Apr 16on time22:4222:42
36SKZRSirpur Kaghaz...1362.3Wed Apr 164m late22:5222:53
36.1RLTRalapet1368.8Wed Apr 163m late22:5722:57
36.2ASAFAsifabad Road1376.7Wed Apr 163m late23:0223:02
36.3RLWRepalliwada1384.1Wed Apr 163m late23:0623:06
36.4RECHRechni Road1390.5Wed Apr 163m late23:1023:10
37BPABellampalli1400.8Wed Apr 1616m late23:2923:30
37.1MMZMandamari1410.3Wed Apr 1615m late23:3723:37
37.2RVKHRavindrakhani1414.1Wed Apr 1615m late23:4023:40
38MCIManchiryal1420.7Wed Apr 1616m late23:4623:47
38.1PPZPeddampet1429.7Wed Apr 1615m late23:5323:53
39RDMRamagundam1434.4Wed Apr 1622m late00:0300:05
39.1RGPMRaghavapuram1444.2Wed Apr 1622m late00:1100:11
40PDPLPeddapalli Ju...1451.9Wed Apr 1633m late00:2600:27
40.1KYOPKottapally1460.5Thu Apr 1732m late00:3300:33
40.2KOLRKolanoor1465.7Thu Apr 1732m late00:3700:37
40.3OEAOdela1470.3Thu Apr 1732m late00:4000:40
40.4PTKPPotkapalli1474.4Thu Apr 1732m late00:4300:43
40.5BGSFBisugir Shari...1484.9Thu Apr 1732m late00:5000:50
41JMKTJamikunta1491.4Thu Apr 1739m late01:0201:03
41.1OPLUppal1503.3Thu Apr 1738m late01:2101:21
41.2HSPHasanparthi R...1515.2Thu Apr 1738m late01:4001:40
41.3KMPTKomatipalli1521.5Thu Apr 1738m late01:4901:49
41.4KZJEKazipet E Cab...1526.0Thu Apr 1738m late01:5601:56
41.5KZJTKazipet Town1526.1Thu Apr 1738m late01:5701:57
42KZJKazipet Junct...1527.0Thu Apr 171h 0m late02:2002:40
42.1PQLPindial1535.0Thu Apr 171h 0m late02:4502:45
42.2NSKLNaskhal1540.2Thu Apr 171h 0m late02:4802:48
42.3GNPGhanpur1546.8Thu Apr 171h 0m late02:5202:52
42.4IPGIppuguda1553.0Thu Apr 171h 0m late02:5502:55
42.5RGPRaghunathpall...1563.6Thu Apr 171h 0m late03:0103:01
42.6YSPMYasantapur1570.7Thu Apr 171h 0m late03:0603:06
43ZNJangaon1574.9Thu Apr 171h 14m late03:2203:23
43.1PBPPembarti1580.4Thu Apr 171h 13m late03:2903:29
43.2ALERAler1590.0Thu Apr 171h 13m late03:3803:38
43.3WPWangapalli1599.8Thu Apr 171h 13m late03:4803:48
43.4RAGRaigir1605.8Thu Apr 171h 13m late03:5403:54
44BGBhongir1612.3Thu Apr 171h 21m late04:0903:30
44.1PGDPPagidipalli1622.3Thu Apr 1740m late03:4603:46
44.2BNBibinagar1625.5Thu Apr 1740m late03:5103:51
44.3GTGhatkesar1638.4Thu Apr 1740m late04:1204:12
44.4CHZCharlapalli1646.2Thu Apr 1740m late04:2504:25
44.5MLYMoula Ali1652.9Thu Apr 1740m late04:3604:36
44.6LGDLallaguda1655.7Thu Apr 1740m late04:4004:40
45SCSecunderabad ...1658.6Thu Apr 1740m late04:4504:52
45.1JETJames Street1660.2Thu Apr 1742m late05:0105:01
45.2SJVPSanjivaiah Pa...1661.4Thu Apr 1742m late05:0705:07
45.3HSJHussain Sagar...1663.8Thu Apr 1742m late05:2005:20
45.4NLRDNecklace Road1664.2Thu Apr 1742m late05:2205:22
45.5KQDKhairatabad1665.3Thu Apr 1742m late05:2805:28
45.6LKPLLakdikapul1666.4Thu Apr 1742m late05:3405:34
46HYBHyderabad Dec...1667.8Thu Apr 1715m late05:15
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