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Diverted via Mughalsarai-Garhwa-Barkakana-Muri for Journey Commencing on 18/6/14 and 21/6/14 #1132763.
Fri Jun 13, 2014 (01:07PM)
⇐ Return Journey: Train# 12825

12826/Jharkhand Sampark Kranti Express

Nov 03 2013 (4:11PM)
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IMPORTANT: Live Status shown here is based on the OFFICIAL DELAY STATUS. It has been observed that sometimes this information is WRONG. Use this information at your own risk. Please consult other sources for confirmation. Thanks.

Status Updated: 8h 28m ago

206 intermediate Stations

Wed Departure: Arrived RNC/Ranchi Junction (6) @ 06:50 1h 55m late

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1NDLS»New Delhi»0.0Wed Aug 20on time07:00
1.1CSBShivaji Bridg...1.1Wed Aug 20on time07:0107:01
1.2TKJTilak Bridge2.4Wed Aug 20on time07:0207:02
1.3MWCMandawali-Cha...8.7Wed Aug 20on time07:0707:07
1.4ANVRAnand Vihar12.2Wed Aug 20on time07:1007:10
1.5ANVTDelhi Anand V...12.3Wed Aug 20on time07:1007:10
1.6CNJChander Nagar14.4Wed Aug 20on time07:1207:12
1.7DSBPDelhi Shahdar...15.7Wed Aug 20on time07:1307:13
1.8SBBSahibabad Jun...18.0Wed Aug 20on time07:1507:15
1.9GZBGhaziabad Jun...25.3Wed Aug 20on time07:2207:22
1.10CYZChipyana Buzu...28.8Wed Aug 20on time07:2507:25
1.11MIUMaripat35.3Wed Aug 20on time07:3007:30
1.12DERDadri42.0Wed Aug 20on time07:3607:36
1.13BRKYBoraki46.3Wed Aug 20on time07:3907:39
1.14AJRAjaibpur51.2Wed Aug 20on time07:4407:44
1.15DKDEDankaur59.5Wed Aug 20on time07:5107:51
1.16WAIRWair68.5Wed Aug 20on time07:5807:58
1.17WIRWair68.5Wed Aug 20on time07:5807:58
1.18CHLChola73.4Wed Aug 20on time08:0208:02
1.19GNRLGangraul77.5Wed Aug 20on time08:0608:06
1.20SKQSikandarpur82.3Wed Aug 20on time08:1008:10
1.21KRJKhurja Juncti...87.9Wed Aug 20on time08:1508:15
1.22KAMPKamalpur93.5Wed Aug 20on time08:2008:20
1.23DARDanwar99.1Wed Aug 20on time08:2408:24
1.24SOMSomna109.3Wed Aug 20on time08:3308:33
1.25KLAKulwa119.5Wed Aug 20on time08:4208:42
1.26MWUEMahrawal125.1Wed Aug 20on time08:4608:46
1.27ALJNAligarh Junct...131.4Wed Aug 20on time08:5208:52
1.28DAQDaud Khan138.5Wed Aug 20on time08:5808:58
1.29MXKMandrak145.3Wed Aug 20on time09:0409:04
1.30SNSSasni152.6Wed Aug 20on time09:1009:10
1.31HRSHathras Junct...161.6Wed Aug 20on time09:1709:17
1.32PORAPora172.0Wed Aug 20on time09:2609:26
1.33JLSJalesar Road181.7Wed Aug 20on time09:3509:35
1.34CMRChamrola188.1Wed Aug 20on time09:4009:40
1.35BRNBarhan Juncti...194.9Wed Aug 20on time09:4609:46
1.36MTIMitawali202.7Wed Aug 20on time09:5209:52
1.37WSCShivarampur206.1Wed Aug 20on time09:5509:55
1.38TDLTundla Juncti...209.6Wed Aug 20on time09:5809:58
1.39HNGHirangaon218.3Wed Aug 20on time10:0610:06
1.40FZDFirozabad226.1Wed Aug 20on time10:1210:12
1.41MNRMakkhanpur236.1Wed Aug 20on time10:2110:21
1.42SKBShikohabad Ju...246.0Wed Aug 20on time10:2910:29
1.43KAAKaurara256.9Wed Aug 20on time10:3910:39
1.44BDNBhadan266.0Wed Aug 20on time10:4610:46
1.45BBLBalrai276.7Wed Aug 20on time10:5510:55
1.46JGRJaswantnagar285.4Wed Aug 20on time11:0311:03
1.47SBSarai Bhopat293.1Wed Aug 20on time11:0911:09
1.48ETWEtawah301.4Wed Aug 20on time11:1611:16
1.49EKLEkdil311.1Wed Aug 20on time11:2511:25
1.50BNTBharthana321.3Wed Aug 20on time11:3311:33
1.51SHWSamhon331.7Wed Aug 20on time11:4211:42
1.52GHSRGhasara Halt335.3Wed Aug 20on time11:4511:45
1.53ULDAchalda340.8Wed Aug 20on time11:5011:50
1.54PATAPata349.1Wed Aug 20on time11:5711:57
1.55PHDPhaphund357.6Wed Aug 20on time12:0412:04
1.56KNSKanchausi366.5Wed Aug 20on time12:1212:12
1.57PJYPara Jani Hal...371.6Wed Aug 20on time12:1612:16
1.58JJKJhinjhak377.4Wed Aug 20on time12:2112:21
1.59AAPAmbiapur387.6Wed Aug 20on time12:3012:30
1.60RURARura396.4Wed Aug 20on time12:3712:37
1.61RMWRoshan Mau404.1Wed Aug 20on time12:4412:44
1.62MTOMaitha408.1Wed Aug 20on time12:4712:47
1.63BPUBhaupur418.0Wed Aug 20on time12:5612:56
1.64PNKPanki429.2Wed Aug 20on time13:0513:05
1.65GOYGovindpuri Ju...436.9Wed Aug 20on time13:1213:12
1.66CPNLKanpur C Pane...437.4Wed Aug 20on time13:1213:12
1.67CNJOJuhi Outer Ca...437.9Wed Aug 20on time13:1313:13
1.68GMCKanpur Goods ...439.5Wed Aug 20on time13:1413:14
2CNBKanpur Centra...440.8Wed Aug 20on time13:1513:30
2.1CNBIChandari445.3Wed Aug 20on time13:3413:34
2.2CHKChakeri452.2Wed Aug 2011m late13:5213:52
2.3RXMRooma456.7Wed Aug 2011m late13:5613:56
2.4SSLSirsaul463.3Wed Aug 2011m late14:0214:02
2.5PMPRPrempur469.5Wed Aug 2011m late14:0814:08
2.6KBNKarbigwan474.8Wed Aug 2011m late14:1314:13
2.7AUNGAung481.2Wed Aug 2011m late14:1914:19
2.8BKOBindki Road487.1Wed Aug 2014m late14:2814:28
2.9KSQKanspur Gugau...495.0Wed Aug 2014m late14:3614:36
2.10MWHMalwan502.2Wed Aug 2014m late14:4314:43
2.11KKSKurasti Kalan511.3Wed Aug 2014m late14:5114:51
2.12FTPFatehpur518.4Wed Aug 2014m late14:5814:58
2.13RAMARamva524.3Wed Aug 2014m late15:0415:04
2.14FYZFaizullapur529.4Wed Aug 2014m late15:0815:08
2.15RUBRasulabad538.5Wed Aug 2014m late15:1715:17
2.16SNIESath Naraini545.6Wed Aug 2014m late15:2415:24
2.17KGAKhaga553.1Wed Aug 2014m late15:3115:31
2.18KTCEKatoghan560.0Wed Aug 2014m late15:3715:37
2.19KUWKanwar566.0Wed Aug 2014m late15:4315:43
2.20ASCEAthsarai571.5Wed Aug 2014m late15:4815:48
2.21SROSirathu577.9Wed Aug 20on time15:4115:41
2.22SJTShujaatpur587.7Wed Aug 20on time15:5015:50
2.23BDNPBidanpur594.0Wed Aug 20on time15:5615:56
2.24BREBharwari598.0Wed Aug 20on time16:0016:00
2.25MNJManoharGanj605.9Wed Aug 20on time16:0716:07
2.26SYWNSaiyid Sarawa...613.3Wed Aug 20on time16:1416:14
2.27MREManauri617.9Wed Aug 20on time16:1916:19
2.28BMUBamhrauli626.3Wed Aug 20on time16:2716:27
2.29SFGSubedarGanj631.3Wed Aug 20on time16:3116:31
2.30ALDAllahabad Jun...635.1Wed Aug 20on time16:3516:35
2.31NYNNaini Junctio...642.5Wed Aug 20on time16:4216:42
2.32COIChheoki Junct...644.2Wed Aug 20on time16:4416:44
2.33KCNKarchana653.2Wed Aug 20on time16:5216:52
2.34BEPBheerpur662.3Wed Aug 20on time17:0117:01
2.35MJAMeja Road673.6Wed Aug 20on time17:1217:12
2.36UNDUnchdih681.7Wed Aug 20on time17:1917:19
2.37MNFManda Road689.8Wed Aug 2010m late17:3717:37
2.38JIAJigna698.1Wed Aug 2010m late17:4517:45
2.39GAEGaipura705.0Wed Aug 2010m late17:5117:51
2.40BEOBirohe712.6Wed Aug 2054m late18:4318:43
2.41BDLVindhyachal717.3Wed Aug 201h 32m late19:2519:25
2.42MZPMirzapur724.6Wed Aug 202h 3m late20:0320:03
2.43JHGJhingura732.9Wed Aug 202h 52m late21:0021:00
2.44PREPahara740.4Wed Aug 202h 51m late21:0621:06
2.45DAPDagmagpur748.5Wed Aug 202h 51m late21:1421:14
2.46CARChunar Juncti...755.9Wed Aug 202h 51m late21:2121:21
2.47KYTKailahat765.5Wed Aug 202h 51m late21:3021:30
2.48ARWAhraura Road774.0Wed Aug 202h 51m late21:3821:38
2.49JEPJeonathpur780.0Wed Aug 202h 51m late21:4421:44
2.50NEWCNew West Cabi...786.5Wed Aug 203h 25m late22:2422:24
3MGSMughal Sarai ...787.8Wed Aug 203h 30m late22:3022:48
3.1FOCMFlyover Cabin...794.2Wed Aug 203h 33m late22:5322:53
3.2GAQGanj Khawaja796.7Wed Aug 203h 33m late22:5522:55
3.3CDMRChandauli Maj...805.2Wed Aug 203h 33m late23:0223:02
3.4SYJSaidraja813.6Wed Aug 203h 33m late23:0923:09
3.5KMSKaramnasa821.8Wed Aug 203h 33m late23:1623:16
3.6DCXDhanaichha828.0Wed Aug 203h 33m late23:2123:21
3.7DGODurgauti833.4Wed Aug 203h 33m late23:2623:26
3.8BBUBhabua Road842.4Wed Aug 203h 33m late23:3323:33
3.9MTGEMuthani847.8Wed Aug 203h 33m late23:3823:38
3.10PSEPusauli855.7Wed Aug 203h 33m late23:4423:44
3.11KTQKudra864.7Wed Aug 203h 33m late23:5223:52
3.12KVDKhurmabad Roa...871.6Wed Aug 203h 33m late23:5723:57
3.13SSGShiu Sagar Ro...876.4Wed Aug 203h 33m late00:0100:01
3.14KMGEKumahu882.0Wed Aug 203h 33m late00:0600:06
3.15SSMSasaram Junct...889.9Wed Aug 203h 33m late00:1300:13
3.16KWDKarwandia896.5Wed Aug 203h 33m late00:1800:18
3.17PHEPahaleja Halt903.1Wed Aug 203h 33m late00:2400:24
3.18DOSDehri On Sone907.6Wed Aug 203h 33m late00:2700:27
3.19ADSRADSR908.5Wed Aug 203h 33m late00:2800:28
3.20SEBSon Nagar Jun...913.3Wed Aug 203h 33m late00:3200:32
3.21CPBHChiraila919.1Wed Aug 203h 33m late00:3700:37
3.22AUBRAnugraha Nara...924.2Wed Aug 203h 33m late00:4100:41
3.23PESPhesar933.1Wed Aug 203h 33m late00:4800:48
3.24BHKHBaghoi Kusa937.7Wed Aug 203h 33m late00:5200:52
3.25JHNJakhim944.2Wed Aug 203h 33m late00:5800:58
3.26DORDDeo Road948.0Wed Aug 203h 33m late01:0101:01
3.27RFJRafiGanj955.0Wed Aug 203h 33m late01:0701:07
3.28IMGEIsmailpur964.3Wed Aug 203h 33m late01:1401:14
3.29GRRUGuraru971.2Wed Aug 203h 33m late01:2001:20
3.30PRYParaiya977.1Wed Aug 203h 33m late01:2501:25
3.31KSTAKastha984.2Wed Aug 203h 33m late01:3101:31
3.32WCBGaya West Cab...989.4Wed Aug 203h 33m late01:3501:35
3.33GAYAGaya Junction992.6Wed Aug 203h 33m late01:3801:38
3.34SICYShaheed Ishwa...996.3Wed Aug 203h 33m late01:4101:41
3.35MPOManpur Juncti...997.9Wed Aug 203h 33m late01:4201:42
3.36BNFBandhua1005.1Wed Aug 203h 33m late01:4801:48
3.37TKNTankuppa1012.7Wed Aug 203h 33m late01:5401:54
3.38BNSLBansinala Hal...1018.8Wed Aug 203h 33m late01:5901:59
3.39PRPPaharpur1025.0Wed Aug 203h 33m late02:0502:05
3.40GAPGurpa1036.7Wed Aug 203h 33m late02:1402:14
3.41YGMYadugram Bloc...1040.0Wed Aug 203h 33m late02:1702:17
3.42BSCPBaskatwa B. H...1044.8Wed Aug 203h 33m late02:2102:21
3.43NGYNath Ganj1046.2Wed Aug 203h 33m late02:2202:22
3.44DLWDilwa1052.4Wed Aug 203h 33m late02:2702:27
3.45LBZLalbag Block ...1056.9Wed Aug 203h 33m late02:3102:31
3.46GJDGujhandi1059.1Wed Aug 203h 33m late02:3302:33
4KQRKoderma Junct...1069.0Wed Aug 203h 22m late02:3002:32
4.1LRBLarabad1073.6Wed Aug 203h 22m late02:3502:35
4.2HREHirodih1078.2Wed Aug 203h 22m late02:3802:38
4.3SMNDSarmatanr1085.9Wed Aug 203h 22m late02:4302:43
4.4YDDYadudih1089.9Wed Aug 203h 22m late02:4602:46
4.5PSBParsabad1095.4Wed Aug 203h 22m late02:4902:49
4.6DSMEDasara1101.9Wed Aug 203h 22m late02:5402:54
4.7CBHChaube1106.8Wed Aug 203h 22m late02:5702:57
4.8KSHRKeshwari1111.7Wed Aug 203h 22m late03:0003:00
5HZDHazaribagh Ro...1117.3Wed Aug 203h 24m late03:0603:08
5.1CCKChichaki1122.4Wed Aug 203h 24m late03:1703:17
5.2GRBHGarea Bihar1124.3Wed Aug 203h 24m late03:2003:20
5.3UDLWAndal West Ca...1125.3Wed Aug 203h 24m late03:2103:21
5.4CDBChaudhribandh1127.1Thu Aug 213h 24m late03:2403:24
5.5CEMEChegro1131.4Thu Aug 213h 24m late03:3203:32
5.6PNMEParasnath1144.4Thu Aug 213h 24m late03:5403:54
5.7NMGNimiaghat1152.0Thu Aug 213h 24m late04:0604:06
5.8BLMEBholldih1157.6Thu Aug 213h 24m late04:1604:16
6GMONetaji SC Bos...1162.4Thu Aug 212h 46m late03:4604:00
6.1TELOTelo1172.2Thu Aug 212h 50m late04:1904:19
6.2CRPChandrapura J...1179.9Thu Aug 212h 50m late04:3404:34
6.3RJBRajabera1184.0Thu Aug 212h 50m late04:4204:42
6.4TKBTupkadih1188.8Thu Aug 212h 50m late04:5204:52
6.5BKSNBokaro North ...1192.7Thu Aug 212h 50m late05:0005:00
7BKSCBokaro Steel ...1195.4Thu Aug 212h 25m late04:4004:45
7.1RDFRadhagaon1202.1Thu Aug 212h 20m late04:5404:54
7.2PNWPundhag1212.1Thu Aug 212h 20m late05:0705:07
7.3DRGUDamru Ghutu1218.4Thu Aug 212h 20m late05:1505:15
7.4KSXKotshila Junc...1223.7Thu Aug 212h 20m late05:2205:22
7.5BKDRBegunkodar1230.1Thu Aug 212h 20m late05:3005:30
7.6JAAJhalida1235.3Thu Aug 212h 20m late05:3705:37
7.7THOTulin1242.9Thu Aug 212h 20m late05:4705:47
8MURIMuri Junction1247.7Thu Aug 212h 0m late05:3305:35
8.1SLFSilli1254.2Thu Aug 212h 0m late05:4405:44
8.2KITAKita1262.6Thu Aug 211h 58m late05:5305:53
8.3JONJonha1278.7Thu Aug 211h 58m late06:1406:14
8.4KWKCKherwa Kocha1280.1Thu Aug 211h 58m late06:1606:16
8.5GAGGangaghat1289.3Thu Aug 211h 55m late06:2506:25
8.6TISTatisilwai1297.0Thu Aug 211h 54m late06:3506:35
8.7NKMNamkom1303.6Thu Aug 211h 54m late06:4306:43
9RNCRanchi Juncti...1307.8Thu Aug 211h 55m late06:50
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