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Thu Jul 25, 2013 (06:44PM)
⇐ Return Journey: Train# 11072

11071/Kamayani Express

Feb 27 2014 (6:10PM)
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Inaugural Run
Fri Oct 02, 1998
✕ NO Pantry Car
✓ Catering Avbl
Loco/Rake Reversals
ALD/Allahabad Junction (10);
RSA - Rake Sharing
Rake/Coach Composition
LTT - ALD: Loco-SLR-UR-UR-UR-UR-UR-A1-B1-B2-S1-S2-S3-S4-S5-S6-S7-S8-S9-UR-SLR; ALD - BSB: Loco-SLR-UR-S9-S8-S7-S6-S5-S4-S3-S2-S1-B2-B1-A1-UR-UR-UR-UR-UR-SLR. Author - Kris Rosario.
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IMPORTANT: Live Status shown here is based on the OFFICIAL DELAY STATUS. It has been observed that sometimes this information is WRONG. Use this information at your own risk. Please consult other sources for confirmation. Thanks.

Status Updated: 13h 24m ago

206 intermediate Stations

Fri Departure: Crossed DSK/Duskheda (2) @ 20:22 41m late

Hide intermediate Stations

1LTT»Mumbai Lokman...»0.0Fri Apr 18on time12:40
1.1VVHVidyavihar1.3Fri Apr 18on time12:4112:41
1.2GCGhatkopar2.7Fri Apr 18on time12:4312:43
1.3VKVikhroli6.3Fri Apr 18on time12:4712:47
1.4KJMGKanjur Marg8.2Fri Apr 18on time12:4912:49
1.5BNDBhandup10.1Fri Apr 18on time12:5112:51
1.6NHUNahur11.7Fri Apr 18on time12:5312:53
1.7MLNDMulund13.9Fri Apr 18on time12:5512:55
2TNAThane16.5Fri Apr 187m late13:0513:07
2.1KLVAKalva19.0Fri Apr 187m late13:1013:10
2.2MBQMumbra23.5Fri Apr 187m late13:1613:16
2.3DIVADiva Junction26.1Fri Apr 187m late13:1913:19
2.4KOPRKopar30.4Fri Apr 187m late13:2413:24
2.5DIDombivli31.7Fri Apr 187m late13:2613:26
2.6THKThakurli33.1Fri Apr 187m late13:2813:28
3KYNKalyan Juncti...36.7Fri Apr 186m late13:3113:37
3.1SHADShahad39.9Fri Apr 187m late13:4113:41
3.2ABYAmbivli42.9Fri Apr 187m late13:4413:44
3.3TLATitwala47.7Fri Apr 187m late13:5013:50
3.4KDVKhadavli55.3Fri Apr 187m late13:5913:59
3.5VSDVasind62.9Fri Apr 187m late14:0714:07
3.6ASOAsangaon68.9Fri Apr 187m late14:1414:14
3.7ATGAtgaon78.7Fri Apr 187m late14:2614:26
3.8THSThansit84.6Fri Apr 187m late14:3314:33
3.9KEKhardi90.8Fri Apr 187m late14:4014:40
3.10OMBOombermali97.3Fri Apr 187m late14:4714:47
3.11KSRAKasara104.1Fri Apr 187m late14:5514:55
3.12TGR3Block & Catch...107.9Fri Apr 187m late15:0015:00
3.13TGR2Block & Catch...111.4Fri Apr 187m late15:0415:04
4IGPIgatpuri118.5Fri Apr 1815m late15:2015:30
4.1GOGhoti126.6Fri Apr 1827m late15:4315:43
4.2PIPadli134.9Fri Apr 1827m late15:4815:48
4.3AVAsvali143.4Fri Apr 1827m late15:5415:54
4.4LTLahavit155.9Fri Apr 1827m late16:0316:03
4.5DVLDevlali163.4Fri Apr 1827m late16:0816:08
5NKNasik Road169.1Fri Apr 1837m late16:2216:28
5.1ODHAOdha180.8Fri Apr 1838m late16:3716:37
5.2KWKhervadi187.8Fri Apr 1838m late16:4316:43
5.3KBSNKasbe Sukene194.5Fri Apr 1838m late16:4816:48
5.4NRNiphad200.6Fri Apr 1838m late16:5316:53
5.5UGNUgaon207.6Fri Apr 1838m late16:5916:59
5.6LSLasalgaon217.4Fri Apr 1838m late17:0617:06
5.7SUMSummit229.6Fri Apr 1838m late17:1617:16
6MMRManmad Juncti...241.9Fri Apr 1835m late17:2317:25
6.1PNVPanevadi247.7Fri Apr 1835m late17:3117:31
6.2HSLHisvahal255.4Fri Apr 1835m late17:3917:39
6.3PJNPanjhan260.8Fri Apr 1835m late17:4417:44
7NGNNandgaon267.3Fri Apr 1828m late17:4417:46
7.1PKEPimpar Khed278.1Fri Apr 1829m late17:5317:53
7.2NINaydongri287.9Fri Apr 1829m late17:5917:59
7.3RHNERohini292.6Fri Apr 1829m late18:0218:02
7.4HPRHirapur301.6Fri Apr 1829m late18:0718:07
8CSNChalisgaon Ju...309.4Fri Apr 1832m late18:1518:17
8.1VGLVaghli318.8Fri Apr 1832m late18:2318:23
8.2KJKajgaon328.7Fri Apr 1832m late18:2918:29
8.3NGDNagardevla335.4Fri Apr 1832m late18:3318:33
8.4GAAGalan343.8Fri Apr 1832m late18:3818:38
9PCPachora Junct...354.3Fri Apr 1834m late18:4718:49
9.1PHQPardhande361.7Fri Apr 1834m late18:5618:56
9.2MYJMaheji369.1Fri Apr 1834m late19:0219:02
9.3MWDMhasavad380.9Fri Apr 1834m late19:1319:13
9.4SSShirsoli390.2Fri Apr 1834m late19:2119:21
10JLJalgaon Junct...402.0Fri Apr 1827m late19:2519:28
10.1TRWTarsod406.7Fri Apr 1828m late19:3319:33
10.2BDIBhadli413.5Fri Apr 1826m late19:3819:38
11BSLBhusaval Junc...426.1Fri Apr 1825m late19:5020:08
11.1BSBNBhusawal B Ca...429.5Fri Apr 1833m late20:1120:11
11.2DSKDuskheda432.8Fri Apr 1841m late20:2220:22
11.3SAVSavda441.5Fri Apr 1841m late20:2920:29
11.4NBNimbhora450.2Fri Apr 1841m late20:3620:36
12RVRaver460.4Fri Apr 1836m late20:4020:41
12.1WGAWaghoda470.3Fri Apr 1836m late20:5020:50
13BAUBurhanpur480.6Fri Apr 1836m late20:5921:01
13.1AGQAsirgarh Road489.5Fri Apr 1836m late21:0721:07
13.2CDIChandni499.8Fri Apr 1836m late21:1421:14
14NPNRNepanagar506.8Fri Apr 1836m late21:1921:21
14.1MWAMandwa512.7Fri Apr 1836m late21:3121:31
14.2SXASagphata518.6Fri Apr 1836m late21:4021:40
14.3DGNDongargaon526.3Fri Apr 1836m late21:5321:53
14.4KDKKohdad533.9Fri Apr 1836m late22:0522:05
14.5BMABagmar538.3Fri Apr 1836m late22:1322:13
14.6BRGJBargaon Gujar544.3Fri Apr 1836m late22:2322:23
15KNWKhandwa Junct...549.5Fri Apr 183m late21:5822:03
15.1MTAMathela556.8Fri Apr 183m late22:0722:07
15.2TLVTalvadiya565.2Fri Apr 183m late22:1222:12
15.3SGBJSurgaon Banja...577.0Fri Apr 183m late22:1922:19
15.4CKKDCharkheda Khu...588.1Fri Apr 183m late22:2522:25
15.5CAERChhanera594.9Fri Apr 183m late22:2922:29
15.6BRUDBarud605.0Fri Apr 183m late22:3422:34
15.7DRHIDagarhkeri614.6Fri Apr 183m late22:4022:40
16KKNKhirkiya625.6Fri Apr 183m late22:4622:48
16.1KROKurawan631.9Fri Apr 183m late22:5322:53
16.2BRIBhiringi638.6Fri Apr 183m late22:5722:57
16.3MUOMasangaon643.8Fri Apr 183m late23:0123:01
16.4PALPalasner649.7Fri Apr 183m late23:0623:06
17HDHarda657.1Fri Apr 183m late23:1123:13
17.1CRKCharkhera664.1Fri Apr 183m late23:1923:19
17.2TBNTimarni671.2Fri Apr 183m late23:2623:26
17.3CGOChhidgaon680.7Fri Apr 183m late23:3523:35
17.4PGLPagdhal684.8Fri Apr 183m late23:3923:39
17.5BIFBhaironpur692.1Fri Apr 183m late23:4523:45
17.6BPFBanapura699.4Fri Apr 183m late23:5223:52
17.7DKIDharamkundi707.7Fri Apr 183m late00:0000:00
17.8KTZKhutwansa715.0Sat Apr 193m late00:0600:06
17.9DRADularia720.7Sat Apr 193m late00:1200:12
17.10ETBItarsi B Cabi...726.7Sat Apr 193m late00:1700:17
17.11JUHJujharpur Cab...731.9Sat Apr 193m late00:2200:22
17.12ITMAItarsi Marsha...732.0Sat Apr 193m late00:2200:22
18ETItarsi Juncti...732.9Sat Apr 19on time00:2000:25
18.1ETFItarsi F Cabi...734.2Sat Apr 19on time00:2700:27
18.2PRKDPowerkheda741.2Sat Apr 19on time00:4000:40
19HBDHoshangabad751.0Sat Apr 19on time00:5801:00
19.1BNIBudni757.9Sat Apr 19on time01:0701:07
19.2MIGMidghat764.9Sat Apr 19on time01:1401:14
19.3CHQChoka770.8Sat Apr 19on time01:2001:20
19.4BKABarkhera777.3Sat Apr 19on time01:2701:27
19.5ODGObaidulla Gan...788.7Sat Apr 19on time01:3801:38
19.6ITKLItaya Kala796.3Sat Apr 19on time01:4601:46
19.7MDDPMandi Dip802.2Sat Apr 19on time01:5201:52
19.8MSOMisrod812.2Sat Apr 19on time02:0202:02
20HBJBhopal HabibG...818.4Sat Apr 1914m late02:2202:24
21BPLBhopal Juncti...824.6Sat Apr 19on time02:3002:35
21.1NSZNishatpura825.6Sat Apr 19on time02:3602:36
21.2SUWSukhisewaniya...835.9Sat Apr 19on time02:4702:47
21.3BVBBhadbhadaghat843.3Sat Apr 19on time02:5402:54
21.4DWGDewanGanj852.2Sat Apr 19on time03:0303:03
21.5SMTSalamatpur861.4Sat Apr 19on time03:1303:13
21.6SCISanchi868.7Sat Apr 19on time03:2003:20
21.7BTWNBetwa Cabin874.5Sat Apr 19on time03:2603:26
22BHSVidisha878.1Sat Apr 19on time03:3003:32
22.1SORISorai883.5Sat Apr 19on time03:3803:38
22.2SUMRSumer891.6Sat Apr 19on time03:4703:47
22.3GLGGulabhGanj899.2Sat Apr 19on time03:5503:55
22.4PAIPabai908.7Sat Apr 19on time04:0504:05
23BAQGanj Basoda917.5Sat Apr 1936m late04:5104:53
23.1RKRIRao Khedi920.6Sat Apr 1936m late04:5804:58
23.2RKDIRaukheri920.6Sat Apr 1936m late04:5804:58
23.3BETBareth927.3Sat Apr 1936m late05:0905:09
23.4CLHTChulheta931.7Sat Apr 1936m late05:1605:16
23.5KAHKalhar937.1Sat Apr 1936m late05:2405:24
23.6MABAMandi Bamora946.0Sat Apr 1936m late05:3805:38
23.7KIKAKurwai Kethor...953.9Sat Apr 1936m late05:5105:51
24BINABina Junction963.2Sat Apr 19on time05:3005:35
24.1MAKRMalkheri Junc...967.9Sat Apr 19on time05:4005:40
24.2BJQBaghora973.2Sat Apr 19on time05:4605:46
25KYEKhurai985.1Sat Apr 19on time06:0006:02
25.1SMRRSumreri993.9Sat Apr 19on time06:1006:10
25.2JRKJeruwa Khera1003.0Sat Apr 19on time06:1806:18
25.3ISHIsarwara1012.1Sat Apr 19on time06:2506:25
25.4NOINariaoli1019.5Sat Apr 19on time06:3206:32
25.5RTZRatona1030.7Sat Apr 19on time06:4206:42
26SGOSaugor1037.9Sat Apr 19on time06:4806:50
26.1MKRNMakronia1045.0Sat Apr 19on time06:5606:56
26.2LDALidhora Khurd1052.2Sat Apr 19on time07:0107:01
26.3GWGirwar1062.2Sat Apr 19on time07:1007:10
26.4DGDDangidhar1069.2Sat Apr 19on time07:1507:15
26.5GAJGaneshGanj1076.0Sat Apr 19on time07:2107:21
27PHAPatharia1088.8Sat Apr 19on time07:3107:33
27.1ANAAslana1102.6Sat Apr 19on time07:4607:46
28DMODamoh1115.0Sat Apr 19on time07:5707:59
28.1KYXKarhiya Bhade...1123.1Sat Apr 19on time08:0708:07
29BNUBandakpur1130.3Sat Apr 19on time08:1408:16
29.1GEAGhatera1141.0Sat Apr 19on time08:2808:28
29.2GTYGola Pati1149.7Sat Apr 19on time08:3708:37
29.3SAOSagoni1157.2Sat Apr 19on time08:4508:45
29.4RTGNRatangaon1168.3Sat Apr 19on time08:5708:57
29.5SYASalaia1175.3Sat Apr 19on time09:0509:05
29.6BQQBakhleta1185.6Sat Apr 19on time09:1609:16
29.7REIRithi1194.1Sat Apr 19on time09:2509:25
29.8PTHDPatohan1200.1Sat Apr 19on time09:3209:32
29.9HDUHardua1208.8Sat Apr 19on time09:4209:42
29.10MJGPMajhagawan Ph...1217.2Sat Apr 19on time09:5109:51
29.11KMZKatni Murwara1224.1Sat Apr 19on time09:5809:58
30KTEKatni Junctio...1225.8Sat Apr 19on time10:0010:10
30.1PTWAPatwara1234.8Sat Apr 19on time10:1810:18
30.2JKEJukehi1243.1Sat Apr 19on time10:2510:25
30.3PKRDPakara Road1252.9Sat Apr 19on time10:3310:33
30.4UDRAmdara1262.7Sat Apr 19on time10:4210:42
30.5BUUBhadanpur1275.3Sat Apr 19on time10:5210:52
31MYRMaihar1288.7Sat Apr 19on time11:0411:06
31.1UHRUnchhera1303.0Sat Apr 19on time11:2211:22
31.2LGCELagargawan1312.6Sat Apr 19on time11:3211:32
32STASatna Junctio...1324.1Sat Apr 19on time11:4511:50
32.1SAGMSagma1330.4Sat Apr 19on time11:5511:55
32.2HATIHati1339.3Sat Apr 19on time12:0112:01
33JTWJaitwar1344.2Sat Apr 19on time12:0512:07
33.1KTHAKhutaha1351.7Sat Apr 19on time12:1712:17
33.2CTHRChitahra1359.2Sat Apr 19on time12:2712:27
33.3MJGMajhagawan1364.9Sat Apr 19on time12:3512:35
33.4EDAItwan Dundail...1370.4Sat Apr 19on time12:4312:43
33.5TKYRTikaria1378.0Sat Apr 19on time12:5312:53
33.6MKDMarkundi1385.9Sat Apr 19on time13:0413:04
33.7BQFBarah Muafi1394.0Sat Apr 19on time13:1413:14
33.8BNSPBansapahar1398.3Sat Apr 19on time13:2013:20
34MKPManikpur Junc...1401.8Sat Apr 19on time13:2513:30
34.1PNHIPanhai1413.9Sat Apr 19on time13:4013:40
35DBRDabhaura1424.3Sat Apr 19on time13:4813:50
35.1KTDDKataiya Dandi1434.5Sat Apr 19on time14:0314:03
35.2BRGBargarh1440.1Sat Apr 19on time14:1014:10
35.3MJHRMajhiari1447.2Sat Apr 19on time14:2014:20
35.4SRJShankargarh1456.8Sat Apr 19on time14:3214:32
35.5LOGLohgara1466.8Sat Apr 19on time14:4514:45
35.6MFXMadaraha1473.0Sat Apr 19on time14:5314:53
35.7JSRJasra1478.8Sat Apr 19on time15:0115:01
35.8IDGJIradatganj1484.8Sat Apr 19on time15:0915:09
35.9LKJNLink Junction...1489.7Sat Apr 19on time15:1515:15
35.10NYNNaini Junctio...1494.2Sat Apr 19on time15:2115:21
36ALDAllahabad Jun...1501.3Sat Apr 1915m late15:4516:05
36.1PRGPrayag Juncti...1507.7Sat Apr 19on time16:1216:12
36.2PFMPhaphamau Jun...1514.0Sat Apr 19on time16:1916:19
36.3THWTharwai1519.4Sat Apr 19on time16:2516:25
36.4SYCSarai Chandi1527.1Sat Apr 19on time16:3416:34
37PLPPhulpur1537.6Sat Apr 19on time16:4616:48
37.1URPRUgrasenpur1548.0Sat Apr 19on time16:5816:58
37.2BYHABarya Ram1551.8Sat Apr 19on time17:0117:01
38JNHJanghai Junct...1560.6Sat Apr 19on time17:0917:11
38.1SQNSarai Kansrai1565.7Sat Apr 19on time17:1917:19
38.2SAWSuriawan1575.7Sat Apr 19on time17:3417:34
38.3MOFMondh1582.9Sat Apr 19on time17:4517:45
39BOYBhadohi1591.1Sat Apr 19on time17:5818:00
40PRFParsipur1599.3Sat Apr 19on time18:1018:12
40.1KEHKapseti1607.7Sat Apr 19on time18:2518:25
41SWPRSewapuri1613.0Sat Apr 19on time18:3418:35
41.1CHHChaukhandi1619.7Sat Apr 19on time18:5018:50
41.2LOTLohta1629.6Sat Apr 19on time19:1219:12
42BSBVaranasi Junc...1635.6Sat Apr 19on time19:25
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