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50 Sampark Kranti Express Trains

Superfast trains that provide almost non-stop connectivity between States and the national capital, New Delhi

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50 Trains

No.NameTypeZoneDate FromDate ToFromDepToArrDurationHaltsDep DaysClassesDistanceSpeedReturn
12707Andhra Pradesh Sampa...SKrSCRTPTY05:40NZM18:0036h 20m18
 M W F 
SL 3A 2A 2302 km63 km/hr12708
12708Andhra Pradesh Sampa...SKrSCRNZM07:15TPTY21:3538h 20m18
S  W F 
SL 3A 2A 2302 km60 km/hr12707
12565Bihar Sampark Kranti...SKrECRDBG08:35NDLS05:3521h 0m9
SL 3A 2A 1A 1164 km55 km/hr12566
12566Bihar Sampark Kranti...SKrECRNDLS14:15DBG11:2521h 10m9
SL 3A 2A 1A 1164 km55 km/hr12565
12823Chhattisgarh Sampark...SKrSECRDURG12:00NZM09:0521h 5m10
 M  T S
SL 3A 2A 1A 1286 km60 km/hr12824
12824Chhattisgarh Sampark...SKrSECRNZM17:25DURG15:1021h 45m10
S T  F 
SL 3A 2A 1A 1286 km59 km/hr12823
12449Goa Sampark Kranti E...SKrNRMAO10:00CDG23:4537h 45m12
SL 3A 2A 1A 2161 km57 km/hr12450
12450Goa Sampark Kranti E...SKrNRCDG01:30MAO15:0037h 30m12
 M    S
SL 3A 2A 1A 2161 km57 km/hr12449
12917Gujarat Sampark Kran...SKrWRADI17:05NZM10:4017h 35m8
 M W F 
SL 3A 2A 1085 km61 km/hr12918
12918Gujarat Sampark Kran...SKrWRNZM13:55ADI06:4516h 50m8
  T T S
SL 3A 2A 1085 km64 km/hr12917
12825Jharkhand Sampark Kr...SKrSERRNC23:40NDLS20:5521h 15m7
 M  T  
SL 3A 2A 1307 km61 km/hr12826
12826Jharkhand Sampark Kr...SKrSERNDLS06:55RNC04:5522h 0m7
   W  S
SL 3A 2A 1307 km59 km/hr12825
12629Karnataka Sampark Kr...SKrSWRYPR13:45NZM13:0047h 15m11
  T T  
SL 3A 2A 1A 2545 km53 km/hr12630
12630Karnataka Sampark Kr...SKrSWRNZM08:45YPR06:2045h 35m11
   W F 
SL 3A 2A 1A 2545 km55 km/hr12629
12649Karnataka Sampark Kr...SKrSWRYPR22:00NZM09:1535h 15m7
SL 3A 2A 1A 2289 km64 km/hr12650
12650Karnataka Sampark Kr...SKrSWRNZM06:40YPR19:3536h 55m7
SL 3A 2A 1A 2289 km62 km/hr12649
12121Madhya Pradesh Sampa...SKrWCRJBP19:10NZM09:0513h 55m5
S  W F 
SL 3A 2A 1A 905 km65 km/hr12122
12122Madhya Pradesh Sampa...SKrWCRNZM17:25JBP07:4514h 20m5
 M  T S
SL 3A 2A 1A 905 km63 km/hr12121
12907Maharashtra Sampark ...SKrWRBDTS16:35NZM13:4521h 10m3
S  W   
SL 3A 2A 1367 km64 km/hr12908
12908Maharashtra Sampark ...SKrWRNZM21:35BDTS16:3519h 0m3
 M  T  
SL 3A 2A 1367 km71 km/hr12907
12501Poorvottar Sampark K...SKrNFRGHY06:15NDLS13:0030h 45m8
   W  S
SL 3A 2A 1A 1900 km61 km/hr12502
12502Poorvottar Sampark K...SKrNFRNDLS23:45GHY08:4533h 0m8
S  W   
SL 3A 2A 1A 1900 km57 km/hr12501
12463Rajasthan Sampark Kr...SKrNWRDEE22:25JU08:2510h 0m6
S  W F 
SL 2A 1A 614 km61 km/hr12464
12464Rajasthan Sampark Kr...SKrNWRJU19:00DEE05:3510h 35m6
  T T S
SL 2A 1A 614 km58 km/hr12463
12651Tamil Nadu Sampark K...SKrSRMDU00:15NZM18:0041h 45m12
S T    
SL 3A 2A 1A 2673 km64 km/hr12652
12652Tamil Nadu Sampark K...SKrSRNZM07:15MDU03:4544h 30m13
  T T  
SL 3A 2A 1A 2673 km60 km/hr12651
12329West Bengal Sampark ...SKrERSDAH13:10DLI12:0522h 55m6
SL 3A 2A 1A 1453 km63 km/hr12330
12330West Bengal Sampark ...SKrERDLI19:05SDAH17:2522h 20m6
SL 3A 2A 1A 1453 km65 km/hr12329
15035Uttarakhand Sampark ...SKrNERDLI16:00KGM22:406h 40m8
2S CC 277 km41 km/hr15036
15036Uttarakhand Sampark ...SKrNERKGM08:50DLI15:206h 30m8
2S CC 277 km42 km/hr15035
12446Uttar Sampark Kranti...SKrNRSVDK19:10NDLS06:5011h 40m9
SL 3A 2A 1A 655 km56 km/hr12445
12445Uttar Sampark Kranti...SKrNRNDLS20:50SVDK08:4011h 50m9
SL 3A 2A 1A 655 km55 km/hr12446
12820Odisha Sampark Krant...SKrECoRANVT07:05BBS12:2029h 15m11
  T  F 
SL 3A 2A 1783 km60 km/hr12819
12819Odisha Sampark Krant...SKrECoRBBS15:30ANVT20:5029h 20m11
S  W   
SL 3A 2A 1783 km60 km/hr12820
12448Uttar Pradesh Sampar...SKrNRNZM20:10MKP08:3512h 25m10
SL 3A 2A 1A 694 km55 km/hr12447
12447Uttar Pradesh Sampar...SKrNRMKP17:05NZM05:2512h 20m10
SL 3A 2A 1A 694 km56 km/hr12448
25036Uttarakhand SK Expr...SKrNERRMR09:50DLI15:205h 30m4
2S CC 238 km43 km/hr15035-Slip
22464Rajasthan Sampark Kr...SKrNWRBKN17:15DEE05:3512h 20m8
  T T S
SL 3A 2A 684 km55 km/hr12463-Slip
22447Uttar Pradesh Sampar...SKrNRKURJ18:20NZM05:2511h 5m7
SL 3A 2A 604 km54 km/hr12448-Slip
22463Rajasthan Sampark Kr...SKrNWRMTD06:35BKN10:454h 10m2
S  W F 
173 km41 km/hr22464
12463-SlipRajasthan Sampark Kr...SKrNWRDEE22:25BKN10:4512h 20m8
S  W F 
SL 3A 2A 684 km55 km/hr22464
15035-SlipUttarakhand Sampark ...SKrNERDLI16:00KGM22:406h 40m8
2S CC 277 km41 km/hr25036
12448-SlipUttar Pradesh Sampar...SKrNRNZM20:10MKP08:3512h 25m10
SL 3A 2A 694 km55 km/hr22447
12218Kerala Sampark Krant...SKrNRCDG08:55KCVL17:4556h 50m19
   W F 
SL 3A 2A 1A 3089 km54 km/hr12217
12217Kerala Sampark Krant...SKrNRKCVL09:20CDG17:2556h 5m20
 M    S
SL 3A 2A 1A 3089 km55 km/hr12218
22448Uttar Pradesh Sampar...SKrNRNZM20:10KURJ06:3510h 25m7
SL 3A 2A 604 km58 km/hr22447
22686Chandigarh - Yesvant...SKrSWRCDG03:15YPR06:2051h 5m15
  T   S
SL 3A 2A 1A 2796 km54 km/hr22685
22685Yesvantpur - Chandig...SKrSWRYPR13:45CDG18:2052h 35m15
   W  S
SL 3A 2A 1A 2796 km53 km/hr22686
15602Poorvottar Sampark K...SKrNFRNDLS23:45SCL19:5544h 10m12
SL 3A 2A 1A 2279 km51 km/hr15601
15601Poorvottar Sampark K...SKrNFRSCL18:30NDLS13:0042h 30m12
SL 3A 2A 1A 2279 km53 km/hr15602
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