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Jun 02 2017 (20:29)
Ticket Booking/E-Ticketing

Entry# 2002     
which of the proofs required for train journey while in checking???

Rail News
Jun 02 2017 (19:55)
Blog Post# 2304771-0     
S K Jain*^~   Added by: Chant OM NAMO VENKATESAYA always^  Jun 02 2017 (20:29)
Jun 02 2017 (01:37)
Train Connections/Directions

Entry# 2000     
RF Shanku^~
Trains are often referred to as going up or down — what does this mean?

Info Update
Jun 01 2017 (19:47)
Blog Post# 2303305-0     
RF Shanku^~   Added by: RF Shanku^~  Jun 02 2017 (01:37)
Query - Trains are often referred to as going "up" or "down" — what does this mean?
Answer - Down refers to a train travelling away from its headquarters (i.e., the homing railway) or from its Divisional headquarters, whichever is closer. Up refers to a train travelling towards its headquarters or divisional HQ, whichever is closer. Eg, 2903 DN Frontier mail is down travelling away from its HQ (Bombay) and from the division that homes it (Bombay division) and similarly 2904 UP refers to it travelling back towards Bombay, its HQ and division. Usually the numbers for the "up" and "down" trains differ by just 1.
for the Shatabdis, the odd number indicates the Down run and the even number for the Up run. E.g. New Delhi - Bhopal Shatabdi (the first Shatabdi) is numbered 2001 DN (away form Delhi) and 2002 UP (towards Delhi).
There are numerous exceptions to this scheme! Beware if you are trying to find method in the madness. Numerous inconsistencies and oddities arise near zonal or divisional boundaries. At Howrah, the Kalka Mail was numbered 1 Up / 2 Down and the Howrah - Bombay Mail as 2 Up / 1 Down to avoid confusion.
Interestingly, on the Ring Railway in New Delhi, the clockwise direction is marked "up" in the timetables.
Jul 11 2013 (11:52)

Entry# 1610     
Indian Railway 5-Digit Train Numbering Scheme

Info Update
Jun 01 2017 (19:53)
Blog Post# 2303310-0     
RF Shanku^~   Added by: RF Shanku^~  Jun 02 2017 (01:36)
Query -> Is there a system behind the numbering of trains?
Or, what do the 5 digits in a train number mean?
Answer -> On December 20, 2010, IR switched to a system of 5-digit numbers that are supposed to be used for all passenger trains across its system.
The first digit
the 5-digit train numbering scheme, the first digit indicates the type of the passenger train, as follows:
0 is for special trains (e.g., summer specials, holiday specials, etc.)
1 is for all long-distance trains, including the Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Jan Sadharan, Sampark Kranti, Garib Rath, Duronto, and other classes.
2 is also for long-distance trains; it is to be used when train numbers starting with 1 are exhausted in any series.
3 is for Kolkata suburban trains.
4 is for suburban trains in Chennai, New Delhi, Secunderabad, and other metropolitan areas.
5 is for passenger trains with conventional coaches
6 is for MEMU trains
7 is for DMU (DEMU) and railcar services.
8 is currently reserved
9 is for Mumbai area suburban trains
Second and later digits
The significance of the second and later digits depends on what the first digit is. Below, the different number series are explained, based on the first digit.
0, 1, 2: In the case of special trains, and long-distance express trains, i.e., trains starting with digits '0', '1', or '2', the remaining 4 digits signify the railway zone and division exactly as in the pre-2011 4-digit scheme. In fact, most 5-digit numbers for long-distance trains as of this writing [4/11] are created simply by prefixing '1' to the former 4-digit codes.
0 is for Konkan Railway
1 is for CR, WCR and NCR(?)
2 is for superfasts, Shatabdi, Jan Shatabdi, and some other classes of trains regardless of zones. For these, the next digit is usually the zone code.
3 is shared by ER and ECR
4 is for NR, NCR and NWR
5 is shared by NER and NFR
6 is for SR and SWR
7 is shared by SCR and SWR
8 is for SER and ECoR
9 is for WR, NWR and WCR
For other classes of trains, the remaining digits are used in a few different ways.
3: For Kolkata suburban trains starting with digit '3', there are two sets of numbers, depending on the zone that operates the services.
30xxx through 37xxx : trains run by ER
38xxx through 39xxx : trains run by SER
4: For suburban trains other than in Mumbai and Kolkata, the following conventions apply.
40xxx through 44xxx : Chennai area suburban trains
45xxx through 46xxx : Delhi area suburban trains
47xxx : Secunderabad suburban trains
48xxx through 49xxx : reserved
5, 6, 7: For trains starting with '5', '6', and '7', i.e., passenger trains, the second digit determines the zone as for long-distance trains and the third digit determines the division
9: Mumbai suburban trains use the following system. Up and down directions are generally reflected in the use of odd and even numbers, respectively.
90xxx: WR locals originating from Virar
91xxx: WR locals originating from Vasai Road / Bhayander
92xxx: WR locals originating from Borivali
93xxx: WR locals originating from Malad / Goregaon
94xxx: WR locals originating from Andheri / Bandra / Mumbai Central
95xxx: CR fast locals
96xxx: CR locals going north of Kalyan
97xxx: CR locals on the Harbour line
98xxx: CR locals on the trans-Harbour line
99xxx: CR locals going south of Kalyan

★  Info Update
Jul 11 2013 (11:50)
Blog Post# 805175-0     
Pŕāķāşh*^~   Added by: Pŕāķāşh*^~  Jul 11 2013 (11:52)
Indian Railway 5-Digit Train Numbering Scheme
Second Digit: Train Type is Super-Fast(Regard-less of zones, Super-Fast including Duronto, Shatabdi, Rajdhani, Jan Shatabdi, Sampark Kranti, Garib Rath, Yuva, Double Decker trains also) if the second digit is 2 else it will refer to the zone of the rake.
Third Digit: It refers to the zone and the primary maintenance Division of the rake if the
second digit is 2 else it will refer to the primary maintenance Division of the rake only if second digit is not 2. If, 3rd Digit is ‘0’, it means that the particular rake is maintained by the zonal Head-Quarter of the zone.
Fourth and Fifth Digit: Serial Number.
Courtesy: IRFCA & Various Railway Sites.

Jul 18 2013 (16:48)
Blog Post# 805175-2     
विश्व नाथ*   Added by: विश्व नाथ*  Jul 18 2013 (16:49)
official document
Jul 27 2011 (03:30)
Ticket Reservation Quotas

Entry# 20     
What is HO quota? What is the procedure to apply for this quota?

May 31 2017 (14:57)
Blog Post# 2300417-4     
In a relationship with poorva exp😎😎^~   Added by: Chant OM NAMO VENKATESAYA always^  May 31 2017 (15:20)
Emergency quota or headquarter quota are limited no. of berths available to the high ranking official of railways, ministers etc.
Purpose of emergency quota:
This quota is there to provide for train tickets in emergency like situation or for an urgent surprise inspection the officer might need to conduct. Depends on situation.
Process for applying for emergency quota.
need to have contacts/friends with people in railways.
(note. They don't ask for money for this,
they shouldn't)
Then you make a request to the official.. Then that official sends a formal request (in a prescribed format) to the department which handles this.(which takes time to get processed)
Generally a request is sent in working days I.e monday to Friday, between 9 am to 5 pm (the earlier you send request the better) , getting quota done on Saturday or Sunday is extremely difficult. Chances get reduced due to the fact that nobody would be in the office to process the request( on Saturday or Sunday) , if somehow sent to the department.
How is quota alloted?
The quota or berths alloted on the basis of the seniority of officials who have sent request to the department for the concerned train and class (1AC, 2AC, 3AC.....etc)
Few ground rules for seeking a quota.
1. If the train is before 5 PM then quota is released (chart is prepared) a day before.
2.If the train is after 5 PM, then quota is released that day itself.
What are the chances of getting a berth?
Well it depends on few factors:
1.No. of people who have sent request and which ones are senior to that official.
2. No. of quota berth are there in a class. (generally 3AC have more no. of HQ quota berth than 2AC and in 1AC very few berths)
Chances: 50-50 or getting the berth and not getting the berth.(during non-peak seasons)
70 % of not getting 30% chance of getting in peak season.
Source - click here

Dec 11 2011 (22:32)
Blog Post# 302117-0     
Pained to know Boeing 777 landcrashed~   Added by: rdb*^  Dec 11 2011 (22:58)
An important document on the procedures to be followed for allocation against HO quota.

Jun 28 2011 (18:28)
Blog Post# 194770-10     
Guest: 795d062a   Added by: moderator*^~  Jul 27 2011 (07:02)

Every train will have some seats reserved for HO/Emergency quota. Which are used by high officials or the people who have some emergency travel like medial ...etc.
If those seats not utilized then they will release them to clear wl/rac passengers at the time of chat preparation.

Jun 28 2011 (18:30)
Blog Post# 194770-11     
विश्व नाथ*   Added by: moderator*^~  Jul 27 2011 (07:02)
A discretionary quota of Railway used for berth allotment to Rail officials or public or Netas in case of emergency/need.

Jun 13 2011 (14:37)
Blog Post# 184669-0     
AKGarg*   Added by: Ranjeet*^  Jul 29 2011 (11:31)
Sir, is there any rule to get HO quota that one should book the ticket on PRS counter? Or he can avail also HO quota on e-ticket?

Apr 24 2011 (15:47)
Blog Post# 145690-8     
Prabhakar Agarwal   Added by: moderator*^~  Jul 27 2011 (07:02)
HO quota is manually alloted So the very usual case nothing special with this

Apr 24 2011 (15:53)
Blog Post# 145690-12     
Charm Totally Vanished*^~   Added by: moderator*^~  Jul 27 2011 (07:02)
High Official Quota

Apr 17 2011 (08:44)
Blog Post# 140389-1     
Gopalakrishnan P   Added by: ✔KALINGAS✔*^~  Jul 29 2011 (14:21)
@Roshan Sasidharan*: Re# 140389-0
Dear Roshan Sasidharan, HO quota is available for any one who can prove the urgency of the travel. But a fixed protocol is followed. The protocol starts from the President of India and down to Last Grade Government Servant and also includes other VIPs such as doctors, etc including common citizen. Since availability is limited, the allotment is based on first cum first served and the protocol ranking. The discretion of the Chief Reservation Supervisor and the staff in charge of chart finalisation plays an important role. One has to apply for release of HO quota and submit the application to the CRS on the morning of the date of journey.
For the trains for which charts are prepared, the application has to be given on the previous day itself. All such applications would be grouped together and sorted on the priorities mentioned above and informed to the Divisional office concerned. One can also send their application to the Divisional office also direct either in person or through fax. If one has some good contacts within the railway division, his chances of getting included in the priority list is more.
I have been successful in getting the HO quota release a couple of times for my journeys from cbe to mas and once from mas to ndls because of my official position in state government.
We are generally always successful in getting the HO released for the travel of IAS officers. It seems that a few seats in the trains connecting the district HQ with the state HQ are allotted to the district administration concerned - DC/DM office, which we could be released for senior Government officials.

Oct 31 2010 (20:46)
Blog Post# 82009-4     
<__>/~~   Added by: moderator*^~  Jul 28 2011 (04:44)
Other Quotas: There are several kinds of quotas for tickets for various special categories of passengers, other than the quotas for intermediate stations mentioned above, ticket agencies in other towns ('OS' = Out-Station quota), etc. These include small numbers of seats and berths set aside for railway officials ('HO' = Head Office quota ('High Official' quota)), ministers and high bureaucrats as well as members of parliament and their staff ('PH' quota ('Parliament House')), defence officials ('DF' quota), foreign tourists ('FT' = Foreign Tourist), handicapped travellers ('HP' = Handicapped Person), railway staff on duty ('DP' = Duty Pass) (this has its own waiting list, the 'DPWL' or Duty Pass Waiting List, especially for railway staff travelling on Privilege Passes on Rajdhani trains), women travellers ('LD' or 'LQ' = Ladies Quota), and those needing to travel for extremely urgent reasons ('EQ' = Emergency Quota), etc. Each one of these quotas can theoretically also...
have its own waiting list, usually denoted by the quota abbreviation followed by 'WL', e.g., FTWL, EQWL, HPWL, etc. RAC or Reservation Against Cancellation (see above) is technically not a quota, but is often shown as one, as 'RC' quota.
May 31 2017 (14:36)
Coach Construction/Seating Arrangements

Entry# 1994     
Can I Get The List Showing Minimum Accomadation by Various Types Of Coaches in Indian Railways

Info Update
May 31 2017 (14:07)
Blog Post# 2301563-0     
rajkamalspj~   Added by: Harsh*^~  May 31 2017 (14:36)
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