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Pamban Sethu - இது தான் நம்முடைய ராமர் சேது - Darnish C

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Tue Oct 20 16:28:50 IST
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News Entry# 419728
Sep 27 (23:49) How to drink water properly (

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How to drink water properly
The proportion of water in the human body is approximately 70% of the body weight. Its correct consumption, sufficient intake slows down the aging process, normalizes blood pressure, and helps to lose weight. Composition The chemical formula of water is familiar from school. But in nature, the liquid is enriched by impurities. For example, with a high content of limestone, it is "hard", low - "soft". If the soil is rich in magnesium, water and fruits acquire the ability to prevent the development of malignant tumors, have a beneficial effect on the nervous, muscular, endocrine, and vascular systems. Reasons to drink water In the human body, about half of the moisture is concentrated in the muscles, 16%
in the liver, 13% in the bone tissue, 5% in the blood. Water is a universal solvent, a participant in metabolism, the processes of assimilation and transportation of nutrients, delivers waste to the liver and kidneys, removes them, and cools the body afterwards. Correct drinking of water thins the blood, prevents the formation of deposits on the walls of blood vessels, and increases overall performance. Protects cell DNA from damage, reduces the likelihood of abnormalities. Counteracts stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, supports attention and memory. Eliminates and prevents constipation. Drink water correctly - it maintains skin smoothness, prevents the formation of wrinkles, helps distinguish thirst from hunger, and lose weight. With age, you want less water. In reality, the feeling of thirst is dulled, the need for moisture is the same. Insufficient drinking regime dehydrates cells, they perform worse functions. It leads to the absorption of harmful substances in the gastrointestinal tract, their accumulation in the body, vasoconstriction, high blood pressure, heart disorders. Water deficiency slows down the production of sex hormones - one of the causes of impotence or the extinction of sex drive. Reduces the production of gastric juice, inhibits digestion processes, retains food in the intestines. Increases the load on the kidneys, which are forced to dissolve in a smaller volume and remove the same amount of waste. Lack of moisture causes hallucinations, disrupts the adequate perception of reality. Dehydration of 20% or more is fatal. Signs of dehydration: dizziness, headache; flushing of the face, swelling under the eyes; tiredness, depression, lethargy; anxiety, irritability; diseases of vision, ears, nasopharynx; constipation; swelling of the legs, cramps of the calf muscles, burning sensation in the feet and toes. Some researchers are convinced that drinking water improperly does as much harm as smoking. Clean water is vital to the body. Tea, coffee, juice, kvass and other drinks cannot replace it. On the contrary, taking them increases the loss of moisture - the body, after assimilating them, is forced to remove waste. Some drinks are diuretics (diuretics) that make dehydration worse. The remedy for general healing in Tibet is pure boiled water: Boil a liter until a glass is left - boiling destroys all negative information. To charge water with positive information, say a wish for health and longevity to yourself and your loved ones. When and how to drink water correctly Even without intense physical activity, the body loses moisture during the day when breathing, walking, with sweat and discharge: Breathing - up to 0.6 liters. Sweat - up to 0.6 liters. Urine - up to 1.5 liters. Feces - up to 1.1l. During the night, the body also loses moisture, which increases the density and viscosity of the blood. Therefore, it is correct to drink water on an empty stomach after waking up. Often the body is dehydrated, but there is no feeling of thirst. The indicator of moisture content is urine, it should be almost colorless. A dark yellow color is a sign of dehydration. Healthy lifestyle advocates recommend: Drink 1 glass of water between meals. Gradually bring to 8 glasses a day. Thus, it is correct to drink water: on an empty stomach after waking up; half an hour before meals; 2.5-3 hours after eating; 45 minutes before training (sweating reserve). How much water to drink per day General rule: consume as much moisture as the body loses on average per day - up to 2.5-3.5 liters. Other researchers believe that drinking water is correct at the rate of 14g for every 450g of weight. The Russian healer Borbat recommends drinking water per day in an amount of 4% of the body weight (with a weight of 80 kg - 3.2 liters). Half of this amount - first and second courses, tea, compote, juice, kvass - only 1.6 liters. The other half is 1.6 liters of water (eight glasses): Drink water during the day by sip after 15-20 minutes. This method is suitable for those who are prone to heart disease or kidney disease. These recommendations confirm many years of research: drinking only 5 glasses of water a day reduces the risk of heart attack by 50%. How to properly prepare drinking water Draining . Reserve drinking water in the evening, when the maximum water intake. Fill glass or enamel dishes to the top. The water should be clear, odorless. Defending . In the morning, carefully place the flexible hose on the bottom of the dish, drain by gravity the lower third of the liquid, which contains a maximum of harmful substances (for example, impurities of heavy metals). In case of sediment at the bottom after draining, filter the liquid through cheesecloth into another glass or enamel dish. Boiling . Use enamel pans, do not cover them with a lid, so that steam can escape. High temperature destroys microorganisms, steam carries away the remains of organochlorine. Boil for at least 5-7 minutes. Storage . After boiling, cover the dish with a lid to prevent bacteria from entering the air. Allow to cool, pour into a glass dish, close the lid. Keep refrigerated. Can I drink distilled water? Paul Bragg recommended drinking up to 1 liter of juice from fruits or vegetables every day. Drink distilled water, although later studies have questioned this recommendation. It turns out that prolonged drinking of boiled or distilled water reduces immunity. On the contrary, melt water strengthens the body's defenses. Healthy eating advocates recommend composing your daily diet as follows: Foods containing moisture (fresh vegetables and fruits) - 70%. Starches, proteins, fats, the rest is 30%. In most developed countries, the situation is exactly the opposite: the menu contains a lot of starch and proteins, few vegetables and fruits. As a result, cardiovascular diseases, malignant formations. Drinking melt water It has long been noted that there is lush vegetation near the glaciers. Mountain lakes and springs have healing properties. In a field where melt water is retained, the yield is higher. Freezing changes the electrical conductivity, increases the density, viscosity, and the strength of bonds between molecules. In terms of its physical state, melt water corresponds as much as possible to the liquid inside the cells, and has a rejuvenating effect. It is useful to drink it, use it for washing. Drinking melt water increases physical activity, normalizes metabolism, improves the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, lowers cholesterol, and accelerates blood renewal. Reduces heart pain, some argue for resorption of blood clots. Stops hemorrhoidal bleeding and pain, improves blood circulation in the lower extremities, a condition with varicose veins. Long-term use helps with chronic diseases. Drinking melt water is an effective means of losing weight. Methods for preparing melt water Method 1: Fill a glass jar from the tap, put it in the freezer on a cardboard box. When about half of the jar freezes, remove the ice, pour the liquid with harmful impurities into the sink. Defrost ice at room temperature (do not heat). Method 2: Place an enamel pot of filtered or tap water in the freezer. After 4-5 hours, break the ice crust, pour the liquid into another saucepan. Throw away the ice - it consists of heavy water, which freezes at + 3.8C. Place the pan in the freezer again, wait for 2/3 freezing, pour the rest of the moisture into the sink. Let the ice melt at room temperature. Method 3: Boil water to +94 .. + 96C, so that small bubbles begin to appear, but large ones do not begin to form. Cool quickly - place container in ice water or snow. Drink at the rate of 4-6 ml per 1 kg of weight (2-3 glasses per day). A noticeable effect is observed from taking 1 glass on an empty stomach in the morning, drink in one sitting. The first results of treatment are after three or more months. It is correct to drink cold melt water, not higher than + 10C. Even more useful - at 0C, with small pieces of ice. At night, place the glass in a container with ice near the frame or in the refrigerator, drink in the morning on an empty stomach. How to drink water for weight loss Being overweight is associated with dehydration. Correct drinking of water reduces body weight by eliminating the body from edematous fluid and harmful substances. An effective way to lose weight and avoid body fat is to normalize your drinking regimen. Drinking water eliminates the consequences of malnutrition, restores disturbed metabolism, and helps to lose weight.
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