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News Posts by Attracting Start for Devdutt Padikkal in IPL

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Jul 29 (13:14) Railways constructing world's first electrified tunnel to run double-stack containers (
New Facilities/Technology

News Entry# 415285  Blog Entry# 4677604   
  Past Edits
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As per DFCCIL, this will be the world's 1st electrified Rail tunnel fit to run double-stack containers. Geologically, this tunnel is stable as it is caved through 2500 to 500 million-year-old Proterozoic rocks

New Delhi: Indian Railways is constructing the world's first electrified tunnel to run double-stack containers. The Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Ltd (DFCCIL) recently conducted a tunnel-breaking ceremony which marked the completion of caving work for the one-kilometre-long tunnel of Western Dedicated Freight Corridor (WDFC) through Aravalli mountain range, near Sohna in Haryana.

As per DFCCIL, this will be the world's first electrified Rail tunnel fit to run double-stack containers. Geologically this tunnel is safe and stable as it is caved through 2,500 to 500 million-year-old Proterozoic Rocks mainly Quartzite, Schists and slates of Alwar/Azabgarh groups of Delhi Supergroup rocks which have high bearing capacity, DFCCIL said in a tweet.

The kilometre-long tunnel connects Mewat and Gurugram district of Haryana and negotiates a steep gradient on the uphill and downhill slope of the Aravalli range. This D-shaped tunnel has a cross-sectional area of 150 square metres in order to accommodate double line with higher OHE (Over Head Equipment) which will enable double-stack container movement on the corridor.

The tunnel is being made in order to negotiate the steep gradient on the UP and Downhill of Arawali in order to connect Mewat & Gurgaon district of Haryana, which are situated at a level difference of 70-80 meter along the proposed alignment of WDFC.

Note that the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor covers a distance of 1,504 km of double line electric (2 X 25 KV) track from JNPT to Dadri via Vadodara-Ahmedabad-Palanpur-Phulera-Rewari. Alignment has been generally kept parallel to existing lines except provision of detour at Diva, Surat, Ankleshwar, Bharuch, Vadodara, Anand, Ahmedabad, Palanpur, Phulera and Rewari. The Western Corridor passes through 5 states- Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

The Western DFC is proposed to join Eastern Corridor at Dadri. Junction Stations between the existing railway system and the Western DFC have been provided at Vasai Road, Kosad/Gothangam, Makarpura (Vadodara), Amli Road (Sabarmati), Palanpur, Marwar Jn., Phulera, Rewari and Pirthala Road. More than 300 kms of track completed from Rewari-Madar and trains are running on trial basis.

Rail News
Jul 29 (14:54)
Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR
sachinature~   6959 blog posts
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Hats off IR, this will be the world's first electrified Rail tunnel fit to run double-stack containers. Such a fast progress in IR, super.
Jul 22 (16:45) Indian Railways’ Bhuj station to be revamped! RLDA invites RFP to appoint consultant for station redevelopment (
New Facilities/Technology

News Entry# 414794  Blog Entry# 4673978   
  Past Edits
Jul 22 2020 (16:45)
Station Tag: Bhuj/BHUJ added by Rail➕Wildlife➕Cricket➕Bus Fan/2046224
Stations:  Bhuj/BHUJ  
The project's key objective is upgrading the Bhuj railway station building with a focus on improving the experience of passengers.
Indian Railways’ Bhuj railway station redevelopment: Indian Railways to give a swanky makeover to Bhuj station! To appoint a consultant for the redevelopment of Bhuj station in Kutch, Gujarat, the Rail Land Development Authority has invited Request of Proposal (RFP). According to RLDA, the Bhuj station will be redeveloped under the PPP model. The consultant who is selected will be responsible for conducting the feasibility study, urban designing, master planning, engineering as well as for the preparation of a DPR (detailed project report) for the Bhuj station’s redevelopment, which falls under the Western Railway zone of Indian Railways. For participation in the
bidding process, the last date for applying is 12 August 2020.
Bhuj railway station redevelopment: Top facts
1. The project’s key objective is upgrading the Bhuj railway station building with a focus on improving the experience of passengers.
2. The redeveloped station will boast adequate space for queuing at the ticket booking counters as well as upgraded concourse hall along with larger circulating areas.
3. Besides, various modern facilities will be introduced like proper parking areas, modernized waiting rooms, passenger-friendly ticket booking offices, better toilet facilities, along with green initiatives such as vertical gardens and rainwater harvesting.
4. With impressive architecture, new aesthetic, and clean platforms, the national transporter is eyeing to offer a never-before travel experience to railway passengers.
5. For the redevelopment of Bhuj station, the collective cost for the DPR preparation has been estimated at Rs 74.93 lakh.
Besides the station building’s redevelopment, commercial development encompassing all land use categories such as commercial, residential, hospital, hotel, institutional, warehousing, etc., envisioned for commercialization as well as generation of revenues, will also be facilitated by RLDA. For this, space will be provided in the redeveloped railway station building and on nearby railway land. RLDA is redeveloping as many as 62 railway stations across the country on a self-sustainable PPP model, in synergy with the Modi government’s Smart City Projects.
Jul 20 (17:02) Ongole Sub-Division Office of SCR bagged the “WATER HEROES Award” from Ministry of Jal Shakti, GoI (
SCR/South Central
IR Press Release

News Entry# 414652  Blog Entry# 4672724   
  Past Edits
Jul 20 2020 (17:02)
Station Tag: Ongole/OGL added by Rail➕Wildlife➕Cricket➕Bus Fan/2046224
Stations:  Ongole/OGL  
Ongole Sub-Divisional Office of Vijayawada Division, South Central Railway led by Shri Pratham Agarwal, Assistant Divisional Engineer have been declared as winners in the “Water Heroes Award” for the month of April, 2020 launched by Ministry of Jal Shakthi, Government of India.
In an attempt to promote the value of water in general and for supporting the efforts o­n water conservation & sustainable development of water resources, the Department of Water of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, Ministry of Jal Shakti, Government of India has organized a contest for the period from 1st September, 2019 to 30th June, 2020. Accordingly, participants had to sent their entries of success stories in the field of water conservation, water resource development and management.
the o­ngole Sub-Divisional Office of Vijayawada Division, SCR led by Shri Pratham Agarwal, Assistant Divisional Engineer has participated in the contest. He has apprised the good work being done in their section for the significant improvement and contribution towards water conservation in addition to the best practices being adopted for water management and resource development like construction of rain water harvesting pits, rejuvenation of old water bodies, regular water audits etc. He has conveyed it through a detailed presentation in the form of success story as well as short film.
Shri Gajanan Mallya, General Manager appreciated the team of officers and staff working at o­ngole Sub-Divisional Office for the commendable work being done for conservation of water for the benefit of future generation and also in the present times. He congratulated them for receiving the appreciation and award from the Ministry of Jal Shakti, Government of India.
2021ம் ஆண்டுக்குள் தெற்கு ரயில்வே சார்பில் புதிய 14 ரயில்களை இயக்க திட்டமிடப்பட்டுள்ளது.

இந்திய ரயில்வே நேர குழுவின் 2020-21ம் ஆண்டிற்கான ஆலோசனைப்படி தமிழ்நாடு மற்றும் கேரளாவில் 14 புதிய ரயில்களை அறிமுகப்படுத்தவும், 12 ரயில்களை நீட்டிக்கவும் தெற்கு ரயில்வே பரிந்துரை செய்துள்ளது.


ஒவ்வொரு ரயில்வே கோட்டத்தில் இருந்து அனுப்பப்படும் திட்டங்களின் அடிப்படையில் ரயில்வே நேர அட்டவணையில் மாற்றங்களைச் செய்ய IRCTC பரிந்துரைக்கிறது. அதன்படி தெற்கு ரயில்வேயின் கீழ் இயங்கும் சென்னை, மதுரை, சேலம், திருச்சி, திருவனந்தபுரம் மற்றும் பாலக்காடு என மொத்தம் 14 ரயில்களை அறிமுகப்படுத்தவும், 12 ரயில்களை விரிவுபடுத்தவும் முன்மொழியப்பட்டுள்ளது.

திருச்சி கோட்டம் சார்பில் ஐந்து புதிய ரயில்களை அறிமுகப்படுத்த கோரிக்கை விடுத்துள்ளனர். மேலும் ஆறு ரயில்களை நீட்டிக்க ஒப்புதல் கோரியுள்ளது.

ஆறு பிரிவுகளின் திட்டங்கள் நேர அட்டவணை குழு மற்றும் ரயில்வேயின் ஒப்புதலுக்காக அனுப்பப்பட்டுள்ளதாக ரயில்வே அதிகாரிகள் தெரிவித்தனர்.

சில புதிய ரயில்களை அறிமுகப்படுத்துவதற்கான திட்டங்களுக்கு ரயில்வே ஒப்புதல் தேவைப்படுகிறது. எனவே ஒப்புதல் கிடைத்த பிறகு அதற்கான அறிவிப்பு இந்தாண்டு அறிவிப்பு வெளியாகும் என ஆலோசனையில் முடிவு எடுக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது.

2020-21 ஆம் ஆண்டுக்கான ஐஆர்டிடிசியில் புதிய ரயில்கள் முன்மொழியப்பட்டுள்ளன:

1. சென்னை - திருப்பதி தினசரி எக்ஸ்பிரஸ்

2. தாம்பரம் - விசாகப்பட்டினம் வாராந்திர ரயில்

3. திருநெல்வேலி - கோயம்புத்தூர் தினசரி எக்ஸ்பிரஸ்

4. ராமேஸ்வரம் - பாலக்காடு தினசரி எக்ஸ்பிரஸ்

5. திண்டுக்கல் - பாலக்காடு தினசரி எக்ஸ்பிரஸ்

6. கோயம்புத்தூர் - ராமேஸ்வரம்  எக்ஸ்பிரஸ்

7. கோயம்புத்தூர் - பெங்களூரு  எக்ஸ்பிரஸ்

8. திருச்சி - கரூர், சேலம் மற்றும் ஓசூர் வழியாக பெங்களூரு

9. திருச்சி - பயையப்பனஹள்ளி இரு வார எக்ஸ்பிரஸ்

10.தாம்பரம் - காரைக்குடி தினசரி எக்ஸ்பிரஸ்

11. திருச்சி - மும்பை வாராந்திர எக்ஸ்பிரஸ்

12. திருவாரூர் - காரைகுடி பயணிகள் ரயில்

13. கொச்சுவேலி - கோயம்புத்தூர் அந்தோடயா வாராந்திர எக்ஸ்பிரஸ்

14. எர்ணாகுளம் - வேளாங்கண்ணி எக்ஸ்பிரஸ் வாராந்திர எக்ஸ்பிரஸ்.
Jul 18 (16:26) Indian Railways to go ‘corporate’, asks zones to prepare marketing plans to boost business (

News Entry# 414563  Blog Entry# 4671385   
  Past Edits
This is a new feature showing past edits to this News Post.
Railway Board tells zonal railway general managers it will regularly review Business Development Units, which are tasked with doubling freight loading by 2024.

New Delhi: The Indian Railways is set to add a corporate flavour to its functioning, saying it will come up with business acquisition plans — on the lines of marketing plans — to generate more business.

Railway Board, in a letter dated 17 July addressed to the general managers of zonal railways, said it will regularly review the progress made by Business Development Units (BDUs) — which have been set up at the board, zonal and divisional levels to double freight loading by 2024.

Earlier this month, ThePrint had reported that to achieve the freight doubling target by 2024 and attract customers who opt for road haulage, the Ministry of Railways had decided to set up BDUs that would stay in touch with industries and advertise the willingness of the railways “to attract new streams of traffic”.

“Action taken by the BDUs and the progress made i.e. new traffic streams identified/developed and action taken to realise the potential of such traffic streams, needs to be prepared by zones and shared with nodal officer in Railway Board on a regular basis,” the letter sent Friday said.

“A dashboard is also being developed to track the action taken on a continuous basis,” it added.

Also read: Railways begins scheduled freight trains on pilot basis to match speed of passenger trains

What business acquisition plans will entail

In its “illustrative guidelines” on the scope of work of these BDUs, the Railway Board further said the BDUs shall prepare a business acquisition plan for each division and zone.

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“The business acquisition plan shall be akin to a marketing plan formulated by corporates to guide the sales and marketing team of the group,” the letter said.

“Each division will have its own marketing plan and the zonal plan should be a symbiotic combination of these divisional plans to target more than the sum total of individual parts.”

The key points the marketing plans will be required to cover are the existing freight basket of the division (past performance review, five year historical trend for market for each commodity, etc.), existing freight infrastructure, and existing freight ecosystem (mapping the total freight being generated in the geographical area, assessment of the source of freight generation).

Further, the plan must include a SWOT analysis for the market for each commodity — that is, a comparison of cost, transit time, first mile-last mile coverage, ease of doing business provided by the Railways and its main competitor (example roadways).

Finally, the plan would also include a marketing objective, marketing strategies, action plan (what will be done, who will do it, when will it be done and how much it will cost), projected volumes and revenues after implementation of plan, resource requirement and a detailed audit plan.

The marketing strategies, the Railway Board said, should entail “bifurcating commodities into bulk and non-bulk and having different strategies for both including the transportation product that would be used to target them viz. general purpose wagons, special wagons, containers, parcel vans etc”.

“The strategies should be sum of smaller commodity-wise plans/strategies for affecting modal shift as well as increasing volumes,” it added.

The marketing plans to boost business are the latest among the slew of steps taken by the Railways to boost freight traffic, at a time when earnings from passenger trains have nosedived. Discounts to customers who book ‘round-trips’ for freight haulage, concession in freight charges for long lead traffic are some of the other measures taken by the Railways recently.

Rail News
Jul 18 (16:46)
MoSR Sir still alive in our hearts🙏
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Aise hi headline dete hai news wale
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