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तो क्या हुआ , जो एक ट्रेन निकल गयी तुम्हारी, जिंदगी के ट्रैक मे अगली ट्रेन भी आएगी। - karthik

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DNHL/Dhaniakhali Halt (3 PFs)
ধনিয়াখালি হল্ট     धनियाखाली हॉल्ट

Track: Triple Electric-Line

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Chunchura-Dhaniakali Rd, Rudrani , Pin - 712302, Dist - Hooghly
State: West Bengal

Elevation: 14 m above sea level
Zone: ER/Eastern   Division: Howrah

No Recent News for DNHL/Dhaniakhali Halt
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Type of Station: Regular
Number of Platforms: 3
Number of Halting Trains: 47
Number of Originating Trains: 0
Number of Terminating Trains: 0
Rating: NaN/5 (0 votes)
cleanliness - n/a (0)
porters/escalators - n/a (0)
food - n/a (0)
transportation - n/a (0)
lodging - n/a (0)
railfanning - n/a (0)
sightseeing - n/a (0)
safety - n/a (0)
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Rail Fanning
Jan 03 2019 (12:44)   12260/Bikaner - Sealdah AC Duronto Express | DNHL/Dhaniakhali Halt (3 PFs) | SGUJ/WDP-4/20079
SAPTARSHI^~   20557 blog posts
Entry# 4182381            Tags   Past Edits
1 compliments
Superb & ताड़ RF.👍
Railfaning at Dhaniakhali.Brief idea about the place-
🔶The station was inaugurated on 2003. Popularly known as "Halt" among passengers.
🔶Famous for production of "Dhonekhali tant" saree.
🔶Though designated as 'halt' and a few trains skip here,it lies on Chuchura-Dasghara/Tarakeswar road,hence it is important than many other stations of Chord line.
extinct Tarakeswar-Tribeni Martin Railways used to pass by here (the underpass is still present few metres ahead of the station)
🔶Tarakeswar-Magra New Line was proposed/sanctioned for construction
🔶One will NOT get trains at Maximum speed because the station falls on the "bad bank zone" between CDAE-CRAE stations and Permanent Speed Restriction of 100kmph is imposed.
The photos are
➡️A view from FOB,Ticket counter.
➡️An EMU approaching to halt and passengers hurrying to get a seat in the transports
➡️30455/HWH with NDLS-SDAH Duronto Exp.
➡️40341/HWH with SBC-NTSK Weekly Exp.
➡️22412/HWH with HWH-PNBE Janshatabdi
➡️20079/SGUJ with HWH-NJP Shatabdi Exp.
➡️40443/SGUJ with Saraighat Express
➡️30321/HWH with Poorva Express
#mymemories #emuER

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General Travel
Nov 21 2020 (20:46)   12327/Upasana Express (PT) | DNHL/Dhaniakhali Halt (3 PFs) | HWH/WDM-3A/16040
Vivian Michael Boye~   469 blog posts
Entry# 4786200            Tags   Past Edits
18th july,2011 - 12327 hwh - ddn upasana express overtaking at dhaniakhali halt...
link: click here
loco - hwh wdm-3a # 16040
Rail Fanning
Aug 08 2020 (22:17)   12343/Darjeeling Mail (PT) | DKAE/Dankuni Junction (5 PFs)
SAPTARSHI^~   20557 blog posts
Entry# 4683915            Tags   Past Edits
A page from 1971 Timetable from Howrah to Burdwan via-Chord, Dankuni

The notable trains running via Chord:
≠ Black Diamond Exp,
≠ Barauni Pass. (now Jaynagar Pass.)
≠ Sealdah-Burdwan Local (running with DKxxx series number)

≠ Darjeeling Mail departing Sealdah at 12:50 PM.
≠ There was no platform at Bally for Chord line trains.

#indianrailwayshistory © SAPTARSHI_KQU

Aug 13 2020 (19:24)
ydvsan~   660 blog posts
Re# 4683915-1            Tags   Past Edits
Mr Anirudh, some fact based post of Mr Saptarshi , matching to your interest. Also there is Direction Change Mechanism ( Circular Ring of Lines) for Steam Engine present in Hisar but it is in almost ruined form. Will you like to get its photo ? Thanks.

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Rail Fanning
Jul 11 2019 (13:29)   36811/Howrah - Barddhaman Local via-Chord Line | KQU/Kamarkundu (3 PFs)
SAPTARSHI^~   20557 blog posts
Entry# 4375235            Tags   Past Edits
First local of the day approaching Kamarkundu, while P.Way men taking a brief halt with Dynamic Tamping Express & awaiting clearance after a whole night work. #emuER

Jul 11 2019 (14:20)
NWR Diesel Lover
Gaurav2223^~   99357 blog posts
Re# 4375235-1            Tags   Past Edits
Royal Click !

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Rail Fanning
Mar 06 2020 (00:35)   BWN/Barddhaman Junction (8 PFs) | HWH/WAP-7/30494
SAPTARSHI^~   20557 blog posts
Entry# 4584953            Tags   Past Edits
GM's Annual Inspection of Khana-Howrah section of Howrah division.
💠All u need to know about " GM's Inspection "
This is my first experience of live GM's Inspection of a "section" (Previously, I had an experience of GM Inspection of Loco shed). So before I share my experience, u need to know a little basics.
GM's Annual Inspection in ER takes place generally during December-March period.
•GM inspects a section of every division (HWH, SDAH, ASN & MLDT). He may also inspect any Carshed, Loco Shed, Workshop, Hospital, Museum, Coaching yard, etc.
•Senior divisional officers propose to GM for visiting any section of their division / Hospital / working place.
•A tentative schedule is chalked out. Atleast 8-10 months ahead, it is decided which section/ place GM shall visit. Developments are made in that way.
•GM usually inspects according to a pre-planned schedule of things (like TRD depot, station building, railway colony, RRI, running room, food plaza, bridge, curve, etc.)
💠Now,I am only aware & interested about GM Inspection in HWH & SDAH divisions. Taking live experience of Inspection at SDAH div is Not possible by me, as every year, GM's Inspection occur at MID-NIGHT at SDAH division (This happens to get a free path for the train, which may stop anywhere, take speed trials & there is no EMU blocking the path/path of EMU being blocked)
•GM is supposed to be the most important person of a Railway zone & GM's Inspection is a very very serious event
•It is not that only GM inspects everything, lots of higher officers also inspect along with him.
•Every department should make everything proper. Everything means everything. GM can stop anywhere, inspect anything on his path. He may not always follow the pre-determined "stoppages of visit" , but will definitely follow the "scheduled route". So upgradation of "everything" occurs only the stations/buildings,etc lying in his path where he is supposed to inspect, NOT the whole division.
•The station building, platforms, tracks are cleaned & painted from top to bottom. No dirt should be there. Water taps should be running. Enough lights should be provided. Seating arrangement & sheds should be appropriate.
•No plastic & waste should be along the tracks. Railways burn them down. All unwanted plants & bushes are cleared out.
•Tracks, switches, points, joints, guard rails should be painted, in different colors. Each color has a meaning ( which we Railfans can't identify without manual)
•Tracks should be smooth. Engineering department needs to ensure GM's train should not get any bumpy ride.
•Every sign board, indicator should be in proper order.
•GM's train should be provided the highest priority. A relief engine should run after GM's train or run attached to GM's train for emergency in case the leading loco fails.
•GM's train may have any instrument or track recording equipment in it. Every officer should prepare a project report related to his department/team & show it to GM on demand, any time
•GM generally takes Speed trial in a stretch of his alloted section.
•GM generally inaugurates atleast 1 project during his Inspection (it may be children's park, seating area, water cooler, waiting hall, running room, any technological equipment, etc)
•GM also interacts with field staffs & other staffs. They should be ready for any question.
•Now u will compare, what of the above "expected items of Inspection" actually happened.
💠Now lets come to the topic, "GM's Annual Inspection over KAN (incl.) - BWN - HWH via-HBC (120 Kms.)
•U can get from the heading, the Inspection is to start from Khana & come to Howrah (not the opposite)
•Shri Suneet Sharma, GM/ER's train left Howrah at 07:45 powered by 30494 WAP7 (at DLI end) & idle 30557 WAP7 (at HWH end ) [Picture provided]. It is a long train with many coaches with atleast 100 officers,staffs,security travelling along. Shri Ishaq Khan,DRM/HWH was along.
•The train reached Khana PF1A at 09:30. GM inspected Khana station, Point No.60A,Curve No.11 & LC-60/T/Spl. His train went to the next station, Jhapater Dhal for train reversal after dropping him at Khana. 30494 detached there. 30557 was now leading loco. 30494 was the reliever loco, and followed the GM's train till Howrah. The train came back to Khana & started at 09:55 to Barddhaman with GM & others.
•The train arrived Barddhaman PF5 at 10:08 (2 mins ahead of TT). GM got down & was greeted by officers. A lot of officers & security staff got down. GM went to the FOB to PF1, inspected the Crew lobby. BA test was shown & other items was displayed to him. He then inspected the waiting hall, food stalls, running room,health unit,RRI.
•Meanwhile, his team of senior officers started inspecting themselves, water taps, FOB, cleanliness of parked trains, functioning of display boards, escalators, water coolers, toilets, etc.
The team was just like surveying,with pen & papers, noting everything in an autonomous manner.
•On the other hand, GM visited the renovated station building, a part of which colasped in First week of January. He had a press conference & went straight to the Diesel Shed.
•He inspected the diesel shed & its sections. DLS/BWN was celebrating its Golden Jubilee (1970-2020). The DLS was officially converted to DLS cum ELS by GM, by flagging off First Electric Locomotive of DLS/BWN named "KAVIGURU". It is a WAG9 & is also the First Comissioned 3ph Goods Loco of ER.
•GM then inspected the RPF barrack, Loco Colony & inaugurated a Children Park
•After all these, his train left Barddhaman at 13:00.
•His train stopped at LC-47/E for Inspection at 13:08. He also interacted with Gang No.4. The train left at 13:25.
•He conducted a speed trial on 33Km. stretch between Palla Road & Belmuri.
•He arrived at Belmuri at 13:40. After lunch break, he again started his Inspection. He & other officers visited the Railway colony, interacted with the dewllers, inaugurated a Reading room & Yoga room. He inspected Belmuri station & TRD depot.
His train left Belmuri at 15:25
•His train arrived Chandanpur at 15:35. He inspected the Julka river bridge and also inspected the under construction brigde for 4th line. He left at 15:55
GM's train arrived Dankuni at 16:10. He inspected the station & RRI. His train left for Howrah at 16:50
GM arrived Howrah at 17:10. He inaugurated a Stimulator Room at Howrah.
This is how, GM Inspection is carried out.
💠Now, one may think, what is the purpose of such Inspection?
•GM ensures every division is working properly and providing amenities to passengers through this Inspection.
•The section which GM inspects gets hugely developed for his Inspection.From tracks to stations everything is renovated! As u know, he may stop wherever he wishes.
•I remember HBC had TSRs imposed over various places,rails & sleepers being changed, etc. from 7-8 months ago. These were indications that the section shall have GM Inspection.
💠The most important drawback of this Inspection is -- GM does not inspect PUNCTUALITY of running trains during this Inspection.
•The Inspection is like an eye wash to the GM, but his team of officers independently check the passenger amenities in more detailed way.
•GM rarely interacts with Passengers during his Inspection as he has very tight schedule
•U will find station staffs extremely helpful & well dressed this day, this is no lesser than an Annual Function being held. Even I was surprised by the extremely helpful behaviour of the RPF... as if the tea had excessive sweetness that day.
Date: 04.03.20
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