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ಮೈಸೂರು - ವಾರಣಾಸಿ ಎಕ್ಸ್‌ಪ್ರೆಸ್: ಕಾವೇರಿ ಮತ್ತು ಗಂಗಾ ನದಿಗಳ ಸಂಪರ್ಕ ಸೇತುವೆ - Vishwanath Joshi

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Sun May 9 07:55:02 IST
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KNHE/Kanhe (2 PFs)
कान्हे     कान्हे

Track: Double Electric-Line

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National Highway 4, Kanhe
State: Maharashtra

Elevation: 627 m above sea level
Zone: CR/Central   Division: Pune

No Recent News for KNHE/Kanhe
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Type of Station: Regular
Number of Platforms: 2
Number of Halting Trains: 37
Number of Originating Trains: 0
Number of Terminating Trains: 0
Rating: NaN/5 (0 votes)
cleanliness - n/a (0)
porters/escalators - n/a (0)
food - n/a (0)
transportation - n/a (0)
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General Travel
Feb 14 (18:54)   01029/Koyna COVID-19 Special | KNHE/Kanhe (2 PFs) | PUNE/WDP-4D
Karankushwaha   55 blog posts
Entry# 4876742            Tags   Past Edits
01029 Koyna Express Furiously Skipping Kanhe At 110 Kmph And Creating Dust Strom !!!
Jun 15 2020 (10:33)   22105/Indrayani SF Express | KAD/Khandala (3 PFs) | PUNE/WDP-4D/40156
Guest: 7ff1519e   show all posts
Entry# 4650932            Tags   Past Edits
Attached the PDF file comprising all parts of my travelogue. kindly read it and provide your valuable comments. the same i have posted in text as 5 different parts and have provided the link of the same below. kindly refer. thank you for reading it patiently.
Part - 1 : /blog/post/4631299
Part - 2 : /blog/post/4636107
May 30 2020 (20:40)   17321/Hubballi - Mumbai LTT Weekly Express (Via Vijaypura) | KAD/Khandala (3 PFs) | UBL/WDP-4D/40522
Guest: 7ff15f93   show all posts
Entry# 4640339            Tags   Past Edits
Travelogue on Mumbai - Pune - Mumbai trip.
PART - 2 : /blog/post/4636107
for PART - 1: /blog/post/4631299
PART - 3 : Onboard 17321 Huballi - LTT Weekly Express.
Meanwhile, empty
utkrisht rakes of deccan express was parked in the platform – 4 before our train started departing from pune. Our train cleared the loop lines slowly. Meanwhile we were passing through the loco trip shed and pit lines in pune station outer, forgot myself for a minute when I saw the rake of indrayani express being parked in the pitline. For a second, I recalled the wonderful moments I had when I was onboard the same that day morning. Saw some locos like ajni and Vadodara based WAP – 7 class locomotives, Ghaziabad based WAP – 7 with big P – 7 fonts in loco. KYN based WCAM – 2 and 3 class locomotives, bhusaval based WAP – 4 class locomotive, some WAG – 9 locomotive, pune based WDM – 2 locos which were used for shunting and some WDP – 4D locomotives too. As usual, snapped the pictiures of the same. We entered the mainline, crossed mutha river bridge and started accelerating steadily. We started moving out of the pune suburbs. Being a sunny day, the place where I sat near the door and the door handle, I was holding for balance was hot to touch, but yes adjusted meanwhile. We curved through Shivajinagar station in a good speed and as we were speeding, thought that we would anyway reach khandala around 15:30 hrs max and enjoy the available time there.
Also, checked the opposite pairs of trains that could possibly cross us. The first candidate that we are supposed to cross is 16339 mumbai csmt – Nagercoil express, i.e. mr. Nagercoil as called fondly by railfans in that region. Thought that somehow will capture this train at khandala itself. Mean while we crossed khadki and dapodi stations in good speed, as we neared kasarwadi, train started slowing down. From kasarwadi, train started moving slowly. Thought that it is negotiating temporary speed restriction and some how will pick up speed after leaving the station. But even after leaving the station, the train moved with the same speed. Did not suspect the situation initially. It was moving say in 50 – 60 kmph speed, was maintaining that, skipped pimpri station. Few minutes after we left pimpri station, we slowed down further. Thought that it was one another temporary speed restriction and was hoping that the train would move further in a good speed after negotiating that.
As we passed few kilometers, we started looping into a station. Initially thought that we are skipping this station in loop since there possibly could be some work happening in the main line of that station or may be some goods train or departmental vehicle could have been parked there. Moving further, we entered a platform which was in good height. The name board read it as chinchwad. As we moved further, I peeped into the mainline to see if such things which I mentioned above was there. But in reality, nothing was there. Realised that the main line was free. Meanwhile my train further decelerated and came to a halt. Our coach was at the end of the platform and the luggage coach in front of out coach was already out of the platform. People standing near the door in my coach they got down and was standing. There was a bit of shade near my coach though it was a scorching sunny day. Rested my big bag near the door and went to the door exactly in the opposite side. Peeped the signal there and it was red. Again, came to my side, the same prevailed. All the signals were red.
Now that train halted, meanwhile, purchased some water bottles. Announcements were continuously made in three languages that some set of local trains between pune and lonavala are cancelled. Was hearing that, standing for some 10 minutes in the platform as I felt sleepy. Then went and occupied my place near the door and sat. was peeping into the screen of mobile phone of the fellow passenger who was literally lying down near the door, some random telugu film was running. After 20 odd minutes that we departed chinchwad, finally got relieved. While checking the running status of the 16339 train, it showed that it had already crossed karjat jn. Now started accelerating, thought that atleast within some 40 – 50 minutes that probably we could reach khandala. We slowly started moving out of the pune mahanagar and started seeing some dry terrains and some tall trees. These locations used to be so green during monsoon and winter seasons.
Skipped akurdi in decent speed, after which we were decelerating slowly and meanwhile, we were again looped into some station. The station board said it is dehu road. Slowly moving into the loop line, again halted here. Panicked as I realised that time available for me to explore khandala was decreasing badly. This time, our coach was outside the platform. I moved bit inside the coach since I was sitting very near the door. Some passengers who got down when this train stopped, took those places near the edge of the door. now was checking the position of trains that I am about to cross, 16339 nagercoil express was already nearing lonavala. So, anyways that I won’t be spotting this train at khandala. Somehow consoled myself that this is the only train that I would be possibly missing. Meanwhile other trains were leaving their source on time. A loud honk was made by EMD locomotive after 25 minutes, and we slowly cleared the loop.
As we cleared the loop, we were slowly gaining the speed. And one railway line without overhead pole was coming and was amalgating with the main tracks. Was wondering where this line arises from and the nearby areas suggested that it could probably come from one of the military sidings. Then as we picked up decent speed, was maintaining at 40 – 50 kmph. Again, some railway lines were amalgating and bifurcating, the terrain and some mountains were visible, enjoying the nature, skipped begdewadi. Now only slowly started to realise that morning between kanhe and kamshet, for some kilometers that my train and the train which crossed me in opposite direction was moving nearly at 10 – 15 kmph and possibly that some works may happen there.
Simultaneously, expected 16339 nagercoil express to cross us at any time. After crossing ghorewadi, slowed down agan to some 30 kmph, was moving slowly. Looped again and we slowly entered Talegaon. Was expecting to stop here for 20 more minutes as it happened in chinchwad and dehu road. But, for my surprise, even after seeing the other end of the platform, the train was kept moving and yes, it even cleared the loop. But even after clearing the loop, we did accelerate but the train was moving in the speed of 40 – 50 kmph till vadgaon outer where again it decelerated. As we departed vadgaon, we moved very slowly for a bit and we stopped for some 5 minutes. Again, the train left with a loud honk slowly, moved at around 10 – 15 kmph for roughly few hundred meters and again we halted for 10 another minutes. Could see a group of people working near the tracks. The passengers onboard enquired about the work going on there to the workers and they replied back.
Actually, near kanhe, a manned level crossing was being replaced by the rail underpass. And that work, since was in its final stage, everyone was working hard there. Our train and the train which is about to cross us in the opposite direction was badly delayed already. We started moving few hundred meters further after which again our train halted. Now a greater number of workers could be seen near the tracks as we were near to that levelled crossing. Was hearing a low tone honk from distance, but ignored it for that moment. That honk intensified after some moment, also came near me. Then mr. Nagercoil i.e, 16339 with kalyan based WCAM – 3 locomotive crossed us in a very slow speed.
After this train had passed us, even I felt as if I was moving slowly, yes, our train started moving very slowly, maintained in the same speed and crossed that manned level crossing where the work was going on. Saw an inspection trolley lying near the track. And as our train cleared that spot slowly, we maintained that speed till kanhe station. A ray of hope burst into me as we left that spot. As our train left kanhe, we slowly accelerated to 60 kmph speed, maintained that till kamshet. Our train negotiated kamshet curve beautifully. Now, a ray of hope bursted out in me and I felt extremely happy as some how we started moving in a good speed and was nearing my dream destination i.e. khandala. Now my train accelerated madly and hit the top speed. Simultaneously could hear the loud honk of EMD locomotive and a kalyan based WDP – 4D with 17222 lokmanya tilak – Kakinada biweekly crossed us in a very good speed. Crossed malavli in no time and we arrived lonavala.
As per the passenger time table for this train 17321 hubli – lokmanya tilak express, there is no scheduled halt at lonavala but still it halted for break testing. This train did not have khandala halt too as per the time table, but strongly believed that it will halt again there for break testing. I checked the running status of 17031 mumbai csmt – Hyderabad express, it had already departed khandala. Meanwhile, I got some water bottles, packed my bag. We descended slowly towards khandala, as we slowly started descending the lonavala, could hear the majestic chugging of the kalyan based WDM – 3D class locomotive ascending to lonavala platform – 1 hauling the Mumbai csmt – Hyderabad express.
I was still four kilometers away from the khandala, but still that I have missed three trains already which I could have spotted in khandala owing to the delay of my train, also those three trains too were delayed nearly half an hour. I was thinking about it and also was planning to spend the remaining time effectively in khandala. Still I had not completed this mind calculation, khandala has arrived already and I deboarded as soon as possible from my train since it is a technical halt, my train could depart at anytime. Walked slowly to the foot over bridge, came to platform 2 and 3 and settled myself in end of the platform towards lonavala. that particular location was scenic. Meanwhile took pictures of train board of 17321 hubli – lokmanya tilak express around 16:40 hrs, and the same train left khandala slowly.
With mixed feelings, I opened a water bottle to quench my thirst.
PART - 4 is just a click away from here - /blog/post/4646795
May 19 2020 (22:11)   22105/Indrayani SF Express | CSMT/Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (18 PFs) | PUNE/WDP-4D/40156
Guest: 7ff15503   show all posts
Entry# 4631299            Tags   Past Edits
Travelogue on Mumbai - Pune - Mumbai trip.
PART - 1 : Indrayani Superfast Express.
And posting this exactly after 366 days of this journey, at 19.05.2019.
are many options for tourists / rail enthusiasts to travel between Mumbai and pune. that too one will definitely plan in such a way that at least in single direction that they will take this legendary deccan queen superfast not only due to its unique feature, having old and unique livery of central railways, having a dining car in the rake and offering delicious cuisine, but for its monstrous run and for its limited stops too.
But, my choice at that juncture was quite different, since I always loved to travel in a diesel hauled train and heard about the monstrous run that the Indrayani Superfast used to offer with diesel traction, and also its timings being comfortable for me, having some coaches of old and unique livery in central railways, felt that I must try this train. Have seen in many train videos that this train being hauled by ALCos and EMDs, but have never seen and travelled in the same in person. So I was very much eager to give it a try.
All set, booked tickets, got window seat, came Mumbai, roamed for a day, came back to my dormitory in CSMT and kept alarm for next day morning at 04:25 hrs and slept. Woke up immediately after alarm rung, got ready within an hour and came to platform 12 when 15 more minutes were there for departure of the train.
Now was seeing the rake of indrayani superfast with a joy as last SLR coach of that train was Janshatabdi liveried, having big red coloured train board with beautiful white fonts, was searching for my coach D4, boarded it and searched for my seat, felt extremely happy because my coach was having that unique old livery of central railways and my seat was a track sided window seat in the direction in which the train moves.
So kept my big shoulder bag in the luggage rake, came out of the coach, performed some rituals which every rail enthusiast mostly used to perform. Clicked pictures of the rear and front board of the train, small train boards outside my coach, and loco, yes loco was parked in such a way that loco was outside the platform. Since the sun did not come out by then, did not get a proper picture of my loco but yet managed to snap one by standing near the 1st coach. The loco which is going to take this train till pune at that day was WDP – 4D, GT46ACe, 4500 Hp dual cab EMD locomotive numbered 40156 from PUNE shed.
And took selfies outside of my coach in the train, my train was sparsely crowded, next to my platform, Tapovan express was there and rake of Mumbai CSMT – Karmali Tejas superfast was being shunted. Recorded some train announcements while the final departure announcement for my train was made and dot on time slowly, we started from CSMT while sun also started showing its face to us.
Train slowly looped into main line, and picked up speed effortlessly, was cruising through Mumbai suburbs, witnessed some highspeed crossings of the incoming trains to Mumbai like late running Gadag CSMT express and Nandigram express. Since that was my first day time direct journey from CSMT to Pune, curiously gazed the Mumbai suburbs, coaching yards, local trains, etc… Meanwhile, we reached dadar within 15 minutes if time and a huge crowd started boarding the train in such a way that all seats got full and even few where standing.
Train halted few minutes in Dadar and we accelerated out of dadar towards thane in no time. As we were accelerating out, I spotted a train with KYN based WCAM – 2 locomotive hauled train entering dadar which is Chennai egmore – dadar superfast express. We crossed matunga and kurla in no time, was curiously watching the point where the railway line from lokmanya tilak terminus would arise and start running parallel to our railway line.
And we even crossed train like amaravati superfast express, our train maintained at constant MPS till it arrived thane, there itself the train got jampacked. Even standing crowd was full. Even it halted very briefly there. As we departed from thane I started clicking random pics of the nature and the trains crossing us.
Took some random pics of thane creek, where we gradually was accelerating. And even parsik tunnel came, I was out of control and started clicking videos as our train entered amd exited parsik tunnel, the picturesque entry of this tunnel and the EMD loco honking and humming through the tunnel and accelerating, literally I got goosebumps.
Even today I used to wonder by seeing the pics and videos I clicked there. As the line bifurcated for panvel as we exited the parsik tunnel, huballi – lokmanya tilak terminus was entering into Mumbai from panvel . Then we slowly entered diva, where Diva – Sawantwadi road Sindhudurg passenger hauled by 11183 numbered WDM – 3D loco of erode loco shed was waiting for its departure. We skipped diva bit slowly, then pick up speed. Then diesel loco showed all its wrath, went in maximum permissible speed till kalyan within which mr. sun started showing its full face. Some more people again boarded at kalyan, now my coach flooded with passengers, slowly we moved out of kalyan, random chikki and local food vendors started showing up.
After we moved out of thane itself that appearance of the city slowly started disappearing. After kalyan, need not explain. Gradually started experiencing that mightiness of the western ghats. Though it was a sunny day, the chill winds were pleasing me. And train beautifully negotiated many curves and I was tirelessly clicking every possible time the train went in a curve. And the humming and acceleration sounds of EMD cant be heard much because of the crowd in my coach. We skipped neral jn in a very good speed. My eyes were searching for neral – matheran narrow guage loco and train but I was happy that I atleast saw the narrow guage platforms. Then as we maintained at MPS till karjat, we did not get slowed down anywhere till we arrived karjat.
We were looped In Platform 1 in karjat for its scheduled halt and for attaching the bankers for the train to climb uphill. As soon as the train arrived karjat, the bankers, I mean the locos which are attached at the back of the train to give pushing effect and also helps for additional braking power. Those were ready and as soon as the train stopped, I went to backside of the train to see the bankers and by the time I went, they have already entered the line and were closely approaching my train. It was gradually attached to the train.
The bankers for this train was twin WAG – 7 class electric locomotives of kalyan shed with nos 27118 attached with the train and 27117 at the rearmost. As soon as the bankers were attached, I rushed to my coach to board the train and honks from both bankers and the leading loco was given. Even in this small gap, I managed to get a pair of vada pav, a common delicacy in Mumbai, and somehow boarded my coach within train started moving. In that crowd some one occupied my seat and then I showed my ticket to take back my seat.
And at the very moment of departure, I heard some vague honking. I kept my cameraphone ready. Already some WDG – 4D class locomotive with concor consist was already standing at karjat jn. That honk came closer. From far it seemed like WAP – 7 locomotive, and I tried to take a video of that train. I realised that very locomotive was WAP – 5 class locomotive when train came comparatively near to me. Yes that was the first time I saw WAP – 5 class locomotive with my naked eyes. I was extremely happy that I captured a video of a train that is hauled by such a locomotive. That too 30039 numbered WAP – 5 of Ghaziabad shed. It was hauling darshan ac superfast express.
Meanwhile, my train departed karjat and cleared the loop slowly, after exiting karjat I could able to see goods yard with lots of goods rake and each coupled with a locomotive, as we slowly started to gain speed, we had already entered palasdhari which is heaven for most of the rail enthusiasts. Yes it is very much obvious since the station starts with a curve and goes straight and steep upgradient, showing that the ghat section has commenced, and take a right side curve. A scenic locations to capture trains with bankers ( for uphill trains as down hill train goes without bankers, not sure of downhill travelling goods trains though.)
After leaving palasdhari, even myself I could feel that we are climbing uphill and EMD locomotive gave its best efforts to climb uphill and the bankers supported it effectively. I lost my control and started clicking “n” number of pictures. Meanwhile, slowly munched the vada pav which quenched my hunger too. Then back to my photography business, yes train was moving in reasonable speed, climbing hills, entering and exiting tunnels, negotiating curves, crossed jambrug and thakurvadi cabin, taking photos of serene mountains, clouds, richness of the nature in western ghats, also was aware visually about the height in which the train was moving, when I saw below. Then and there could see banker locomotives moving downhill towards karjat jn.
Once I crossed one such tunnel, I saw a catch siding which was very steeply ascending from a cabin, which is monkey hill cabin, yet another scenic location to capture trains for the rail enthusiasts. Realised that I am nearing the mighty khandala, which is a heaven for rail enthusiasts, travel fanners and nature lovers. And regarding that station if I say, after coming out of the tunnel, a curve comes following by a steep upgradient, then the station comes in the curve, after the curve ends, it straight away enters into a tunnel, literally got goose bumps when my train went through that upgradient and was skipping the station in a hot sunny morning with maximum efforts put up by the EMD locomotive. Then after series of small upgradients, then an upgradient, I was able to see a town, end of the upgradient showed me a station board showing lonavala, yes we arrived lonavala.
As we arrived lonavala, people started deboarding, crowd in my coach reduced, bankers were detached and after a brief halt, we departed lonavala. Literally we accelerated out of lonavala, we picked up speed, at kamshet, where we negotiated a beautiful curve, yet another location for rail enthusiasts to capture the train where one can spot the high speed action of the trains. My train beautifully negotiated the kamshet curve in excellent speed, after which it got slowed down and crawled through kanhe, went in 15 kmh-1 for say some 5 kms due to some track work, while negotiating above temporary speed restriction due to the track work, meanwhile WDM – 3D locomotive in long hood front facing from kalyan loco shed hauling Kakinada – lokmanya tilak train also crossed us in the same speed. After skipping Talegaon my train slowly started accelerating.
Though ghat section ended in lonavala, but still that we virtually could enjoy the beauty of the western ghats surrounding and the Mumbai – pune expressway passing parallel to us. But unfortunately could not able to see indrayani from indrayani i.e., could not see indrayani river from my train indrayani superfast since my seat was at right side of the train and that river passes at the left side of the train.
After Talegaon my train started picking up speed and went in maximum permissible speed, nearly before akurdi signs of city started appearing, which potentiated when we were moving further, chinchwad station came and enjoyed the curve, signs of entering pune suburb was evident. We were already 25 minutes before schedule. We were with minimal delay till lonavala. Then we looped into Shivaji nagar railway station, as we looped into, 51318 Pune – panvel passenger with chocolate boy locomotive 21878 numbered WCAM – 2 of kalyan shed was hauling the train. After deboarding at pune I planned to take this train back to khandala to enjoy the nature and spot some trains there. Could have deborded at lonavala and catched this train. But still wanted to perform end to end journey in this train. So I resisted this thought within myself.
Still was helpless as we were 25 minutes behind the schedule and that train started leaving Shivajinagar by the time our train had arrived Shivaji nagar, helpless but calm, we marched slowly into platform four of pune jn, arrived at 09:20 hrs, 20 minutes behind the schedule. All the passengers started deboarding the train and I wondered about it. But still the run I had in this train, each and every second I still remember and I will never forget this wonderful trip in my life.
After then, Indrayani superfast express is one of my most liked train of all time. Macho man WDP – 4D 40156 of pune loco shed performed really well, then again took picture of that very loco attached with that train in different angles, that too in proper lighting, hence was satisfied.
Then the rake was taken back to yard, wondering about that since after 5 minutes the same rake should leave as pune – Solapur superfast express. But then it was announced that the same was cancelled because of track works near daund jn. After that confusion solved. Then moved to platform one with tons of memories.
Really i am feeling happy that atleast once i travelled in ICF version of this train with its unique livery, but now, though he became LHB, but he became 10 among the 11 (as we say in Tamil), having usual livery of LHB rakes..
(2300 words)
Thank you very much for reading this patiently.
Darnish C.
PART - 2 is just a click away from here. - /blog/post/4636107

4 Public Posts - Wed May 20, 2020

May 20 2020 (08:32)
Guest: 7ff11ea0   show all posts
Re# 4631299-7            Tags   Past Edits
please check in the forum page of 22105 train. it is available. I already posted the same.

May 20 2020 (13:29)
Is paar ya us paar ⭐
BRCWAP7~   13259 blog posts
Re# 4631299-8            Tags   Past Edits
Nicely written . Travelogue

May 20 2020 (16:56)
Rang De Basanti^   46800 blog posts
Re# 4631299-9            Tags   Past Edits
I feel its wrong to attach D-loco as its wastage of costly import i.e Diesel.
Secondly, 15 minutes are good enough to change loco.
Thirdly, they can attach two locos with WAPie in front and D-Loco as dead loco as is being done on many sectors now (STA-MUV for example).
Ur views?

May 20 2020 (17:31)
Guest: 7ff11ea0   show all posts
Re# 4631299-10            Tags   Past Edits
Sir, as KLBG DD electrification works are fast going, once it is over, then e2e HOG WAP 7 can be given since this train is LHB. though it spares 10 - 15 minutes at Pune, after that its TT is very aggressive, having avg of 66 km/hr with three stops and need to consider single line crossings after daund. And as it is having only one hour of turn around time at solapur, if we consider delays then the time available at SUR decreases, within that they clean all the coaches, fill the water and reverse the loco and attach, then it proceeds to pune and then mumbai. So in case if 12169 is delayed then 12170 and 22106 will also be further affected by delays. Due to operational constraints and punctuality issues i feel it is not getting Electric locomotive and such measures similar to KTE STA or DHNE KCG/SC...
or TPJ MV. I am NOT against electric locomotive but this is what i felt sir.

May 20 2020 (17:48)
Rang De Basanti^   46800 blog posts
Re# 4631299-11            Tags   Past Edits
1 compliments
Thank you sir.
U have put up very valid practical reasons..
Rail Fanning
Jan 05 2020 (20:53)   12125/Pragati Express | CSMT/Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (18 PFs) | KYN/WCAM-2/21880
Big Boss TN Exp
AV12621~   1352 blog posts
Entry# 4532421            Tags   Past Edits
This is a very Special Upload to me, It was the first time I travelled in an Utkrisht train, the stunning interiors of which I had already shown. I took the 12125 Pragati Express from Mumbai to Pune, via Navi Mumbai (Panvel) - Karjat route; which I had wanted to see long ago. Both that & the magnificent interiors of the Pragati express combined made the journey a very special one. Thus, I decided to upload it as the 300th video on this Channel. Thank you everyone for the continuous support you have shown me!
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