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Large Station Board;
Entry# 1403273-0

Y/Yeliyur (2 PFs)
ಎಲಿಯೂರು     एलियूर

Track: Double Electric-Line

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Bengaluru-Mysuru Road, Yeliyuru, Mandya District, Pincode-571402
State: Karnataka

Zone: SWR/South Western   Division: Mysuru (Mysore)

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Type of Station: Regular
Number of Platforms: 2
Number of Halting Trains: 10
Number of Originating Trains: 0
Number of Terminating Trains: 0
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Rating: 5.0/5 (2 votes)
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Station News

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Aug 24 2018 (15:31) ‘Expedite laying of power transmission line’ (
Other News
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 352816  Blog Entry# 3744181   
  Past Edits
Aug 24 2018 (15:31)
Station Tag: Yeliyur/Y added by 16591🔹Hampi Express🔹16592^~/36147
Stations:  Yeliyur/Y  
Citizens’ group and railway activists have urged the authorities to expedite laying the power transmission line between Tubinakere substation and the railway power substation at Yeliyur in Mandya to facilitate introduction of additional services between Mysuru and Bengaluru.
In a letter to the Mandya Deputy Commissioner, S.Yogendra and N.S. Pradeep Kumar of the Mysore Grahakara Parishat (MGP) said crores of rupees was spent for doubling and electrification of tracks between Mysuru and Bengaluru. to But the benefits were yet to be realised due to non-energising the Yeliyur substation. “Failure to acquire land and differences in fixing the compensation for land losers on the path of power transmission line from Thubinakere to facilitate and energise the Yeliyur substation has defeated the objective of
the project’’, it said
The MGP drew attention to the proposed widening of the Bengaluru-Mysuru highway, the work on which will commence in September. As a remedial measure, additional train services have to be introduced for which the substation at Yeliyur was a must, said the activists, urging the authorities to expedite the issue regarding compensating farmers in lieu of land acquisition.
Jun 23 2018 (08:32) Meeting on power line for electric trains inconclusive (
Other News
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 342556  Blog Entry# 3563586   
  Past Edits
Jun 23 2018 (08:32)
Station Tag: Yeliyur/Y added by knkprasad956*^~/287013
Stations:  Yeliyur/Y  
Mysuru-Bengaluru inter-city service a non-starter
The meeting of senior officials of the South Western Railways, Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Ltd. (KPTCL) and Infrastructure Development Department to resolve the impasse over the 220 kV transmission line for traction power supply on the Mysuru-Bengaluru section, has been inconclusive.
The meeting held early this week was convened to thrash out a solution to the delay in taking up a 4-km power line to be drawn over private land from Yeliyuru substation to Tubinakere in Mandya district by the KPTCL.
the railway authorities deposited the advance amount of nearly ₹13.09 crore way back in March 2017, the work has been stalled owing to right of way issues as farmers are demanding compensation without the settling of which the work cannot proceed.
In the absence of the power line to feed the main track, Railways cannot introduce Mainline Electric Multiple Units (MEMU) on the Mysuru-Bengaluru section due to voltage issues. The electrified section was inaugurated in February this year and though long-distance trains towards Chennai and beyond are hauled by electric locomotives, the daily commuters do not have the benefit of MEMU suburban trains without the additional 220 kV power line.
Railway officials who attended the meeting told The Hindu that there was no commitment from any of the State government representatives to address the issue within a definite time frame. Drawing a power line entails installing large towers on private lands and in all, 23 such towers have to be installed over a four km stretch.
From the KPTCL’s point of view, the Right of Way (RoW) can be resolved through the intervention of the Revenue Department and hence they argued that the onus was on the Deputy Commissioner of Mandya to speed up the process. “We sought a direction from the State government to the Mandya DC and we were assured that a letter would be written but that was about it,” said the railway officials who were exasperated over the lack of urgency.
Compensating farmers
Farmers, whose land stands to be affected, have quoted random figures and though the Railways are prepared to pay the compensation, the process should be initiated by the Revenue Department.
Officials said the issue of compensating farmers for land acquisition is always mired in litigation. In case of compensation for laying power transmission lines, the authorities follow the provisions of the Indian Telegraph Act, 1885. Computing the compensation amount is dicey as a portion of the land can still be used for agriculture purposes.
However, there are restrictions on usage of land underneath the line and the tower base area (between the four legs of the pylon or the tower structure) and thus there is a diminution of the land value. This has to be computed by the Revenue Department to the satisfaction of the affected farmers but the process has been a non-starter as of now. So, the wait for suburban electric trains on the Mysuru-Bengaluru section will be indefinite.
Mar 23 2018 (14:24) MYS-SBC Suburban Electric Train: Delayed Transmission Works on Yeliyur Substation to Tubinakere leads to Longer Wait (
Other News
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 332331  Blog Entry# 3230473   
  Past Edits
Mar 23 2018 (14:24)
Station Tag: KSR Bengaluru City Junction (Bangalore)/SBC added by SWR intrastate trains for Karnataka^~/36147

Mar 23 2018 (14:24)
Station Tag: Mysuru Junction (Mysore)/MYS added by SWR intrastate trains for Karnataka^~/36147

Mar 23 2018 (14:24)
Station Tag: Yeliyur/Y added by SWR intrastate trains for Karnataka^~/36147
The wait for intercity suburban electric train services on the Mysuru-Bengaluru section, which will benefit thousands of commuters, is set to get longer.
The work on the 220 kV transmission line from Yeliyuru substation to Tubinakere, a stretch of 4 km, is yet to commence though the Ministry of Railways deposited ₹13.09 crore to the Karnataka Power Transmission Ltd. (KPTCL) exactly a year ago. A letter dated March 23, 2017, written by the railway authorities to KPTCL, sought immediate commencement of the transmission line works by finalising the tenders. This would enable commission of electric traction and introduction of the Mainline Electric Multiple Unit (MEMU) services on the Bengaluru-Mysuru section.
project entailed establishing railway traction substations to feed overhead electric traction in the section; at Bidadi, Yeliyuru and Mysuru. Though the railway was initially advised to execute the project on its own by KPTCL, it could not be completed as it is not the domain expertise of the railways. Hence it reverted to KPTCL, which has expertise in laying transmission line and it has now promised to expedite the process.
A senior official told that 220 kV line was mandatory to operate MEMU services. Without this, only 1 or 2 trains can be operated at a point of time given the present electricity feed from the Bidadi substation. Once the Yeliyuru substation is connected with the 220 kV line at Tubinakere, there will be sufficient load to operate additional trains, he added.
The public is infuriated by the delayed response by KPTCL, a State government body. Incidentally, the project has been completed on a cost-sharing basis with the government chipping in 50% of the cost of electrification (about ₹220 crore).
Though the electrified lines have been commissioned and six pairs of long distance trains are now operational, railway authorities say MEMU services cannot be operated with the present power supply. “MEMU electric services has advantages like better acceleration and faster service,” said the official. “The Tubinakere power line will enable us to operate 6 pairs to 10 pairs of MEMU services,” he added.

1 Public Posts - Fri Mar 23, 2018

Mar 23 2018 (20:02)
Dhanno   3041 blog posts
Re# 3230473-2            Tags   Past Edits
Where is it said that the amount has been deposited a year ago?

Mar 23 2018 (20:13)
Tankapur to Pithoragarh new Railline
sachinature~   8126 blog posts
Re# 3230473-3            Tags   Past Edits
In the News: "The work on the 220 kV transmission line from Yeliyuru substation to Tubinakere, a stretch of 4 km, is yet to commence though the Ministry of Railways deposited ₹13.09 crore to the Karnataka Power Transmission Ltd. (KPTCL) exactly a year ago"

Mar 23 2018 (20:17)
Dhanno   3041 blog posts
Re# 3230473-4            Tags   Past Edits
Then it also says that "railway was initially advised to execute the project on its own". Is this after deposit of amount? Because it seems SWR was asked to do on its own. Then couldn't. Now approached KPTCL.

Mar 23 2018 (20:18)
Tankapur to Pithoragarh new Railline
sachinature~   8126 blog posts
Re# 3230473-5            Tags   Past Edits
But railways approached a year ago, what was State govt doing these many days, they would have raised the issue, if Railways found to be lying.

Mar 23 2018 (20:20)
Dhanno   3041 blog posts
Re# 3230473-6            Tags   Past Edits
Both SWR and KPTCL are incompetent. SWR more pathetic 😏😏😏
Mar 13 2018 (13:33) Electric trains to Mysuru may not chug for now (
Other News
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 331310  Blog Entry# 3199499   
  Past Edits
Mar 13 2018 (13:33)
Station Tag: Yeliyur/Y added by SWR intrastate trains for Karnataka^~/36147

Mar 13 2018 (13:33)
Station Tag: Mysuru Junction (Mysore)/MYS added by SWR intrastate trains for Karnataka^~/36147
It has been nearly a month since Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the electrification works of Bengaluru-Mysuru double line. But, railways will not be able to run electric trains for at least six months, thanks to delay in power supply.
The state government and the railways spent Rs 218 crore for electrification work. However, the Yeliyur sub-station, which has to supply power to half of the 138-km line in Mysuru and Mandya section, is yet to be connected to the Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited's (KPTCL) power grid. "Railway officials came to us in January seeking power to Yeliyur sub-station with a peak load of 5000 kVA. Tenders for drawing lines from Tubinakere Industrial Area to the sub-station have been finalised and
the letter of intent (LoI) will be given to the contractor within a day or two," KPTCL MD Jawaid Akhtar told DH.
Sources in the Railways said they initially planned to carry out the work themselves before approaching KPTCL. An official said the industrial area is situated nearly 3 km away from Yeliyur sub-station and the powerline has to go through agriculture fields.
"There were several issues with farmers, which have been settled recently. We believe that the work will be completed within six months after the contractor gets LoI," the official said. The South Western Railway, which had plans to replace diesel locomotives with electric ones for at least six trains by the first quarter of 2018, has now put off the plans. At present, only Shatabdi Express (Daily), Darbhanga (Weekly) and Chennai-Mysuru Weekly Express, run with electric locomotive as powering trains from Bidadi sub-station, resulting in high wastage.
A conventional locomotive requires about 700 litres of diesel for one-way trip between Mysuru and Bengaluru, the route that sees an average of 22 trains running in each direction. Railways believes that electrification will reduce annual consumption by
1.2 crore litres, at a time when it procures the fuel by paying Rs 57.20 per litre. Conversion of all the trains is expected to save Rs 20 crore annually.
Railway activist T P Lokesh said the delay shows the lack of planning on the part of railways. "For a work executed over the last two years, electrification is poorly planned. It shows the negligence of railway officials. How can they declare work as completed when a sub-station is not connected to the grid," he asked.

Mar 13 2018 (14:55)
Tankapur to Pithoragarh new Railline
sachinature~   8126 blog posts
Re# 3199499-1            Tags   Past Edits
We are back, to where we started.

Mar 13 2018 (15:00)
x-under SW-x   1967 blog posts
Re# 3199499-2            Tags   Past Edits
CRS completed in Dec.
Thennnnn these electrification folks approach KPTCL for power......
Why not approach last Jan itself and get the ss ready by the time CRS is done.
Same with Tirur ss, don't
know when that will complete.
New Facilities/Technology
SWR/South Western
IR Press Release

News Entry# 323951   
  Past Edits
Dec 04 2017 (19:34)
Station Tag: Yeliyur/Y added by Electrification of BAY/36147

Dec 04 2017 (19:34)
Station Tag: Mysuru Junction (Mysore)/MYS added by Electrification of BAY/36147
Commissioner of Railway Safety (Southern Circle), Bengaluru, Shri K.A. Manohar will conduct statutory inspection of electrification and speed trial of AC Electric Loco Hauled train service o­n Broad Gauge Double Line section between Yeliyur - Mysuru o­n 05th December, 2017.

The inspection will start from Yeliyur and continue till Mysuru. During the inspection, traction sub-station at Yeliyur will also be inspected. After inspection at enroute stations and yards including Level Crossings Gates, in return speed trial between Mysuru-Yeliyur will be conducted. The works related to electrification of double line
between Yeliyur and Mysuru have been completed recently. o­nce Commissioner of Railway Safety accords authorization, electric train between Mysuru & Karnataka will become reality.
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