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Fri Dec 4 10:33:02 IST
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Platform Pic; Large Station Board;
Entry# 1881900-0
Scenic; Platform Pic;
Nilambur Road Railway station
Entry# 4356738-0

NIL/Nilambur Road (2 PFs)
നിലമ്പൂർ റോഡ്     निलंबूर रोड

Track: Construction - Single-Line Electrification

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Nilambur - Karulai Rd, Nilambur Tel: 0493 220237
State: Kerala

Elevation: 54 m above sea level
Zone: SR/Southern   Division: Palakkad (Palghat)

No Recent News for NIL/Nilambur Road
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Type of Station: Regular
Number of Platforms: 2
Number of Halting Trains: 0
Number of Originating Trains: 7
Number of Terminating Trains: 7
Rating: 3.1/5 (9 votes)
cleanliness - good (1)
porters/escalators - poor (1)
food - poor (1)
transportation - good (1)
lodging - average (1)
railfanning - good (1)
sightseeing - good (2)
safety - good (1)
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Station News

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Aug 06 (20:40) Kerala on alert as rains gain strength (
Major Accidents/Disruptions

News Entry# 415841  Blog Entry# 4682393   
  Past Edits
Aug 06 2020 (20:40)
Station Tag: Nilambur Road/NIL added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Aug 06 2020 (20:40)
Station Tag: Kottayam/KTYM added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335
Stations:  Kottayam/KTYM   Nilambur Road/NIL  
Many parts of Kerala, especially norther districts of Malappuram and Wayanad, received heavy rainfall on Thursday.
Hundreds of families were shifted to relief camps due to flood and landslide alerts and damages caused to houses. Heavy rains were received mostly near Nilambur in Malappura and Puthumalla in Wayanad. There were also reports of landslides inside forest areas as uprooted trees were spotted in rivers.
A red alert was sounded for Malappuram district and orange alert in eight district in central and north Kerala on Friday also. Water level of dams were being monitored
Four rain-related deaths were reported in the state over the last two days.
Since the state witnessed major calamities in the last two years, this time calamity mitigation measures like shifting people from calamity prone areas were initiated in advance.
Jul 03 (00:20) Kerala seeks rail line through tunnel in Bandipur (
Other News

News Entry# 412946  Blog Entry# 4661316   
  Past Edits
Jul 03 2020 (00:20)
Station Tag: Kadakola/KDO added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Jul 03 2020 (00:20)
Station Tag: KSR Bengaluru City Junction (Bangalore)/SBC added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Jul 03 2020 (00:20)
Station Tag: Mysuru Junction (Mysore)/MYS added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Jul 03 2020 (00:20)
Station Tag: Thalassery/TLY added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Jul 03 2020 (00:20)
Station Tag: Nanjangud Town/NTW added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335

Jul 03 2020 (00:20)
Station Tag: Nilambur Road/NIL added by Covid break an reforming opportunity to IR/48335
Despite strong opposition by environmentalists, the Kerala government has brought back to the table the controversial Thalassery-Mysuru line with an alternative proposal for a tunnel in the ecologically sensitive Bandipur and Nagarahole forests.
Kerala hopes that the broad-gauge line between Thalassery and Mysore will boost the socio-economic development of Kannur and Wayanad and provide a direct rail link from central Malabar to Mysuru and Bangalore.
First proposed more than 50 years ago, the project got a push in early 2010. Southern Railway completed a survey and gave a report for a 299 km railway line to
connect the two states. However, as experts and activists red-flagged the enormous damage the project would cause to environment, it was put on the backburner.
In a letter to the state government last month, Kerala Chief Secretary Vishwas Mehta, a new alignment has been proposed.
"The government of Karnataka may convey its in-principle approval for the new alignment between Thalassery and Kadakola, involving a tunnel below the non-forest area between Bandipur National Park and Nagarahole Tiger Reserve," the letter states.
The letter goes on to seek "approval" to conduct helicopter-borne geophysical surveys of the proposed route and field surveys in all the areas "including entry to the forest for survey purpose".
Karnataka has now been asked to pitch in for the project, regarded by activists as a death knell for the rich biodiversity of the protected areas. According to the proposal, the corporation will complete the work, including cost estimates, forecast passenger, and freight traffic. "Govt of Karnataka is also requested to convey its willingness for equity contribution in the SPV for the project," the letter states.
Over the last three years, the Kerala government has begun pushing for the project with new energy. In 2017, Karnataka agreed to allow conducting a survey for the project If doesn't disturb the wildlife areas. The Kerala Rail Development Corporation Ltd (K-Rail) has said the proposed 240 km line is estimated to cost Rs 5,000 crore according to the feasibility report by Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd.
K-Rail stated in its recent newsletter that a detailed study has been conducted for the project and "suggested a common gateway across the Western Ghats in the forest areas of Kerala and Karnataka, to meet the requirements of both Nilambur-Nanjangud and Thalassery–Mysuru broad gauge lines".
State Wildlife Board member Sanjay Gubbi, himself a conservation biologist, said the proposal shows that Kerala was yet to learn from the recent floods. "There is no non-forest area in Bandipur and Nagarahole forests. Such proposals are a disaster for the protected area and cannot be allowed.
To a question, Principal Secretary, Infrastructure Development Department, Kapil Mohan told DH that the proposal has been received but no decision has been taken yet. "They have proposed a new alignment with a tunnel. However, a decision will be taken only after taking into account forest and ecological impact," he said.
Jun 19 (10:57) Many passenger trains to be converted into Express; List of trains in Kerala (
Other News

News Entry# 411711  Blog Entry# 4653309   
  Past Edits
Jun 19 2020 (11:03)
Station Tag: Kozhikode Main (Calicut)/CLT added by °Pride•°•Of•°•RailWays°~/1825772

Jun 19 2020 (11:03)
Station Tag: Tiruchchirappalli Junction/TPJ added by °Pride•°•Of•°•RailWays°~/1825772

Jun 19 2020 (11:03)
Station Tag: Madgaon Junction/MAO added by °Pride•°•Of•°•RailWays°~/1825772

Jun 19 2020 (11:03)
Station Tag: Madurai Junction/MDU added by °Pride•°•Of•°•RailWays°~/1825772

Jun 19 2020 (11:02)
Station Tag: Nagercoil Junction/NCJ added by °Pride•°•Of•°•RailWays°~/1825772

Jun 19 2020 (11:02)
Station Tag: Kottayam/KTYM added by °Pride•°•Of•°•RailWays°~/1825772

Jun 19 2020 (11:02)
Station Tag: Nilambur Road/NIL added by °Pride•°•Of•°•RailWays°~/1825772

Jun 19 2020 (10:58)
Station Tag: Nagercoil Junction/NCJ added by °Pride•°•Of•°•RailWays°~/1825772

Jun 19 2020 (10:58)
Station Tag: Guruvayur/GUV added by °Pride•°•Of•°•RailWays°~/1825772

Jun 19 2020 (10:58)
Station Tag: Mangaluru Central (Mangalore)/MAQ added by °Pride•°•Of•°•RailWays°~/1825772

Jun 19 2020 (10:58)
Station Tag: Kannur Main (Cannanore)/CAN added by °Pride•°•Of•°•RailWays°~/1825772

Jun 19 2020 (10:58)
Station Tag: Palakkad Junction (Palghat)/PGT added by °Pride•°•Of•°•RailWays°~/1825772

Jun 19 2020 (10:58)
Station Tag: Coimbatore Main Junction/CBE added by °Pride•°•Of•°•RailWays°~/1825772

Jun 19 2020 (10:58)
Train Tag: Mangaluru Central - Kozhikode Passenger/56654 added by °Pride•°•Of•°•RailWays°~/1825772
Trains:  Punalur - Madurai Express/16730   Palakkad Town -Tiruchchirappalli Fast Passenger/56712   Tiruchchirappalli - Palakkad Town Fast Passenger/56713   Mangaluru Central - Coimbatore Fast Passenger/56324   Thrissur - Kannur Passenger/56603   Kottayam - Nilambur Road Passenger/56362   Nilambur Road - Kottayam Passenger/56363   Nagercoil - Kottayam Passenger/56304   Mangaluru Central - Madgaon Passenger/56640   Mangaluru Central - Kozhikode Passenger/56654   Coimbatore - Mangaluru Central Fast Passenger/56323   Madurai - Punalur Express/16729   Kannur - Coimbatore Fast Passenger/56650   Coimbatore - Kannur Fast Passenger/56651   Madgaon - Mangaluru Central Passenger/56641   Palakkad Jn. - Tiruchendur Passenger (Via Palani)/56769   Guruvayur - Punalur Fast Passenger/56365   Punalur - Guruvayur Fast Passenger/56366   Tiruchendur - Palakkad Jn. Passenger (Via Palani)/56770  
Thiruvananthapuram:  Many passenger trains would be converted into Express trains, the Railway Ministry said. Passenger trains that run beyond 200 km per day will be converted into Express and in Kerala more than 10 trains will become Express. These trains will be speeded up and their halts curtailed. More than 500 trains across the country would be converted into Express trains, the Ministry said.
However, it is not clear if the decision by the Railways is a temporary one during the Covid pandemic times or a move to reduce the number of passenger trains and stop it. The zonal railway offices have been directed to take a decision on this within 2 days.
passenger trains are converted to Expresses, the fares too will be increased. Many stations will be excluded. For Railways, passenger trains do not make profit. Small stations incur a huge expenditure for functioning. There are no reservation coaches on local trains but there will be reservation coaches on Express trains.
Trains from Kerala to be converted to Express
Thrissur – Kannur passenger (56603)
Mangalore - Kozhikode passenger (56654)
Kannur - Coimbatore passenger (56650/56651)
Mangalore - Coimbatore passenger (56324/56323)
Mangalore - Goa passenger (56640/56641)
Palakkad - Thiruchirapalli passenger (56712/56713)
Nilambur - Kottayam passenger (56363/56362)
Nagercoil - Kottayam passenger (56304)
Guruvayur - Punalur passenger (56365/56366)
Punalur - Madurai passenger (56700/56701)
Palakkad - Tiruchendur passenger (56769/56770)

3 Public Posts - Fri Jun 19, 2020

Rail News
Jun 19 (15:51)
sanjay07   1111 blog posts
Re# 4653309-5            Tags   Past Edits
Good Decision By Railway

Rail News
Jun 19 (17:14)
Atmathew80   70 blog posts
Re# 4653309-6            Tags   Past Edits
Good decision,but unless speed is increased and run time is reduced, we will end up paying Express fares for a passenger train

Rail News
Jun 19 (17:37)
Mansuranvari~   36 blog posts
Re# 4653309-7            Tags   Past Edits
Don't reduce the stops between Nilambur and Shornur when converting to Nilambur Kottayam Passenger Express.

Rail News
Jun 22 (17:43)
Guruvayur Express
RANGARAJANTPJ~   1590 blog posts
Re# 4653309-8            Tags   Past Edits
Madurai punalur fast passenger will be good as if splitting up as MDU TVC EXP and Trivandrum Punalur Passenger

Rail News
Aug 23 (16:39)
sanjay07   1111 blog posts
Re# 4653309-9            Tags   Past Edits
Bad decision for local Passengers.
Dec 05 2019 (19:04) Mysuru-Wayanad train, Mr Rahul Gandhi? Will be a disaster, say greens (
IR Affairs

News Entry# 396186  Blog Entry# 4506014   
  Past Edits
Dec 05 2019 (19:04)
Station Tag: Nilambur Road/NIL added by 12649⭐️ KSK ⭐️12650^~/1203948

Dec 05 2019 (19:04)
Station Tag: Mysuru Junction (Mysore)/MYS added by 12649⭐️ KSK ⭐️12650^~/1203948
Bengaluru: Former Congress president, Rahul Gandhi has once again angered wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists. This time it is his demand for train services between Mysuru and Waynad in Kerala, that has got them all riled up as they fear it will destroy the forests of the Bandipur and Nagarhole national parks that support a large number of elephants and tigers, besides other wildlife.  
Mr Gandhi had on Wednesday appealed to the Union government in the Lok Sabha to run trains from Mysuru in Karnataka to his parliamentary constituency of Waynad in Kerala.  This is not the first time he has courted controversy as he had recemtly invited the wrath of environmentalists with his support for the demand for lifting the ban
on night traffic in Bandipur National Park in the interest of Kerala’s trade and commerce.
Calling the proposal for a railway line between Mysuru and Waynad "suicidal", former principal chief conservator of forests and chief wildlife warden,  B K Singh said it would lead to destruction of wildlife habitat and destroy flora and fauna enroute.  “Already there is man-animal conflict  in Bandipur and Nagarhole National parks and if a railway line now passes through them and Kodagu , there will be unimaginable destruction of forests. The people will pay a heavy price in the form of natural calamities if they try to play with the country’s natural resources,” he warned.
Pointing out that the Mudumalai-Bandipur- Nagarahole-Wayanad stretch is home to the world's single largest meta-population of tigers, estimated to be over  570 in number in 2014, environmentalists note that the region also supports over 6500 Asiatic elephants.
“ Recovery of tigers and elephants in these reserves was thanks to the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972, a landmark legislation enacted due to the vision of  late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. It is indeed tragic that Rahul Gandhi is demanding that this habitat be fragmented and ripped apart by road and rail projects. We urge him to take a re-look at this demand since this habitat deserves complete protection," said Praveen Bhargav, trustee, Wildlife First and former member, National Board for Wildlife .

Rail News
Dec 06 2019 (15:16)
sriramgandur   79 blog posts
Re# 4506014-1            Tags   Past Edits
They dont care about Losing Green Cover; There are other better things to look at than this.

Dec 06 2019 (15:33)
Guest: 6cce1541   show all posts
Re# 4506014-2            Tags   Past Edits
Pratap Simha never allows this project to take place so no need to worry about environment
Sep 20 2019 (11:50) Rlys considers demand for opening night service (

News Entry# 391495  Blog Entry# 4433000   
  Past Edits
Sep 20 2019 (11:50)
Station Tag: Nilambur Road/NIL added by Rail Fanning~/718429

Sep 20 2019 (11:50)
Train Tag: Kochuveli - Nilambur Road Rajya Rani Express/16349 added by Rail Fanning~/718429
: Meeting of MPs from the state with senior railway officials on Wednesday has raised hope on opening of the
Nilambur-Shoranur rail line during night hours as railway authorities have agreed to consider the demand.
P V Abdul Wahab, MP, who raised the demand for the night train service between Shoranur and Nilambur at the meeting said
that the Southern Railway officials have agreed
to consider the proposal and to take further steps.
At the meeting, Wahab has pointed out that the railway line is the only broad-gauge line in the state, which is kept closed at
night from 10pm to 6am.
All the 14 trains running on the route are patronized and the demand for opening the section round-the-clock can be approved
without major hurdles, he demanded at the meeting.
The main demand is to open the section during night hours and allow Kochuveli-Nilambur Rajya Rani Express train to reach
Nilambur around 5.30am. At present, the train halts at Thrissur and Shoranur for more than one hour, as the train cannot enter
Nilambur-Shoranur section, which opens only at 6am.
It is being pointed out that if the train arrives at Nilambur at 5.30am, it can be operated as Nilambur-Ernakulam Express train or
Nilambur-Kottayam Express train during day time, as Rajyarani Express halts at Nilambur station for around 14 hours.
Meanwhile, the meeting did not discuss the long-pending project of Nilambur-Nanjangud rail line as the proposal is under the
consideration of the state government after railways granted initial sanction.
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