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UBL/SSS Hubballi Junction (Hubli) (5 PFs)
ಶ್ರೀ ಸಿದ್ಧಾರೂಢ ಸ್ವಾಮೀಜಿ (ಹುಬ್ಬಳ್ಳಿ) ಜಂಕ್ಷನ್     श्री सिद्धारूढा स्वामीजी (हुब्बल्लि) जंक्शन

Track: Construction - Double-Line Electrification

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Jn Pts: GDG, BAY/JRU, ASK/LD, MRJ, Gadag Road, Hubballi - 580020, Tel: 0836 - 2266702
State: Karnataka

Zone: SWR/South Western   Division: SSS Hubballi (Hubli)

Type of Station: Junction
Number of Platforms: 5
Number of Halting Trains: 118
Number of Originating Trains: 44
Number of Terminating Trains: 44
Rating: 4.2/5 (170 votes)
cleanliness - excellent (24)
porters/escalators - good (19)
food - good (21)
transportation - good (21)
lodging - good (20)
railfanning - excellent (20)
sightseeing - good (22)
safety - excellent (23)
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Station News

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Yesterday (23:03) Landslides near Dudhsagar – 1 coach derailed (
Major Accidents/Disruptions
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 460122  Blog Entry# 5023188   
  Past Edits
Jul 23 2021 (23:04)
Station Tag: Belagavi (Belgaum)/BGM added by Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour/48335

Jul 23 2021 (23:04)
Station Tag: SSS Hubballi Junction (Hubli)/UBL added by Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour/48335

Jul 23 2021 (23:04)
Station Tag: Sonalium/LIM added by Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour/48335

Jul 23 2021 (23:03)
Station Tag: Londa Junction/LD added by Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour/48335

Jul 23 2021 (23:03)
Station Tag: Madgaon Junction/MAO added by Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour/48335

Jul 23 2021 (23:03)
Station Tag: Mangaluru Junction (Mangalore)/MAJN added by Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour/48335

Jul 23 2021 (23:03)
Station Tag: Castle Rock/CLR added by Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour/48335

Jul 23 2021 (23:03)
Station Tag: Dudh Sagar/DDS added by Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour/48335

Jul 23 2021 (23:03)
Station Tag: Caranzol/CRZ added by Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour/48335

Jul 23 2021 (23:03)
Station Tag: Kulem/QLM added by Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour/48335
Due to continuous very heavy rainfall, in the Ghat section of Hubballi Division of SWR, land slides have been reported at two locations: Between Dudhsagar – Sonaulim Stations at about 6.10 AM and Caranzol-Dudhsagar Stations at about 6.20 AM today.
The Train no. 01134 Mangaluru Jn – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Express Spl (which was running on the diverted route via Madgaon-Londa-Miraj due to overflow of Vashishti River between Chiplun and Kamathe), suffered a derailment between Dudhsagar-Sonaulim section. (1 GEN coach next to engine and the engine partially derailed.)
No passenger casualty
has been reported (no injury/death). The passengers of the affected coach have been shifted to other coaches. The train is being pulled back to Kulem, and has crossed Sonaulim at this time.
Train no 02780 Hazrat Nizamuddin – Vasco da Gama Express Spl (which was bound to Vasco da Gama was detained in the section between Caranzol – Dudhsagar owing to the landslide, This train is being pulled back to Castle Rock.
Accident Relief Train (ART) from Castle Rock as well as from Vasco da Gama were immediately despatched to the site, as per the standard protocol to carry out restoration measures. SWR had already taken contingency measures prior to the start of the rainy season, at suitable stations for any exigency in Ghat section in heavy rainfall during the monsoon season.
As part of Monsoon Reserve, JCB, Hitachi and wagon loaded with boulders were kept ready at Castle Rock, Tinaighat and Kulem. The same have been pressed into service to the spot of landslide along with the team of trained technicians to carry out restoration of track/train services at the earliest.
The team of Senior Officials of Hubballi Division including Divisional Railway Manager Shri Aravind Malkhede and senior Officers from HeadQuarters of SWR, have rushed to the site and are taking immediate measures to carry out the restoration. Precautionary measures to prevent further landslip at the site also, are being taken.
There are 345 passengers on board Train no 01134 and 887 passengers on board Train no 02780. All are reported to be safe. Arrangements for transhipment of passengers to buses will be made at suitable location. For passengers of Train no 02780 the buses arrangement will be made at Londa towards destinations such as Vasco da Gama, Belagavi, Hubballi by road. For the passengers of 01134 alternate transportation arrangements will be made from Madgaon/Mangaluru Jn based on feedback from passengers.
Arrangements for tea, snacks, drinking water are made at Castle Rock Station and Kulem Station for the passengers of Train no 02780 and Train no 01134, respectively.
Jul 20 (13:29) Indian Railways to restore more special trains; check dates and other details here (
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 459768  Blog Entry# 5020301   
  Past Edits
Jul 20 2021 (13:29)
Station Tag: SSS Hubballi Junction (Hubli)/UBL added by MCPNBR/261443

Jul 20 2021 (13:29)
Station Tag: MGR Chennai Central/MAS added by MCPNBR/261443

Jul 20 2021 (13:29)
Station Tag: Mysuru Junction (Mysore)/MYS added by MCPNBR/261443

Jul 20 2021 (13:29)
Station Tag: KSR Bengaluru City Junction (Bangalore)/SBC added by MCPNBR/261443
Restoration of Indian Railways Special Trains: Travelling on Indian Railways to get more convenient as the national transporter is all set to resume more special trains in the coming days. The South Western Railway zone has recently announced that it is resuming the operations of Train Number 02028/02027 KSR Bengaluru – Dr. MGR Chennai Central – KSR Bengaluru Shatabdi Special and Train Number 07333/07334 Hubali – Dr. MGR Chennai Central – Hubali Weekly Special. These special train services are expected to offer safe, smooth and convenient rail travelling experience to passengers. Following are the restoration dates of these special trains along with other details:
Train Number 02028 Bengaluru – Chennai Shatabdi Special (Ex. Tuesday) will resume operations with effect from 21 July
2021. Train Number 02027 Chennai – Bengaluru Shatabdi Special (Ex. Tuesday) will also resume services from 21 July 2021. Train Number 02028/02027 KSR Bengaluru – Dr. MGR Chennai Central – KSR Bengaluru Shatabdi Special consists of 12 coaches in total including nine AC Chair Car coaches, one First Class AC Chair Car coach and two Luggage cum Brake Vans.
Train Number 07333 Hubali – Dr. MGR Chennai Central Weekly Special (Wednesday) will resume operations with effect from 21 July 2021. While Train Number 07334 Dr. MGR Chennai Central – Hubali Weekly Special (Thursday) will resume operations from 22 July 2021. Train Number 07333/07334 Hubali – Dr. MGR Chennai Central – Hubali Weekly Special will consist of 17 coaches in total including five General Second Class coaches, one AC 2 Tier coach, two AC 3 Tier coaches, seven Sleeper Class coaches and two Luggage Cum Brake Vans.
Meanwhile, South Western Railways has also announced that Train Number 06237/06238 Mysuru – Sainagar Shirdi – Mysuru fully reserved weekly special will soon resume operations. Train Number 06237 Mysuru – Sainagar Shirdi will resume services with effect from 26 July, while Train Number 06238 Sainagar Shirdi – Mysuru will resume operations with effect from 27 July 2021.
Jul 15 (20:21) Chennai Bangalore Shatabdi and Hubli-chennai restored (
New/Special Trains
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 459262  Blog Entry# 5015318   
  Past Edits
Jul 15 2021 (20:21)
Station Tag: SSS Hubballi Junction (Hubli)/UBL added by Adittyaa Sharma/1421836

Jul 15 2021 (20:21)
Station Tag: KSR Bengaluru City Junction (Bangalore)/SBC added by Adittyaa Sharma/1421836
The Railway board has permitted for restoration of the following Express specials.
The details are as follows:-
Train No

Restoration w.e.f (JCO)
Fare structure
21.07.2021 to UFA
Fully Reserved with Shatabdi Fare
LWCZAC- 9+ LWFCZAC 1+ LWLRRM 2=12 Coaches
21.07.2021 to UFA
Ex UBL on Wed (Weekly)
21.07.2021 to UFA
MSPC with Fully Reserved
ACCW-1+ACCN-2+GSCN-7 +GS-5+SLR-2 =17 Coaches
Ex MAS on Thur (Weekly)
22.07.2021 to UFA
Jul 03 (12:40) The Nomenclature System of Locomotives on IR (
IR Affairs

News Entry# 458083  Blog Entry# 5003371   
  Past Edits
Jul 03 2021 (12:41)
Station Tag: SSS Hubballi Junction (Hubli)/UBL added by Adittyaa Sharma/1421836

Jul 03 2021 (12:41)
Station Tag: Nagpur Junction/NGP added by Adittyaa Sharma/1421836

Jul 03 2021 (12:40)
Station Tag: Durg Junction/DURG added by Adittyaa Sharma/1421836

Jul 03 2021 (12:40)
Station Tag: Chengalpattu Junction/CGL added by Adittyaa Sharma/1421836

Jul 03 2021 (12:40)
Station Tag: MGR Chennai Central/MAS added by Adittyaa Sharma/1421836

Jul 03 2021 (12:40)
Station Tag: Pune Junction/PUNE added by Adittyaa Sharma/1421836

Jul 03 2021 (12:40)
Station Tag: Igatpuri/IGP added by Adittyaa Sharma/1421836

Jul 03 2021 (12:40)
Station Tag: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus/CSMT added by Adittyaa Sharma/1421836

Jul 03 2021 (12:40)
Station Tag: Shimla/SML added by Adittyaa Sharma/1421836

Jul 03 2021 (12:40)
Station Tag: Kalka/KLK added by Adittyaa Sharma/1421836
All travellers and enthusiasts would have observed, during their journeys, the alphanumeric numbers, such as 'WAP-7', 'WAG-9' boldly painted on the body of the locomotives operating on the Indian Railways. This article attempts to explain the system for nomenclature adopted by the Indian Railways for the locomotives operating on the Indian Railways. The numbering system of locomotives comprises two parts. First, the code prefix such as 'WDM-2' or 'WAM-4' denotes the type/class of the loco; second, a serial number such as '17604'. Each letter in the code prefix has a specific significance, and the understanding of this would help us understand the nomenclature adopted on IR and the varied types of locomotives running on the IR. The first (left-most) letter denotes the gauge. Thus, 'W' stands for Broad Gauge, 'Y' is Metre Gauge, and 'Z' is Narrow Gauge. We will normally see one of these letters as the first letter in...
the number of the loco.
The Steam Era
In the bygone era, life was simple because there was only one category of the loco, based on the fuel is used. Those were days of the elegant, huffing and puffing steam locos, also colloquially called 'coal engines'. In those days, on the broad gauge, we had:
The letters 'P' and 'G' indicated Passenger service and Goods service, respectively. This means that 'WP' was a broad gauge passenger service loco, while 'WG' was a broad gauge goods service loco. Due to the shift to diesel and electric traction, both these locos are no longer in service on IR and can be seen only in museums.
On the metre gauge, we had the omnipresent 'YP' class locos, which had a flat front unlike their broad-gauge counterparts (WP). The goods trains on the metre gauge were pulled by 'YG' class locos, which had a look similar to the 'YP' locos.
Thus, in the days of steam traction, the second letter indicated the loco's 'service class' and mainly the 'WP'. 'WG', 'YP' & 'YG' class of steam locos dominated the IR scene.
The Change from Coal to Diesel Fuel
Then, in the sixties came diesel traction, and life became a little more difficult. Most of the diesel locos operating on the broad gauge are 'WDM-2' series, where 'W' is Broad Gauge, 'D' is Diesel, and 'M' is 'Mixed' (service). These versatile locos, made in India at DLW, Varanasi under license from ALCO, USA, have put in an exceedingly meritorious and long service in hauling passenger and goods trains, both singly and in pairs.
The number '2' indicates that it is a second-generation loco from the design technology perspective. Its predecessor, 'WDM-1', was used in much smaller numbers and were last seen on the Durg-Nagpur section of South Eastern Railway, hauling goods trains. The peculiarity of the WDM-1 was that it had the driver's cab only on one end, while the other end was flat -- like the ends of passenger coaches. So, while it appeared flush with the load behind it, the WDM- 1 had to be reversed for the journey in the opposite direction. On the other hand, 'WDM-2', though unsymmetrical, can be used in any direction without the need of reversing, thanks to the design of its driver's cab.
WDM-2's cousin on the metre gauge is an equally versatile 'YDM-4', while that on the narrow gauge is ZDM-1. You will also find 'WDS-4' bringing passenger trains into the platform at the starting stations. ('S' indicates 'shunting class'). Other variants such as 'WDP-1' ('P' for 'passenger service', and higher-powered (3100hp), 'WDP-2' and 'WDG-2' locos for passenger and goods service, respectively.
While 'WDM-2' and its related variants are based on ALCO designs, IR has recently gone in for a new technology, powerful (4000hp) locos based on the designs of General Motors, USA. These locos are christened 'WDG-4' ('G' for Goods), manufactured at DLW. These locos can be seen operating on the Hubli Division of the South Central Railway, hauling goods trains carrying bulk ore.
On the narrow gauge, locos such as 'ZDM' operate on Kangra Valley Railway and Kalka-Shimla Railway. In contrast, other narrow gauge variants pull tourist trains on the Neral-Matheran Railway near Mumbai.
The Electric Locomotives
The advent and the progress of Electric Traction have further complicated the numbering system. From a simple 'WP' or 'WG', we now move on to more complex nomenclatures such as 'WCAM-3', an addition of as many as 3 characters. But this addition is not without adequate meaning, as we will realise after the following discussion.
Electricity comes in two forms -- AC (Alternating Current) and DC (Direct Current). On Indian Railways, the Mumbai-Pune, Mumbai-Igatpuri and Mumbai-Virar sections are fed by DC supply (1,500V DC), while all other sections are fed by AC supply (25,000V AC). Therefore, the nomenclature system for electric locos includes a letter to differentiate between locos with DC traction from those with AC traction. As per this system, 'A' indicates 'AC traction' while 'C' indicates 'DC traction (not 'D' to avoid any confusion with diesel). One can, therefore, find 'WCG' class locos (Broad Gauge, DC traction, Goods duty) operating on the Mumbai Division, while their counterparts 'WAG' locos haul broad gauge goods trains on AC traction elsewhere on LR. Similarly, trains, such as Mumbai-Pune Deccan Queen Express were, till recently, hauled by gigantic 'WCM-l' and 'WCM-5' ('M' for 'Mixed' service, just as in 'WDM-2'), while Mail/Express trains in the other parts of the country are powered by AC electric locos such as 'WAM-4' (Broad Gauge, AC Traction, Mixed service).
The WAM-4 Ioco has been produced in vast numbers (upward of 500) and is in service very widely in India. Its predecessor, WAM-1/2/3, can be seen operating on Eastern Railway, for instance, on Sealdah Division. 'WAG-2' is of Hitachi design and operates mainly on the Bhusawal Division of Central Railway. This is a very handsome-looking loco, which is also the case with its 'younger brother', the 'YAM-1' used for hauling trains on the only electrified metre gauge section on IR, namely the Chennai-Chengalpattu section. Under Project Umgauge being implemented by the railways, this section will get converted to broad gauge, and rail enthusiasts will surely miss the sight of this lovely loco hauling a load of metre gauge coaches.
What WAM-4 is to Mail/Express trains, 'WAG-5' is to goods trains operating on the broad gauge. The WAG-S is the most common loco for hauling BG freight trains on AC traction. More than 700 locos of this variety can be seen on LR.
Driven by the ever-growing need for more speed & power, we have seen technological advancements on the IR scene too. Thus we now can commonly see a huge, 5000 horsepower, red-coloured, and well-contoured loco, the 'WAP-4' hauling super-fast Mail pr Express trains of as many as 24 coaches in various parts of the country. This BG-AC Passenger Service loco is capable of achieving speeds up to 140 kilometres per hour. Its predecessors, the 'WAP-l' and 'WAP-3' can be found in much lesser numbers -- they were probably used to improve the designs, which has now been adopted on the 'WAP4.'
Classification of Locomotives:
Antiquity System, 
Early locomotives in India had a bewildering variety of classification schemes. Regional railways had their own classification schemes too. For more details, refer to reference works such as Hugh Hughes' classic 4-volume work on Indian locomotives.
The first BESA standard classes appeared in 1903. The HPS, SPS, HGS, and SGS steam loco classes were quite popular. HP = Heavy Passenger, SP = Standard Passenger, HG = Heavy Goods, SG = Standard Goods. In these, the suffix 'S' stands for 'superheated'. An alternative suffix 'C' indicates a conversion to superheating, e.g. SGC. A suffix 'M' was sometimes used to mean 'modified' for variant designs. However, these classification codes were universally adopted, and various railways had their own schemes.
In 1924, when IR decided to classify engines, the initial notation was:
The IRS (Indian Railway Standard) classes XA, XB, XC, XD, XE, and others in the 'X' series for BG; YA, YB, YC, YD, and YE for MG; and ZA, ZB, ZC, ZD, ZE, ZF for 2'6" NG; and QA, QB, QC for 2' NG, were all adopted as standards by the Locomotive Standards Committee by 1925 or soon thereafter.
In fact, the Q classes were never built, and of the Z classes, only ZB and ZE (and a modified version of ZF to agree with existing locos) classes were built. The same manufacturer built not all locos of a given class. Some of these class designations were re-used later (e.g., ZD). In 1945, 'IRS' became 'IGR' (Indian Government Railway Standard), although the class notations remained.
'W' was used for broad-gauge instead of 'X' soon after World War II, introducing the WP and WG locomotives. 'Q' was also replaced by the 'N' code. Some early electrics had codes beginning with 'E' (EF, EM, EG, etc.), but after about 1945, when diesel and electric locos were included in the scheme, the codes for motive power were added (D, A, C, CA, B), which have remained unchanged.
Locos, except for older steam ones, have classification codes that identify them. This code is of the form '[gauge][power][load][series][subtype][suffix]'
In this the first item, '[gauge]', is a single letter identifying the gauge the loco runs on:
The second item, '[power]', is one or two letters identifying the power source:
The third item, '[load]', is a single letter identifying the kind of load the loco is normally used for:
The fourth item, '[series]', is a digit distinguishing the loco model. Until recently, this serial number was assigned chronologically as new types of locos were added.
The fifth item, '[subtype]', is an optional letter or number (or two of them) that indicates some smaller variation in the basic model or series, perhaps different motors, or a different manufacturer. With the new scheme for classifying diesel locos, the fifth item is a letter that further refines the horsepower indication in 100HP increments: 'A' for 100HP, 'B' for 200HP, 'C' for 300HP, etc. So in this system, a WDM-3A refers to a 3100HP loco, while a WDM-3F would be a 3600HP loco.
The last item, '[suffix]', is an optional indication that indicates something special about the loco, such as a different gearing ratio or brake system than usual.
Jun 29 (11:45) Herald: Storm brews up in South Goa over SWR’s land acquisition proposal (
Other News
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 457670  Blog Entry# 4998649   
  Past Edits
Jun 29 2021 (11:45)
Station Tag: SSS Hubballi Junction (Hubli)/UBL added by Trains are a beautiful communication model/2064393

Jun 29 2021 (11:45)
Station Tag: Tinai Ghat/TGT added by Trains are a beautiful communication model/2064393

Jun 29 2021 (11:45)
Station Tag: Hosapete Junction (Hospet)/HPT added by Trains are a beautiful communication model/2064393

Jun 29 2021 (11:45)
Station Tag: Vasco-da-Gama/VSG added by Trains are a beautiful communication model/2064393

Jun 29 2021 (11:45)
Train Tag: Howrah - Vasco-Da-Gama Amaravati Express Special/08047 added by Trains are a beautiful communication model/2064393
TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 2021
Storm brews up in South Goa over SWR’s land acquisition proposal
VASCO: South Goa is bracing up for yet another battle against double tracking with the civil society members including panchayats voicing their opposition to the South Western Railway (SWR) proposal to acquire other areas in Cansaulim, Velsao and Arossim. 
may be recalled that in a gazette notification, the SWR said it does not require the land of the farmers in Curchorem and Cacora for executing the special railway project of doubling the lines between Hospet-Tinaighat and Vasco-da-Gama.
Instead, it listed a proposal to acquire other pieces of land in Curchorem, Cacora, Davorlim, Velsao, Cansaulim and Arossim for the project, inviting objections within 30 days.
The SWR proposal has upset the civil society members who have now threatened to launch another agitation if people's voices are suppressed and their views bulldozed.
The people said they had high expectations that the State and the Central governments would listen to pleas against the double tracking project. However, the Indian Railways has withdrawn the acquisition of land in Curchorem and Cacora which was undertaken in December last year.
The Civil society members from Goa, who have been fighting tooth and nail against the three linear projects, said they were shocked and annoyed with the proposal.
Abhijeet Prabhudessai of Goyant Kollso Naka (GKN) said, "We totally condemn the proposal to acquire more land. The transportation of coal is not only against the wishes of Goans but also a threat to the very existence of humanity. If our government fails to drop this plan then our future generation will hold it responsible for the mass extinction of various species and endangering the lives of our children. GKN will fight to stop this.”
Olencio Simões of Goencho Ekvott (GE) and Goenchea Ramponkarancho Ekvott (GRE) said, “It is very clear that the National Security Act (NSA) order has been implemented in South Goa during monsoon to undertake such works. Our people including the panchayats are firm on opposing the double tracking. We are against the existing land acquisition done for the purpose of double tracking and the new proposal has been placed recently.” 
“This project is against the interest and wishes of the people and if the government goes ahead, the people will teach it a lesson in the upcoming elections. We will take to the streets if need be," he warned.
Orville Dourado Rodrigues, VACAD founder member said, “Since 2008, the people from the villages in the South Goa’s coastal belt have been protesting the land acquisition for the double tracking. Central and State governments are going ahead with this project neglecting people's views. They must understand that people, panchayats and civil society members will fight tooth and nail. We will come on the streets if need be.” 
Rodrigues accused the government of systematically using its machinery to sabotage the movement and voices of the people against this project. He warned that the people won’t bow down and instead seek legal remedy if required.
“The government has no spine to take a stand and work as per the wishes of the people. Is the government trying to “sell” Goa to the central agencies? Half of Goa's area has come under Central agencies such as MPT, defence forces etc, what more the government wants to do," Swapnesh Sherlekar of Goencho Avaaz Party questioned. 
“This government is totally incompetent. Due to various mega projects much of the land has gone to the Central agencies. How can new land acquisition be allowed when the people have agitated against the existing land acquisition process," Sherlekar asked.
Cansaulim sarpanch Jose Maria Furtado said, “I was taken aback with the new land acquisition in Cansaulim and Velsao areas. The panchayat will support the people and will oppose the double tracking project.”
Expressing similar views, Velsao sarpanch Henrique D'Mello said, “People have agitated, opposed and even took to the streets opposing the double tracking and land acquisition. The panchayat will continue to remain with the villagers come what may.”

3 Public Posts - Tue Jun 29, 2021

2 Public Posts - Wed Jun 30, 2021

Jun 30 (23:48)
Vicky~   7625 blog posts
Re# 4998649-6            Tags   Past Edits
Late Shri George Fernandes had the vision to complete KR by whatever means necessary so it happened.

Jun 30 (23:56)
Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour
sachinature~   7532 blog posts
Re# 4998649-7            Tags   Past Edits
Now also why SWR is listening to them, they should move ahead with force. Railways projects are mostly National Project.

Jul 01 (00:00)
Vicky~   7625 blog posts
Re# 4998649-8            Tags   Past Edits
As a native Goan I can clearly say that most of this has a Portuguese passport working in UK and other EU countries. Finding a decent paying job in Goa is becoming difficult day by day most of us Goans are literally trying with all our might to make it to Arab nations or UK to earn a decent living. This lobby who earn lavishly abroad convince some fools here and oppose all kinds of development works.
These people will take Goa back to stone ages and nothing else. I hope Railways and the Central Government break their spine as hard as possible to complete the necessary works.
simply wonder how foolish my fellow Goans are who cry all days of not earning decent incomes compared to youth in metropolitan areas of Karnataka and Maharashtra but at the same time oppose development in the name of preserving "Goykarpan" which means essence of being a Goan when everyday they are becoming less and less Indian and also logical thinkers.
Personally I'm literally tired of hunting for a decent job here in so called high GDP state and now trying hard to go abroad to UAE as these people will bring down Goa with them without realising the Portuguese passport holders only want one thing ie. come to Goa once in a year for a month or two and enjoy their holidays like the British used to in Shimla but the problem is for us living here we don't want Goa as a holiday home but a high industrial state so we can enjoy our holidays somewhere else too.
Thanks for reading this long rant of mine 🙏

Jul 01 (00:02)
Saurabhdubey_86^~   25813 blog posts
Re# 4998649-9            Tags   Past Edits
ground level politics involved...

Jul 01 (00:09)
Saurabhdubey_86^~   25813 blog posts
Re# 4998649-10            Tags   Past Edits
I understand... being a holidaying destination is a different thing but becoming a state providing basics of life to its local residents take a lot of effort other than saving environment.
Similar problems faced by youths of Uttarakhand, Himanchal and Kashmir also.
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