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Ganga Sagar Express - सारे तीर्थ बार-बार, गंगासागर एक बार - Rahul Kumar

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MRJ/Miraj Junction (6 PFs)
मिरज जंक्शन     मिरज जंक्शन

Track: Construction - Doubling+Electrification

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Jn. Pt. PUNE/DD/UBL/KOP/KWV, Near City Post Office, Station Road, Tel: 0233-2222081, Miraj 416410
State: Maharashtra

Zone: CR/Central   Division: Pune

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Type of Station: Junction
Number of Platforms: 6
Number of Halting Trains: 112
Number of Originating Trains: 13
Number of Terminating Trains: 13
Rating: 3.8/5 (88 votes)
cleanliness - good (11)
porters/escalators - good (11)
food - good (11)
transportation - good (11)
lodging - good (11)
railfanning - good (11)
sightseeing - good (11)
safety - good (11)
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Station News

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Jul 30 (12:55) बारिश से रेल यातायात प्रभावित : गोंदिया–कोल्हापुर स्पेशल ट्रेन मिरज तक (
Major Accidents/Disruptions

News Entry# 460614  Blog Entry# 5028248   
  Past Edits
Jul 30 2021 (12:55)
Station Tag: Miraj Junction/MRJ added by TC4D/1912644
Stations:  Miraj Junction/MRJ  
डिजिटल डेस्क, नागपुर । पंचगंगा नदी में बाढ़ व भारी बारिश के चलते रेल यातायात बुरी तरह प्रभावित हुआ है। परिस्थितियों को देखते हुए दपूम रेल प्रशासन द्वारा 28 जुलाई से 31 जुलाई तक ट्रेन संख्या 01040 गोंदिया-कोल्हापुर स्पेशल ट्रेन को मिरज तक ही चलाने का निर्णय लिया गया है। यह ट्रेन गोंदिया से मिरज तक व वापसी में मिरज से गोंदिया तक ही चलेगी।  इस ट्रेन के मिरज से कोल्हापुर के बीच परिचालन को रद्द कर दिया गया है
Jun 26 (22:16) Karnataka High Court Seeks Railways Response On Plea To Reduce Train Speed In Forest Routes (
Other News
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 457407  Blog Entry# 4996426   
  Past Edits
Jun 26 2021 (22:16)
Station Tag: Gadag Junction/GDG added by Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour/48335

Jun 26 2021 (22:16)
Station Tag: SSS Hubballi Junction (Hubli)/UBL added by Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour/48335

Jun 26 2021 (22:16)
Station Tag: Ambewadi/AVA added by Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour/48335

Jun 26 2021 (22:16)
Station Tag: Alnavar Junction/LWR added by Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour/48335

Jun 26 2021 (22:16)
Station Tag: Belagavi (Belgaum)/BGM added by Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour/48335

Jun 26 2021 (22:16)
Station Tag: Dharwad/DWR added by Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour/48335

Jun 26 2021 (22:16)
Station Tag: Miraj Junction/MRJ added by Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour/48335

Jun 26 2021 (22:16)
Station Tag: Londa Junction/LD added by Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour/48335

Jun 26 2021 (22:16)
Station Tag: Vasco-da-Gama/VSG added by Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour/48335

Jun 26 2021 (22:16)
Station Tag: Hosapete Junction (Hospet)/HPT added by Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour/48335
The Karnataka High Court has directed the Union Ministry of Railways and other respondents to file in a months time their statement of objections to a petition filed seeking to reduce speed limit of trains passing through dense forest during the night time on the Hospet-Vasco and Londa-Miraj railway line, to avoid animals being hit by speeding trains.
A division bench of Chief Justice Abhay Oka and Justice Suraj Govindaraj while hearing a petition filed by one Giridhar Kulkarni. The plea states that the two railway lines pass through dense forest areas of Dharwad, Belagavi and Haliyal territorial forest divisions including Dandeli Sanctuary. These forests are home to many endangered and endemic species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians like tiger, elephant,
gaur and other animals. Many of these animals are listed under schedule 1 of Wildlife Protection Act.
The plea also states that according to records collected by the petitioner, since 2014 an alarming number of accidents have occured on the two railway lines due to overspeeding trains resulting in the death of 60 various wild animals including 2 elephants, 49 indian gaur, 5 sambars, 1 sloth bear, 1 wild dog, 1 wild pig and a deer. Further it is said if the headcount of other reptiles and amphibians are accounted for the number reaches dismal proportions.
The petition refers to the two orders passed by the Supreme Court in WP no 107 of 2013 by which the apex court issued directions to the railways all over the country to reduce the speed limit of running trains that are passing through dense forest. In case a speed limit is not followed, appropriate action should be taken against the erring drivers and officials concerned.
It is also claimed that petitioner has made several representations to the authorities and even by Forest officials to the Railways for undertaking mitigating measures there has been no steps taken and deaths of wild animals continue to take place due to train accidents on the Hospet-Vasco and Londa-Miraj, railway lines.
The petitioner has also said that failure of Railways to take necessary steps to avoid accidents of wild animals with trains despite several requests made, is in violation of precautionary principle and the principles of integrated equity and sustainable development upheld by the Apex court in many cases. Further, the respondents failure to protect the wildlife is in clear violation of the fundamental duty of the respondent under Article 48A of the Constitution of India.
It is said that since the alternate railway line between Belagavi and Dharwad districts via Kittur has already been sanctioned by the state, it is important that steps are taken to establish the same at the earliest to render the Hospet-Vasco and Londa-Miraj railway lines redundant.
The plea prays for directions to the respondents to form a joint committee and conduct a joint inspection and prepare a mitigation plan in detail explaining the measures to be taken to prevent train accidents of wild animals. Direct the Ministry of Railways to consider and implement all suggestions given by the committee. Further to direct the Ministry of railways to strictly comply with orders of the Supreme Court by reducing the speed limit of running trains on the two railway lines while passing through dense forest. It is also prayed for directing the railways to take up mitigation measures like constructing underpass/overpass, putting proper signage boards to alert loco-pilots, and educating the loco-pilots regarding the necessity to reduce speed limit while passing through forest.

Rail News
Jun 26 (22:18)
Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour
sachinature~   7544 blog posts
Re# 4996426-1            Tags   Past Edits
Looks like all Exp/SF trains will be diverted via new Kittur line, once completed. Londa line will be left with only trains to Goa.

Jun 28 (09:58)
Vicky~   7631 blog posts
Re# 4996426-2            Tags   Past Edits
These petitioners are a complete joke of human intelligence. Will reducing train speeds at only night solve the problems of animals being run over by trains ??
Instead of suggesting such stupid measures they should have suggested building some strong walls near the sensitive areas and construction of underpasses for animals crossings at regular intervals.
And why always target railways what about animals being ran over by road vehicles. I see cats dogs cows and snakes being ran over over by rash drivers everyday no one asks for speed limts there why
only Railways ??
Clearly these seem to be attempts by the lobby of bus operators who are literally scared looking the progress SWR is making in terms of doubling and electrification works.
I think it's time now Railways themselves take up the issue of animals being ran over and do something positive like construction of strong barriers around the tracks and underpasses for animals to cross safely. I think Railways should have developed such measures long back when such incidents were regularly reported in Assam.
Strong economic development with environment protection should be the way and not environment protection at the cost of halting development.

Jun 29 (18:07)
irifan2015   1248 blog posts
Re# 4996426-3            Tags   Past Edits
First let us get new lines -- Tumkur Rayadurga, Tumkur Chitradurga Davanagere and Dharwad Belgaum. Nothing is in progress.

Jun 30 (11:01)
Pit line at Bjp is need of the hour
sachinature~   7544 blog posts
Re# 4996426-4            Tags   Past Edits
yes very slow progress.
Mar 27 (13:14) मिरज-शेणोलीदरम्यान रेल्वेमार्गाच्या विद्युतीकरणाची चाचणी यशस्वी (

News Entry# 447178  Blog Entry# 4921177   
  Past Edits
Mar 27 2021 (13:14)
Station Tag: Miraj Junction/MRJ added by Siddharth Jain/720659
Stations:  Miraj Junction/MRJ  
मध्य रेल्वेच्या पुणे विभागातर्फे मिरज-शेणोलीदरम्यान रेल्वेमार्गाच्या विद्युतीकरणाची रेल्वे सुरक्षा आयुक्त ए.के. जैन, सुरक्षा निरीक्षक आर.के. शर्मा यांच्या उपस्थितीत शुक्रवारी चाचणी पार पडली. मार्गावर विद्युत इंजिनाने ६४ किलाेमीटरचे अंतर ६० मिनिटांत पूर्ण केले. विद्युत इंजिनाची चाचणी यशस्वी झाल्याचे रेल्वे अधिकाऱ्यांनी सांगितले. चाचणीदरम्यान रेल्वे इंजीनचा सर्वाेच्च वेग १५० किलाेमीटर प्रतितास
हाेता. पुणे-मिरज-लोंढा रेल्वेमार्गावर विद्युतीकरणासह दुहेरीकरणाचे काम सुरू आहे. मिरज-पुणे रेल्वेमार्गावर बहुतांश ठिकाणी विद्युतीकरण पूर्ण झाले आहे. मिरज-शेणोलीदरम्यान ६४ किलाेमीटर मार्गाचे विद्युतीकरण पूर्ण झाले असून दोन महिन्यांपूर्वी मिरज-शेणोलीदरम्यान विद्युतचाचणी घेण्यात आली होती. शुक्रवारी रेल्वे सुरक्षा आयुक्तांच्या उपस्थितीत मध्य रेल्वेतर्फे शेणोली-ताकारी व मिरज-शेणोलीदरम्यान ताशी १५० किलाेमीटर वेगाने विद्युत इंजिनाची चाचणी पार पडली.
यादरम्यान विद्युतीकरणाचे काम पूर्ण झाल्यानंतर एक्स्प्रेस, पॅसेंजरचा वेग वाढणार असल्याचे रेल्वे अधिकाऱ्यांनी सांगितले. शुक्रवारी दुपारी मिरज स्थानकातून ह.भ.प. ज्ञानेश्वर पोतदार (महाराज) यांच्या हस्ते विद्युत इंजीनची पूजा करून चाचणी घेऊन विशेष रेल्वे रवाना करण्यात आली. मिरज-पुणे मार्गावर ताकारी-शेणोली, फुरसुंगी-पुणे यादरम्यान दुहेरीकरण व मिरजेपर्यंत विद्युतीकरण पूर्ण झाले आहे. त्याची यशस्वी चाचणी पार पडली. मिरज-कोल्हापूर रेल्वेमार्गाचेही विद्युतीकरण पूर्ण झाले आहे. रेल्वे सुरक्षा आयुक्तांनी रेल्वे मार्गाचे दुहेरीकरण, विद्युतीकरणासह मिरज स्थानकात फलाट क्रमांक १ व ३ वर बसविण्यात आलेल्या लिफ्टची व स्थानकात सुरू असलेल्या विविध कामांची पाहणी केली.
Web Title: Successful test of electrification of railway line between Miraj-Shenoli
Mar 11 (09:49) ‘Resume Kolhapur to Solapur train’ (
Commentary/Human Interest

News Entry# 443986  Blog Entry# 4903586   
  Past Edits
Mar 11 2021 (09:49)
Station Tag: Miraj Junction/MRJ added by Anupam Enosh Sarkar/401739

Mar 11 2021 (09:49)
Station Tag: Pandharpur/PVR added by Anupam Enosh Sarkar/401739

Mar 11 2021 (09:49)
Station Tag: Solapur/SUR added by Anupam Enosh Sarkar/401739

Mar 11 2021 (09:49)
Station Tag: Kolhapur SCSMT/KOP added by Anupam Enosh Sarkar/401739
KOLHAPUR: The railway activists have demanded the resumption of train service between Kolhapur to Solapur, which was halted before the Covid outbreak due to the low footfall of passengers.
Currently, the train leaving from Solapur stops is Miraj for nearly four hours and returns to Solapur on the same day. The activists have written to the divisional manager’s office of Central Railway (CR) to extend the train up to Kolhapur to cater to the passengers travelling to destinations like Pandharpur and Solapur.
Many used to travel to Solapur by a late night train
from Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Terminus and after reaching Solapur, the passengers can easily get a bus to any place in Marathwada.
Shivnath Biyani, an activist of Railway Pravasi Sanghatana said, “Citing various reasons, the CR has cancelled various trains. We are demanding to resume services along the routes which have good footfall even on normal days. Thousands of pilgrims board Solapur bound train to reach Pandharpur twice a year. Many passengers found the train service convenient. We are unable to understand the logic to halt the train at Miraj and that too for over four hours. During this period, it can arrive in Kolhapur and go back to Miraj.”
He said 14 trains were running from Kolhapur station every day before the pandemic and now the services have been resumed to just five destinations from Kolhapur.
Jan 24 (00:26) Coaching depot & 3rd gate RoB Phase 1 to be completed by April 2021 (
New Facilities/Technology
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 434839  Blog Entry# 4854923   
  Past Edits
Jan 24 2021 (00:26)
Station Tag: Khanapur/KNP added by KSK is SWR HQ SK now serving its actual purpose/48335

Jan 24 2021 (00:26)
Station Tag: Kudachi/KUD added by KSK is SWR HQ SK now serving its actual purpose/48335

Jan 24 2021 (00:26)
Station Tag: Ghataprabha/GPB added by KSK is SWR HQ SK now serving its actual purpose/48335

Jan 24 2021 (00:26)
Station Tag: Miraj Junction/MRJ added by KSK is SWR HQ SK now serving its actual purpose/48335

Jan 24 2021 (00:26)
Station Tag: Londa Junction/LD added by KSK is SWR HQ SK now serving its actual purpose/48335

Jan 24 2021 (00:26)
Station Tag: Belagavi (Belgaum)/BGM added by KSK is SWR HQ SK now serving its actual purpose/48335
Shri Iranna Kadadi, Hon’ble MP, (Rajya Sabha) today visited Rail Soudha, SWR Head quarters to discuss issues pertaining to Belagavi constituency with Shri Ajay Kumar Singh, GM/SWR and other railway officers. Shri Arvind Malkhede, Divisional Railway Manager, Hubballi, Shri Anil Pavithran, PCCM/SWR, Shri H M Dinesh, CPTM/SWR, , Shri T V Bhusan, CE/CN-II/Hubballi, Smt E Vijaya, DGM & CPRO/SWR and Shri Arun G Patil, AGM/RVNL were present in the meeting.
Hon’ble MP, Shri Iranna Kadadi enquired about the
progress of works of re-development works of Belagavi station and coaching depot being taken up at Belagavi.
Shri Ajay Kumar Singh, GM/SWR informed that the new station building at Belagavi is being constructed in 3 blocks. Slab and masonry works all the 3 floors of the both side blocks were completed and finishing works are in progress. Work in the Central block, is in progress.
First Floor Slab on Central block work completed in Nov.2020, slab planned for second and third floors of Central block in Jan. 2021 and Feb 2021 respectively. It was informed that the work of the Coaching depot in Belagavi is targeted to be completed in April 2021.
On the status of doubling of Londa – Miraj section, it was informed that section between Raybag-Chinchili-Kudachi was targeted commissioning in March 2021. The whole section from Londa to Miraj is targeted for commissioning in 2023. Work at the following New station buildings on the section was completed at Khanapur; Desur; Idhalhonda; Ghataprabha; Chikodi Road; Chinchili. Work of new station buildings is in progress at Gunji; Sambre; Sulebhavi; Raybag; Kudachi. Station Building work will be taken up at Suldhal; Pachapur; Gokak Road; Shedbal also.
Hon’ble MP enquired the status of cost-sharing work of Road overbridge at LC No.381 i.e Tilakawadi Gate No.03 at Belagavi City. It was informed that work is in progress for first two lanes and targeted for completion by April, 2021. After completion of first two lanes, remaining two lanes work will be taken up. For remaining 5 ROBs in and around Belagavi, Permission for closure of Road, consent for cost sharing, sparing of funds is awaited and works will be taken up once the same are received.
Hon’be MP, requested GM for resuming short distance underserved passenger trains for facilitating public travel which were cancelled in view of Covid -19 pandemic lock down w.e.f 22.03.2020. It was informed that restoration of train services is being done as per the instructions of Ministry of Railways in consultation with Ministry of Health and Home Affairs.
Shri Ajay Kumar Singh, GM/SWR stated that demands raised by Hon’ble MP will be examined and necessary action will be taken. He has assured Hon’ble MP that projects are being taken up expeditiously for developing infrastructure
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