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Purvanchal Express - Poorvottar ka Sikandar

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Thu May 13 15:44:35 IST
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VEN/Verna (1 PFs)

Track: Construction - Single-Line Electrification

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Tel: 0832-2754289,Nagoa - Cansaulim Road, Verna Tal. Salcete, Dist. South Goa 403722
State: Goa

Elevation: 9 m above sea level
Zone: KR/Konkan   Division: Karwar

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Type of Station: Regular
Number of Platforms: 1
Number of Halting Trains: 8
Number of Originating Trains: 0
Number of Terminating Trains: 0
Rating: 2.1/5 (7 votes)
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Station News

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Mar 18 2020 (09:45) Steps & measures taken by Konkan Railway to control spreading of Corona virus (
Other News

News Entry# 403088  Blog Entry# 4595229   
  Past Edits
Mar 18 2020 (09:46)
Station Tag: Udupi/UD added by Forever Railfan^~/248735

Mar 18 2020 (09:46)
Station Tag: Karwar/KAWR added by Forever Railfan^~/248735

Mar 18 2020 (09:46)
Station Tag: Madgaon Junction/MAO added by Forever Railfan^~/248735

Mar 18 2020 (09:46)
Station Tag: Verna/VEN added by Forever Railfan^~/248735

Mar 18 2020 (09:46)
Station Tag: Ratnagiri/RN added by Forever Railfan^~/248735

Mar 18 2020 (09:46)
Station Tag: Chiplun/CHI added by Forever Railfan^~/248735
In view of the recent developments regarding the novel corona virus (COVID-19), Konkan Railway has taken up the following preventive measures to curb the spreading of the virus over Konkan Railway route:
1. Regular intensive fogging, cleaning and disinfection on all Konkan Railway owned trains, major stations covering PFs, circulating area, FOBs, staircases, toilets, booking offices, waiting rooms, retiring rooms, desks counters, door handles knobs and hand touched areas etc.
2. A 24 X7 helpline number 10722 is activated for providing information of hospitals for the treatment of Corona over Konkan
Railway route.
3. Blankets & curtains withdrawn from AC coaches.
4. As preventive measure, hand sanitizers and masks are provided to all Officers and Staff interacting with passengers.
5.COVID-19 awarenesss related posters of Dos & Don'ts, public announcement at PFs for ensuring mass public awareness etc are regularly being done.
6. Non essential public meetings & gatherings are being avoided.
7. 60 beds are Kept for isolation under the supervision of Medical Officer and Paramedical Staff at various health units of Konkan Railway. (Total 60 Beds : Chiplun – 07 , Ratnagiri – 20, Verna -08, Madgaon – 10, Karwar – 05, Udupi – 10).
8. Educating health care workers, patients, their visitors and front line staff to practice Hand, respiratory hygiene and maintaining safe distance.
9. Awareness seminars on COVID-19 are being organized over Konkan Railway route for Housekeeping, Commercial, Running and front line staff.
Jul 05 2019 (12:30) Modernisation of Konkan Railway to boost tourism (
New Facilities/Technology

News Entry# 386041  Blog Entry# 4370248   
  Past Edits
Jul 05 2019 (12:31)
Station Tag: Mangaluru Junction (Mangalore)/MAJN added by 12649⭐️ KSK ⭐️12650^~/1203948

Jul 05 2019 (12:31)
Station Tag: Madgaon Junction/MAO added by 12649⭐️ KSK ⭐️12650^~/1203948

Jul 05 2019 (12:31)
Station Tag: Veer/VEER added by 12649⭐️ KSK ⭐️12650^~/1203948

Jul 05 2019 (12:31)
Station Tag: Verna/VEN added by 12649⭐️ KSK ⭐️12650^~/1203948

Jul 05 2019 (12:31)
Station Tag: Roha/ROHA added by 12649⭐️ KSK ⭐️12650^~/1203948
Margao: Part doubling of the Konkan Railway route, setting up of new stations, route electrification and other capacity enhancement works that are under way, will boost tourism in the Konkan region, deputy general manager (public relations) of the Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd, Baban Ghatge, said. Doubling of the 46km Veer Roha section is expected to be completed by the year-end, while electrification of the 740km-long Konkan Railway route is likely to be complete by 2020. Ghatge said construction of a fifth platform and an additional line was also in progress at the Margao railway station.The Konkan Railway’s capacity augmentation project comprises 141km doubling of critical portions, development of 11 new stations, addition of eight loop lines to increase line capacity and route electrification. While one loop line has already been commissioned at Murdeshwar, Karnataka, the rest are expected to be completed by this December or early months of 2020.Ghatge told TOI...
that capacity augmentation was aimed at reducing travel time and providing better amenities to passengers. “Development of new stations will lead to the division of block sections, thus reducing the time wasted on train crossings at stations,” he explained.Electrification of the entire route, which is estimated to cost Rs 1,400 crore, is being executed by two separate agencies from both ends of the route to ensure speedy completion. For this purpose, the route has been divided into two sections: One from Roha in Maharashtra to Verna, and the second from Verna to Thokur in Mangaluru.

13 Public Posts - Fri Jul 05, 2019

Jul 06 2019 (15:40)
Vicky~   7592 blog posts
Re# 4370248-14            Tags   Past Edits
MAO SVM and SVM QLM doubling works are going at great pace might get completed by Q2 or Q3 of 2021 if continues at same pace.
Regarding Majorda Vasco I had read somewhere on internet it was stuck due to some land acquisition around Vasco outers areas ie. as per a SWR official he did not mention objections at Majorda and Cansaulim.
There are some houses on the hills at VSG outers which needs to be destroyed so those people will have to be reallocated to other areas as compensation that
is the reason the official cited. Now regarding those houses and their residents most of the people residing in those houses are not Goan natives they are Non Goans. Now see the fun those who oppose doubling in the name of environment and heritage buildings are the same people who want to throw those outsiders Non Goans out of Goa.
Regarding the heritage buildings those are only located in between Majorda to Cansaulim around 5 kms and I don't think for laying new tracks those buildings will have to be demolished. These people are simply anti-establishment kind of.
Also who cares of the Portuguese heritage the same Portuguese who murdered thousands of Goans in the name of religion ?
I'm a native Goan and can clearly tell you the only obstruction for Majorda Vasco doubling is the reallocation of the people at VSG outers whose houses will be gone.

Jul 06 2019 (20:33)
Roshan Bhat^~   1568 blog posts
Re# 4370248-15            Tags   Past Edits
Is there enough space at Dabolim stn ? If yes, while Doubling SWR should seriously think of shifting MPT Main lines/Freight lines from Vasco stn. to Dabolim area. In that way additional Infrastructure for Passenger traffic can be utilised.
By the way, there is some land besides Vasco stn ( mostly south), near that school. Who owns that land any idea ?

Jul 06 2019 (22:03)
Vicky~   7592 blog posts
Re# 4370248-16            Tags   Past Edits
Dabolim there is not much scope. I think they are planning on laying some stabling lines at Chandor Railway station. There was a BTPN terminal at VSG on the tracks branching towards MPT demolished now also a BCNA loading was there. The tracks branching towards MPT there is scope to develop two to three stabling lines.

Jul 06 2019 (22:10)
Is paar ya us paar ⭐
BRCWAP7~   13259 blog posts
Re# 4370248-17            Tags   Past Edits
Konkan Railway Electrification .

Jul 07 2019 (09:30)
A2Z~   17166 blog posts
Re# 4370248-18            Tags   Past Edits
- doubling project of Konkan Railway was initiated by the then RM Mr. Prabhu.
- However, there were confusing reports in past regarding the project
- It was reported that Mr. Prabhu wanted to go for full stretch doubling of KR at cost of 10000-15000 Cr. Rs.
- Later it was reported that doubling shall be done in 3 patches i.e. from Roha
& Mangalore (Manglore-Udupi)ends, in addition to small stretch in Goa sector.
- Finally work could start from Roha to Veer (47 kms) which is likely to be completed in a year or two. Work from southern end/ Goa sector has probably not started yet. It was reported that work from Veer to Chiplun (81 kms) shall also be taken up.
- With departure of Mr Prabhu from Rly Ministry, KR doubling is no longer a priority. However, electrification is going on briskly, in line with IR policy to electrify all BG routes in coming few years.
Jun 10 2019 (17:02) Electrification of Konkan railway route by December 2020 (
New Facilities/Technology

News Entry# 383864  Blog Entry# 4339438   
  Past Edits
Jun 10 2019 (17:03)
Station Tag: Thokur/TOK added by 12649⭐️ KSK ⭐️12650^~/1203948

Jun 10 2019 (17:03)
Station Tag: Verna/VEN added by 12649⭐️ KSK ⭐️12650^~/1203948

Jun 10 2019 (17:03)
Station Tag: Roha/ROHA added by 12649⭐️ KSK ⭐️12650^~/1203948

Jun 10 2019 (17:03)
Station Tag: Madgaon Junction/MAO added by 12649⭐️ KSK ⭐️12650^~/1203948
Stations:  Madgaon Junction/MAO   Roha/ROHA   Verna/VEN   Thokur/TOK  
MARGAO: The Rs 1,400 crore electrification work of the 740-km Konkan railway route is expected to be complete by December 2020.Deputy general manager, public relations of Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd (KRCL), Baban Ghatge told TOI that the electrification work is under way from both ends of the route simultaneously. “The section has been divided in two parts - from Roha in Maharshtra to Verna in Goa and from Verna to Thokur in Mangaluru,” Ghatge said. He also said that the project started in September 2017, is in its final stages in many parts of the route. Sources claim that with diesel-run locomotives, time is wasted in engine fuelling and further leading to delays. “Electrification will save both, money and time, while trains will be able to ply at higher speeds, thereby reducing travel time,” sources said. The project also entails civil works, including modification of bridges, provision of gauge height at...
level crossings, provision of protective screens and mast foundation on bridge piers, etc. KRCL has raised most of the funds for the project on its own and while part of it from public funds.

Rail News
Jun 10 2019 (18:18)
Ayushman Singh
Ayushman198~   643 blog posts
Re# 4339438-1            Tags   Past Edits
waah m waiting 😍😍
Jun 05 2018 (21:51) Konkan Railway fully geared up for southwest monsoon (
Commentary/Human Interest

News Entry# 339804  Blog Entry# 3494657   
  Past Edits
Jun 05 2018 (21:56)
Station Tag: Chiplun/CHI added by 11423 Kalburagi Hubballi ICE~/48335

Jun 05 2018 (21:56)
Station Tag: Udupi/UD added by 11423 Kalburagi Hubballi ICE~/48335

Jun 05 2018 (21:56)
Station Tag: Karwar/KAWR added by 11423 Kalburagi Hubballi ICE~/48335

Jun 05 2018 (21:56)
Station Tag: Verna/VEN added by 11423 Kalburagi Hubballi ICE~/48335

Jun 05 2018 (21:56)
Station Tag: Ratnagiri/RN added by 11423 Kalburagi Hubballi ICE~/48335

Jun 05 2018 (21:51)
Station Tag: Madgaon Junction/MAO added by 11423 Kalburagi Hubballi ICE~/48335

Jun 05 2018 (21:51)
Station Tag: Roha/ROHA added by 11423 Kalburagi Hubballi ICE~/48335

Jun 05 2018 (21:51)
Station Tag: Mangaluru Junction (Mangalore)/MAJN added by 11423 Kalburagi Hubballi ICE~/48335
MANGALURU: A journey along the picturesque Konkan Railway route this monsoon is all set to be slow and steady. Keeping in mind the terrain along the route, Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd has put in place several measures to ensure that train operations on the route is incident free and has completed all its planned safety works from Kolad, after Roha station of Central Railway to Thokur, before Mangaluru junction station under Palakkad division.Special attention has been paid to drain cleaning and inspection of cuttings. As a result of the large scale geo-safety works executed along the railway line in last decade and more, incidences of boulder fall and soil slip have significantly reduced, thus ensuring safe running of trains. There has been no major disruption to train services on account of boulder fall during monsoon in last five years, L K Verma, chief public relations officer, KRCL said.Konkan Railway will conduct...
monsoon patrolling to ensure safe running of trains. About 770 personnel will be patrolling the route during the monsoon. Vulnerable locations will be patrolled round the clock and stationary watchmen deployed for 24 hours at critical locations. Speed restrictions will be imposed at vulnerable locations. BRN mounted excavators have been kept ready at all nominated points for quick movement in case of any emergency.Instructions have also been issued to loco drivers to run trains at a reduced speed of 40 kmph in case of heavy rainfall when visibility is limited. Self-propelled accident relief medical van, with provision of operation theatre and providing emergency medical aid are kept ready at all time at Ratnagiri and Verna along with accident relief train. Loco pilots, station masters, executives of all departments and other field officials have been provided mobile phonesBoth loco pilots and guards of trains have been provided with walkie-talkie sets as well as every station on Konkan Railway is equipped with 25 Watt VHF base station. This enables wireless communication between train crew as well as train crew and station masters. Emergency communication sockets have been provided at an average distance of 1-km along the route that enables the stakeholders to contact station master and train controllers during emergency.Satellite phone communication has been provided in ARMV for emergency contact when ARMV is pressed in service. All main signals on Konkan Railway numbering 2,344 are now replaced with LED for improving signal visibility. Tree Control rooms at Belapur, Ratnagiri and Madgaon, will work 24 x 7 during monsoon period for ensuring safe running of train. Passengers can check train status on, or dial 139, Verma said.
Jan 19 2018 (21:17) ‘कोकण रेल्वे’चा वेग वाढणार (
Other News

News Entry# 327400   
  Past Edits
Jan 19 2018 (21:17)
Station Tag: Sape Wamne/SAPE added by Maharashtra Bandh lost more than Rs3000 Crores^~/1269766

Jan 19 2018 (21:17)
Station Tag: Goregaon Road Halt/GNO added by Maharashtra Bandh lost more than Rs3000 Crores^~/1269766

Jan 19 2018 (21:17)
Station Tag: Indapur/INP added by Maharashtra Bandh lost more than Rs3000 Crores^~/1269766

Jan 19 2018 (21:17)
Station Tag: Thokur/TOK added by Maharashtra Bandh lost more than Rs3000 Crores^~/1269766

Jan 19 2018 (21:17)
Station Tag: Verna/VEN added by Maharashtra Bandh lost more than Rs3000 Crores^~/1269766

Jan 19 2018 (21:17)
Station Tag: Roha/ROHA added by Maharashtra Bandh lost more than Rs3000 Crores^~/1269766
konkan railway will travel with increased speed
निसर्ग सौंदर्याने नटलेल्या कोकणच्या भूमीतून जाणाऱ्या कोकण रेल्वेचा प्रवास येत्या काही वर्षांत आणखी वेगवान होणार आहे. सध्या एक लाइन असलेल्या या मार्गावर दोन गाड्या क्रॉस होताना होणारा विलंब टाळण्यासाठी २१ नवीन क्रासिंग स्टेशन उभारण्यात येत असून, त्यांचे कामही सुरू झाले आहे; तसेच या संपूर्ण मार्गाचे विद्युतीकरणही करण्यात येत आहे.
मुंबई आणि मेंगळुरूला जोडणाऱ्या कोकण रेल्वेची स्थापना २६ जानेवारी १९९८ मध्ये करण्यात आली. त्या वेळी या मार्गावर एकूण ६६ स्टेशन होती. आता नव्याने उभारण्यात येणाऱ्या २१ नवीन स्टेशनमुळे ही संख्या ८७ वर पोहोचणार आहे; तसेच या
२१ स्टेशनच्या प्रकल्पामुळे स्थानिकांना मोठा रोजगार उपलब्ध होणार आहे, अशी माहिती कोकण रेल्वेचे विभागीय महाव्यवस्थापक महंमद असीफ सुलेमान यांनी पत्रकारांच्या पाहणी दौऱ्यावेळी दिली. कोकण रेल्वेचे वरिष्ठ वाणिज्य व्यवस्थापक सुनील नारकर, वरिष्ठ जनसंपर्क अधिकारी गिरीश करंदीकर या वेळी उपस्थित होते.
दरम्यान, कोकण रेल्वेवरील रोहा ते वेरना आणि वेरना ते ठोकूर या दोन टप्यांचे विद्युतीकरण करण्यात येत आहे. रोहा ते वेरनापर्यंतचे काम एल अँड टी आणि वेरना ते ठोकूरपर्यंतचे काम कल्पतरू कंपनीस देण्यात आले आहे. या दोन्ही कामांसाठी १,११० कोटी रुपये खर्च अपेक्षित असून, हे काम तीन वर्षांत पूर्ण करण्याचा मानस आहे, असेही सुलेमान यांनी सांगितले.
कोकणातील बंदरांच्या विकासाला चालना
नव्याने उभारण्यात येणारी २१ पैकी आठ स्टेशन महाराष्ट्रातील असतील. त्यामध्ये इंदापूर, गोरेगाव रोड, सापे वामने, कलंबानी, कडवई, वेरावल्ली, खारेपाटण, अचिर्णे आदी स्टेशन आहेत. या नवीन स्टेशनच्या व मार्गाच्या विद्युतीकरणाचा मोठा लाभ कोकणातील बंदरांना आणि उद्योगांना होईल, असा विश्वास वरिष्ठ जनसंपर्क अधिकारी गिरीश करंदीकर यांनी व्यक्त केला.
खर्चात बचत
कोकण रेल्वेचा विद्युतीकरणामुळे डिझेलवरील खर्चात ३० टक्के बचत होणार आहे. या सर्वांना पुरक म्हणून कर्नाटकात बाली येथे सर्वांत मोठा ‘लॉजिस्टीक पार्क’ विकसित होत आहे. यामुळे नजिकच्या काळात कोकण रेल्वेवर कंटेनरची वाहतूक मोठ्या प्रमाणावर वाढून कोकण रेल्वेचे उत्पन्न वाढण्यास मदत होण्याची शक्यता आहे.
धुरांच्या रेषेतून मुक्ती
कोकण रेल्वे मार्गावर रोहा ते ठोकूर या ७४१ किमी मार्गाचे विद्युतीकरणाचे कामही प्रशासनाने हाती घेतले आहे. येत्या तीन वर्षांत हे काम पूर्ण होणे अपेक्षित आहे. त्यामुळे गेल्या कित्येक वर्षांपासून धुरांच्या रेषा हवेत सोडत धावणारी रेल्वे आता विद्युत इंजिनावर धावणार आहे.
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