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Aug 19 2011 (12:53PM)


Entry# 635     
Kishor CBE chain 1Σ17262 19275 14795 19330**  
While booking an AC First Class (1AC) ticket for two people, is it possible to specify a preference for 2-person Coupe?

Feb 05 2013 (10:07PM)
Blog Post# 661812-3     
DB**     Added by: Nazeer*^    Mar 14 2013 (5:49PM)
1) Go to PRS and request clerk to feed "CP" option.
2) After the ticket is booked, approach CRS/DRM/CCM with an application for allotment of cabin/coupe/lower berth at the time of chart preparation.
Latter would carry more weightage and preference over the former.

Apr 03 2012 (12:35AM)
Blog Post# 387127-1     
bhanu teja భాను తేజ     Added by: rfZ**    Today (3:02PM)
Inform the Ticket supervisor that this is a gift and ask for a 2 berth coupe.
still you will get after chart preparation.

Aug 09 2011 (12:38PM)
Blog Post# 217129-4     
S K Jain*^     Added by: Nazeer*^    Aug 22 2011 (11:01AM)
In 1st AC (and 1st class), the berths / seats are allotted only on charting.
Being the highest class, it is VIP prone and they are given the maximum comfort.
After the VIP absorption, it comes to the general passengers and if available, a coupe of 2 may be given to a PNR of 2.
Yet, suppose, on a day in a train, after VIO allotment, remaining there are a coupe of 2 and a coupe of 4 for 6 un-allotted (so far) passengers who have 3 PNRs of 2 each. The charting clerk can now give a coupe of 2 to only one PNR and rest 2 PNRs (of 2 each) will have to be accommodated in the coupe of
This way, there may be a chance that a PNR of 4 passengers is bifurcated into 2 or more Coupes.
Ladies traveling alone are also given preference to be either in a coupe of 2 with other single lady or to be there in a coupe of 4.
Wish you all the best for allotment of a coupe for 2.

Aug 16 2011 (9:49PM)
Blog Post# 217129-8     
विश्व नाथ**     Added by: Nazeer*^    Aug 22 2011 (11:02AM)
Re# 217129
If the passenger passenger gives verbal or written request (on the same reservation form) for allotment of Coupe than the booking clerk selects 'CP' option in PRS system to consider this request as first preference.
In case of any VIP/HO movement their PNR gets priority over any CP request made by any GN quota passenger.
At the time of charting such VIP PNR are manually entered in to PRSystem for priority allotment of coupe.

Aug 22 2011 (10:59AM)
Blog Post# 217129-20     
Nazeer*^     Added by: Nazeer*^    Aug 22 2011 (11:04AM)
Normally, a coupe(2 seater) will be allotted for a two persons PNR and a cabin (4 seater) for 4 person PNR at the time of charting. But It will be based on the priority of booking and availability .
Today (1:52PM)

Train Connections/Directions

Entry# 1814     
How to go from Chennai Central to Chennai Egmore?

Today (1:40PM)
Blog Post# 1287694-2     
Raghu     Added by: rfZ**    Today (1:52PM)
capture2.jpgYou have to come out of Central cross the road diagonally(on the right) to reach Park Station(see attached). From Park, take local train to Egmore, It will take 5 mins to reach Egmore.

Today (1:42PM)
Blog Post# 1287694-3     
TRAINSPOTTER     Added by: rfZ**    Today (1:52PM)
If you are going from Egmore to Central just take a local heading towards the beach and if heading from Central to Egmore take a local going towards Tambaram side........in both the cases you should get down/board up(depending on the situation) @ Park.I am sure you are pretty much aware of it but still i just wanna make your journey as hassle free as possible.So starting from getting a ticket and standing in the queue,waiting for the local and getting to Park from either side should take you around 15 mins. but yeah the actual journey time should be less than 3 mins. or there about,so if you are not in a hurry then go with the local,pretty cheap and cost effective and quick way to get to your destination if you calculate the distance purely on the travel time.Depend on autos as a last resort and if it's a...
real emergency but if you got time,go with a local,should cost you 5 bucks. :) Hope that helps.

Today (1:45PM)
Blog Post# 1287694-4     
TRAINSPOTTER     Added by: rfZ**    Today (1:52PM)
To add - Park is right in front of Central and if it wasn't for the rush,you would do the cross over in 3 mins. but with the traffic,people and depending on your luggage,it should take you 5 - 7 mins.
Yesterday (12:55AM)

Ticket Booking/E-Ticketing

Entry# 1813     
Oo Kodatara Ulikki Padatara*^  
Where is Current Reservation Counter Located at Secunderabad ?

Yesterday (12:45AM)
Blog Post# 1286194-1     
Observe your Breath and You can Find Yourself     Added by: Oo Kodatara Ulikki Padatara*^    Yesterday (12:55AM)
It is near Main Entrance only

Yesterday (12:46AM)
Blog Post# 1286194-2     
munir_sm     Added by: Oo Kodatara Ulikki Padatara*^    Yesterday (12:55AM)
Main entrance and also on platform 10 entrance
Nov 21 (7:02AM)


Entry# 1811     
NCR is pride of IR**  
Retiring room timing slot

Nov 21 (6:50AM)
Blog Post# 1282497-1     
Jay**     Added by: NCR is pride of IR**    Nov 21 (7:02AM)
The slots are from 8pm to 8pm or 8am to 8am. I don't think they allow early check-ins as there might be someone occupying your room till 8am. You should have booked from 8pm itself.
Feb 07 2013 (6:40PM)


Entry# 1487     
Catch 22**  
Rules regarding penalties imposed for various irregularities

General Travel
Feb 07 2013 (8:56AM)
Blog Post# 662847-0     
PKV**     Added by: Catch 22**    Feb 07 2013 (6:40PM)
1) Travelling without proper pass or ticket
Fare from the station which he has travelled or from the station which the train originally started or from the checking point with equal amount of excess charge subject to a minimum of Rs. 250/- upto the point of detection.
2) Adult travelling with half ticket
Difference in fare between the cost of a full ticket and half ticket with equal amount of excess charge subject to the minimum of Rs. 250/-
3) Child travelling without ticket
Half of the adult fare
subject to the minimum fare applicable with equal amount of excess charges subject to the minimum of Rs. 250/-
4) Travelling in a higher class
The difference in fare for the minimum charge of the class upto the point of detection with equal amount of excess charges subject to the minimum of Rs. 250/-. Difference in fares will be collected from the point of detection to the destination of the passenger as per ticket held, if accommodated in higher class. If there is no accommodation, the passenger will be detrained from higher class and will be directed to goto the class for which he origianally holds the ticket.
5) Passengers travelling 'on e-ticket' without original identity card (now applicable for all reserved tickets) original id-card
Will be treated as travelling without ticket and charged as per rules (in 1 above)
6) Senior citizens travelling without age proof
(i) Senior citizens whose age is 60 years and above for men & 58 years and above for women, travelling without age proof will be charged the difference of full fare and the concessional fare
(ii) Persons travelling on Senior Citizen's concessions whose age is below 60 years for men and below 58 years for women, will be treated as without ticket and charged as per rules (in 1 above). The concession ticket will be forfeited. (Possibly SINCE WITHDRAWN)
7) Concession ticket holder travelling without original certificate
Wherever instructed, the concession ticket holders should carry the respective certificates in original and produce it on demand. Otherwise they will be treated as without ticket and charged as per rules (in 1 above). The concession ticket held by the passenger will be forfeited.
8) Physically challenged persons travelling on concessions without an escort
Will be treated as without ticket and charged as per rules (in 1 above)
9) Male persons found travelling in ladies compartments
Will be vacated from the coach and if he resists, he will be forcibly removed from the coach. Ticket forfeited and shall also be punishable with a fine which may extend upto Rs. 500/-
10) Smoking in railway compartments/premises
Shall be punishable with a fine up to Rs. 200/-
11) Roof top travel and footboard travel
Shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term up to 3 months or with fine up to Rs. 500/- or with both.
12. Trespass (i) Crossing of railway track (ii) Entering into platform without proper authority
Shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term up to 6 months or with fine up to Rs. 1000/- or with both.
To be contd........
(Source: Page 281 of Southern Zone Time Table valid from July 2012)

Feb 13 2013 (7:48PM)
Blog Post# 662847-22     
PKV**     Added by: Nazeer*^    Nov 08 (11:13AM)
13) Travelling in drunken condition/Consuming Alcohol in train
May be removed from the railway premises. In addition to forfeiture of his ticket/travel authority or pass. punishable with imprisonment up to 6 months and fine up to Rs. 500/-
14) Alarm chain pulling without any valid reason
Shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term up to 1 year or fine up to Rs. 1000/- or both.
15) Travelling in Brake van/Luggage van
It is strictly prohibited. If found travelling will be treated as travelling without ticket in First
Class. Fare + Penalty is collected as per rules and will be removed from the carriage.
16) Travelling without Super fast surcharge ticket in Super fast trains
Will be charged with Super fast surcharge and excess charge of Rs. 250/-
17) Waitlisted passengers travelling in reserved coaches
Will be detrained from the reserved compartments and directed to unreserved coaches
18) Waitlisted 'e-ticket' holders travelling in reserved coaches
Will be treated as without ticket and charged as per rules
19) Transfer of tickets
Forfeiture of ticket and Will be treated as without ticket and charged as per rules
20) Ticket holders travelling on other than booked trains
Passengers holding confirmed reserved tickets found travelling by other than booked trains inclusive of suburban trains, will be treated as travelling without ticket
21) Season ticket holders including First Class Season ticket holders travelling in Reserved coaches of any class
Season ticket holders including First Class Season ticket holders are not permitted to travel in Reserved coaches of any class. If found travelling, the passengers will be treated as travelling without ticket.
List of all Sanctioned works of Eastern Railway , as per May ,2014

General Travel
Nov 03 (8:16AM)
Blog Post# 1265339-0     
জয়দীপ JOYDEEP जय़दीप*^     Added by: জয়দীপ JOYDEEP जय़दीप*^    Nov 03 (8:55AM)
List of all Sanctioned works of Eastern Railway , as per May ,2014
Nov 03 (6:44AM)


Entry# 1809     
Contact/Mobile Numbers released by Indian Railway for citizen convenience.

★  General Travel
Nov 02 (9:09PM)
Blog Post# 1265175-0     
Manoj sukhadiya     Added by: AKGarg**    Nov 03 (6:44AM)
Centralised numbers released by Indian Railways for citizen convinience
" Modi Magic "
9760534983 : टीटीई, आरक्षण और भोजन
9760500000 : साफ-सफाई
9760534057 : कोच में समस्या
9760534060 : बिजली से जुड़ी समस्या
9920142151 : इंक्वायरी की समस्या
9760534063 : आरपीएफ एवं सुरक्षा
9760534069 : पेयजल व्यवस्था
9760534073 : चिकित्सा
कृपया पोस्ट को ज्यादा से ज्यादा शेयर कर जन जन
तक पहुचाये
Aug 05 2011 (10:49PM)

Ticket Reservation Quotas

Entry# 527     
जितेश शुभ यात्रा*^  
What is Bulk (Block or Group) Booking ? What is the process of this booking ?

Info Update
Oct 30 (10:31AM)
Blog Post# 1261492-0     
Nazeer*^     Added by: Nazeer*^    Oct 30 (10:34AM)
Group/bulk booking can be done by 09.00 am at ARP day. Earlier it was 10.00 am

Feb 09 2012 (5:53PM)
Blog Post# 340948-9     
Nazeer*^     Added by: Nazeer*^    Feb 09 2012 (5:55PM)
In case you require reservation in excess of the above limit of 6 passengers you may contact the controlling officer/Chief Reservation supervisor of the concerned reservation office for permission to book more number of passengers in a group. However, such booking of bulk accommodation is available only after 10.00 hrs on computerized reservation system subject to overall limit on trains as per extant rules and availability of accommodation . Here is step by step guide to help in bulk booking of berths
Step I Please submit a letter (in two copies) to authorized` officials giving details such as train number, date of journey and of berths and the list of passengers.
Step II Get the permission of the authorized
Step III Contact the bulk booking counter for purchase of tickets

Sep 03 2011 (9:29AM)
Blog Post# 231565-2     
Gopalakrishnan P*^     Added by: Kishor CBE chain 1Σ17262 19275 14795 19330**    Sep 03 2011 (9:39AM)
I have sourced the following information from yahoo answers website:
/Five Simple Steps to book a Special Train/Coach
1)Register Yourself by paying Rs. 10,000 per coach by cash to the Station Manager of the journey commencing station or Demand Draft in favour of Chief Cashier ,Central Railway ,Mumbai CST at Cash Office as registration *** security charges. [ At least 15 coaches would have to be booked for a special train. Hence a minimum of Rs. 1,50,000 shall have to be paid as registration *** security charges for booking a special train. This has been revised from the earlier minimum composition of 18 coaches. The instructions hold good in the period w.e.f
10-10-2007 to 31-03-2008 and further change will be duly advised.]
2)Submit an Application in the prescribed format to the Chief Passenger Transportation Manager of the Railway on which your journey commences at least 30 days in advance or a maximum of six months prior to the commencement of the journey. Attach Xerox of the money receipt obtained by paying registration fees.(Application Proforma can be downloaded from the Central Railways website centralrailwayonline.com)
3)Await Acknowledgement which shall indicate your position on the waiting list. Final Programme will be confirmed only after examining operational feasibility and haulage confirmation from other concerned Railways.
4)Collect Final Confirmed Programme copy and folder from the office of the Chief Passenger Transportation Manager at least 72 hours before the date of commencement of journey.
5) Approach the Station manager of the journey commencing station with full list and details of ‘ intending’ passengers at least 48 hours in advance for preparation of your ticket.
self experience, central railway
1 year ago

Aug 06 2011 (3:20AM)
Blog Post# 215672-8     
DB**     Added by: moderator**    Aug 06 2011 (8:17AM)
Booking a Coach or Special Train

Aug 05 2011 (10:47PM)
Blog Post# 215629-0     
§ąī ĴīńĘńđŗą**     Added by: जितेश शुभ यात्रा*^    Aug 05 2011 (10:49PM)
Q. What is Bulk (Block or Group) Booking ? What is the process of this booking ?
Ans: Passenger travelling in a group of more than 6 persons in same train, same boarding place, same destination, same date and same class is called Bulk Booking.
This type of booking is mainly done for the purpose of School and college educational tours, Marriage party or pilgrim tours.
for making bulk booking head of the group or principal of college or school request Chief Reservation Supervisor in writing to permit such booking giving the reason of group booking. The CRS permits bulk booking for only one third of the available quota on that time. After getting permission from CRS passenger can book the tickets
on designated window. All type of concession can be availed in bulk booking. The most important facility in bulk booking is facility of NAME CHANGE. Name change is permissible for 10% of total strength of group without the hurdle of family relation. This booking can be done 89 days in advance only.
Hope i had included every feature of this booking. E & O E
Oct 23 2014 (5:51PM)


Entry# 1808     
Poker Face**  
IT platform of Indian Railways

★  Site-Related
Oct 23 2014 (2:50PM)
Blog Post# 1254561-0     
Legends of Indian Railways     Added by: Poker Face**    Oct 23 2014 (5:51PM)
I produced the following by citing Source in detail just to explain the Most Popular, Secured and scalable IT Platform of Indian Railway adopted by CRIS . For details visit "www.cris.org".
Let's have a look at the technology of Major IR Projects of CENTRE FOR RAILWAY INFORMATION SYSTEMS(An Organisation Under Ministry of Railways)
Source: click here
Then click on the "About Projects" Button. You can see the "Technology" of each of the main Seven(7) Projects as discussed below:
1 Technology for Unreserved Ticketing System: The application has been developed with a two layered architecture in C++. The database requirements are met through a Sybase product, ASE-CE. A Java version of
the application is used in the ATVMs(Automated Ticket Vending Mechines now found in Major Railway Stations in all over India) to provide additional features in the user interface. The kiosks have a touch screen based user interface, a smart card reader, a thin client and a thermal printer.
Currently, the hardware is deployed across 06 data centres, including one data centre for Disaster Recovery. To cater to the expansion of the user base for this application, the setup was revamped recently and migrated to a high-end Virtualized setup. This is the first time that Virtualization has been implemented for an application of Indian Railways. The backend setup has a provision to support Business Continuity ensuring nearly 100% uptime for the application. Besides this, at the client end, the so called ‘Smart Clients’ have been deployed which are basically thin clients with a footprint of Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) and application image. These ensure continuous business operations in the event of network / backend outage for 3 days for thin clients and 1 day for ATVMs. The application rides on the Unified Ticketing Network (UTN) for the Passenger Reservation System and Unreserved Ticketing System.
The printing device is a customized Dot Matrix Printer. However, in case of ATVMs, Thermal Printers are being used. CRIS works as the coordinating agency for procurement of peripheral equipment for the Zonal Railways. For details on current procurements, please go to our section on Tender Notices.
2 Technology for Control Office Application(COA): The application has been developed with a 3 layered architecture comprising of client, application servers and database servers. The operating system is Windows Server 2003, 64 Bit for servers and Win XP for clients. Data base is Oracle 10g 64 bit. GUI is based on ASP. Net, C# Win Forms and middleware is Dot Net Framework with IISTEAM.
3 Technology of Frieght Operation Information System(FOIS): The application has been developed in house with a 3-tier architecture using Visual Basic 6.0 (EE), Oracle Tuxedo 10 (Middleware) and Oracle 10g as Database. Reports are available on J2EE platform accessible both on FOIS network and over the web at www.fois.indianrail.gov.in. FOIS is integrated with other operations modules of CRIS using an Enterprise Application Integration software and with banks and customer legacy system through SOA using web services. Oracle grid including Oracle Weblogic, Oracle Tuxedo and Oracle DB are used for the same.
4 Technology for Integrated Coaching Management System(ICMS): The operations (COIS) and punctuality (PAM) modules have been developed in-house on the Java EE 6 platform and hosted on IBM WebSphere Application Server. The maintenance module leverages the capabilities of IBM Maximo Asset Management software.
5 Technology for National Train Enquiry System: The core NTES application has been developed in Client/ Server Architecture using C language and Sybase ASE version. Application is running on IBM X-series server with Linux as operating system. The servers are in High Availability mode at each site. The train schedule/running data is available at 4 NTES sites (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata). Each site performs updates on the trains running status for its defined region through the data received from Control Office Applications (COA) using EAI tool TIBCO. The data is then replicated to all other sites from the local site using the Sybase replication server. Replication of data serves two purposes. Firstly, actual train running information is available to public through all the delivery channels and secondly the data is available from other sites in case of failures/ system down on a particular site. In addition to replication of data between the site wise databases of NTES application, the Sybase replication server replicates data from all four sites to centralized database of call center application hosted on ORACLE database.
The web interface of NTES www.trainenquiry.com being used most widely is written in Microsoft DOT net technology with IIS as application server and the database is Microsoft SQL server. The SQL server integration services (SSIS) is used for replicating data from Sybase to Microsoft SQL server.
6 Technology for Passenger Reservation System(PRS):
This architecture is based on the state of the art technology using 3-tier client-server distributed transaction processing paradigm. The system has distributed architecture with 5 server clusters placed in server centers in five cities: New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Secunderabad. The server clusters are connected together by a core network based on a mesh of 02×02 Mbps leased lines. It is an on-line client server application developed in ‘C’ on OVMS using RTR (Reliable Transaction Router) as middleware. It is currently hosted on state of art converged infrastructure (Itanium blade servers).
Server Blade servers having 64-Bit Itanium 9340 Processor
Operating System Open VMS 8.4
Database In-house CRIS proprietary
Middleware HP Reliable Transaction Router (RTR)
Frontend DEC Forms, C and FORTRAN as development tools
Communication Systems CISCO routers using 2Mbps DOT lines
Network Topology Mesh Topology
Network protocol TCPIP, DECNET
Hand Held Terminals for Ticket Checking
The application is developed in-house based on IBM Lotus Expeditor technology. The mobile technologies used are Lotus mobile connect version 6.1.1 for VPN, Lotus expeditor synch server (version 6.2) and DB2E on mobile devices. IBM Tivoli directory server LDAP (version 6.0) is being used for user authentication. The servers are Xeon (Dell power edge 2950) with OS - RHEL 4 update 4. The RDBMS is DB2 version 9.1.5 and Application server - IBM WAS
7 Technology for Software Aided Train Scheduling: The SATSaNG application is being developed in house, using Microsoft technologies like Microsoft Visual Studio C# for development, Microsoft Expression Blend for designing Interfaces, WPF framework for Rich Graphical Interface and MVVM for design patterns. Oracle 11G provides the backbone for the centralized database. This application is being designed based on a three layered architecture. Terminal servers will be used to host application centrally. All the servers will reside in CRIS data centre in high availability mode.
Application IntegrationSouce:click here
Independently-running applications interchange data amongst themselves. COA (Control Office Application), which assists train controllers (despatchers) in planning and tracking the movement of trains across the network, shares its data with applications such as NTES (by which passengers can obtain a train's location and forecast movement). Train punctuality reports are generated through ICMS (Integrated Coaching Management System), which also receives data from COA.
From the aforesaid discussion you can have an idea what type of technology is adopted in Indian Railways by CRIS. It Uses C++,Linux, ASP.Net,Java everything for their each IR Project and no doubt it has been the most secure and dependable interface now for railways.
Attached Pic:
CRIS IMAGE(Taken from the Google Images)
Please share your views and opinions.
Oct 23 2014 (5:20PM)


Entry# 1807     
Pilgrimage Centers in India

★★★  Other Social
Oct 23 2014 (9:25AM)
Blog Post# 1254261-0     
goyalwc**     Added by: goyalwc**    Oct 23 2014 (5:20PM)
Official Websites of Indian Pilgrimage Centers as compiled by our admins Shri KS Gopal, Shiv Kumar Mishra, Soumitra Chowathe, Mahesh Sundram and other members:
Ahobilam,AP(Ahobila Narasimha): click here
Ayodhya Temple: click here
Chaar Dham: click here
Chamundeswari Temple,Mysore: click here
Chennai Mylapore Kapaleeshwara Temple: click here
Comprehensive list of Temples (not official) in and around Kumbakonam, including the Navagraha, Saivite,
Vaishnavite (Divya Desas) click here
Dwarkadhish Temple,Dwarka: click here
Golden Temple,Amritsar: click here
Guruvayoor Krishnan Temple: click here
Kashi Vishwanath Temple,Varanasi: click here
Kollur Mookambika Temple: click here
Kukke Subrahmanya: click here
Maa Vaishnodevi: click here
Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple: click here
Mathura-Vrindavan: click here
Palani Muruga/Kartikeya Temple: click here
Puri Jagannath: click here
Rameshwaram Ramanathaswamy Temple: click here
Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple: click here
Shirdi Saibaba:click here
Shri Amarnath Yatra : click here
Shri Kshetra Dharmasthala: click here
Shri. Raghavendra Swamy Temple: click here
Sri Ranganathaswamy temple,Srirangapattana: click here
Srirangam Shri Ranganatha Swamy Temple: click here
Tiruchendur Muruga Temple: click here
Tiruchendur Murugan: click here
Tirumala: click here
Tirunallar Sri Saneeswara temple: click here
Tiruvannamalai Shri. Arunachaleshwara Temple: click here
TVC Shri Padmanabha Swamy Temple: click here
Udupi Shri Krishna Temple: click here
Jay SomNath: click here
Amba Ji (Gujarat) : click here
Maa Vindhyavasini Vindhyachal, U.P. : click here
Can be accessed by interested persons for information reg facilities,booking of accomodation/Sevas ,contact details etc.
Thanks to all for the info.
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