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Dec 16 (10:05AM)

Ticket Reservation Quotas

Entry# 1816     
Amjad Ali Khan*^  
Does Lower Berth Quota Tictket Released Immediately after Cancellation ?

★  Travel Question
Dec 16 (9:37AM)
Blog Post# 1309384-0     
Biplab Nayak**     Added by: Amjad Ali Khan*^    Dec 16 (10:05AM)
Cancelled a LB quota seat for friday and it got added to AVBL quota for LB.
It was AVBL 11 before and after cancellation it became AVBL 12.
I thought LB quota doesn't get released immediately and gets allotted during charting only ??

Yesterday (7:19PM)
Blog Post# 1309384-4     
विश्व नाथ**     Added by: विश्व नाथ**    Yesterday (7:21PM)
Partly correct,
When entire quota exhausts all cancellations hide in to system and eligible PNR gets at the time of charting only.
Helpline numbers of Southern Railways

★★  General Travel
Nov 23 (6:43PM)
Blog Post# 1284919-0     
ED WDP4D for ERS ICE and LTT CBE     Added by: दिल जो कह रहा है करो**    Dec 07 (8:57PM)
screenshot20141123182107.jpgAdvisable to save on your phone..
Aug 05 2011 (2:44PM)


Entry# 501     
Why do locos sometimes use the rear pantograph and sometimes the front pantograph? What is criteria for making this choice?

Dec 07 (7:46AM)
Blog Post# 1299136-1     
AKGarg**     Added by: Soumitra Chawathe**    Dec 07 (9:51AM)
During winters, frost is a major problem. When the front panto is raised, it looks like this.. ">".. Now, any frost on the wires will be brushed aside by the panto in the forward direction, and the frost drops/particles will land outside the loco. However, if the rear panto is raised, it looks like "<", and here the frost particles will get deposited on the roof of the loco, which contains DBR and other valuable equipment. There is a risk of them getting damaged due to the frost deposited by the brushing action of the rear panto. For this reason, front panto is used in winter. However, this by no means is a convincing explanation, and it cannot explain why front panto is not used in rainy season. This is a subject of intense debate, and we have not found any satisfactory explanation from even 2-3 loco pilots, with whom...
we have spoken. In fact, one may spot electric locos with rear pantos also in winter, though that's quite rare.

Aug 05 2011 (2:36PM)
Blog Post# 215482-0     
SMJ**     Added by: goyalwc**    Aug 05 2011 (2:44PM)
Q. Why do locos sometimes use the rear pantograph and sometimes the front pantograph?
There is in principle no difference between using the front and the rear pantographs for most locos as each is fully capable of delivering the required electric current from the catenary to the loco. (The AC-DC locos are special in that each loco is intended for a different traction supply.) Generally on IR there is no need for both pantographs to be raised at once since there are usually no unusual situations such as frost on the catenary or increased current collection requirements seen with other countries' railways.
Yet, it is often seen that there are some definite patterns in pantograph usage. It has been the practice in many areas for locos to always have their rear pantographs
up. It is thought that this practice arises from the idea that entanglement of the catenary by the front pantograph may result in damage to the rear pantograph as well as the debris or broken equipment lands on it, and using the rear pantograph lessens the chance of this. However, in recent years, this does not seem to have been adhered to very much. Another pattern that has been seen, especially in northern India, is for the front pantograph to be used extensively in the winter, but not in the warmer months. As a variation of this, it is also known that in certain divisions or zones, orders have been issued for drivers to use the rear pantographs at night. While the reasons for these usage patterns are not entirely clear, it is thought that there is a concern about condensation and the accumulation of dew on the catenary. An adequate technical explanation for the pantograph usage pattern is not known at this time [1/07]. (Please note - theories about falling water from dew on the catenary causing short circuits in loco equipment are implausible considering that locos operate just fine in heavy rain.) It has been suggested that front pantograph use may be a historical vestige from British practice carried over from conditions in the UK where sometimes the front pantograph was raised to scrape ice from the catenary and allow the rear pantograph to collect current fully, but this has not been substantiated either.
May 05 2012 (12:54PM)

Ticket Booking/E-Ticketing

Entry# 1144     
12301 KOLKATA RAJDHANI 12302*^  
What does RT CLS Suspended means?

Nov 30 (1:43PM)
Blog Post# 1291834-5     
Soumitra Chawathe**     Added by: Soumitra Chawathe**    Nov 30 (1:43PM)
No more bookings permitted. Reservation has reached maximum.

Jul 19 2013 (10:36AM)
Blog Post# 810356-4     
Guest: 7db89ede   Added by: Soumitra Chawathe**    Jul 19 2013 (10:39AM)
it is incorrect.
RT CLS SUSPENDED has nothing to do with waiting lists or bookings. it is generally a temporary restriction on bookings for the said train on that particular day in the said class.

May 05 2012 (12:50PM)
Blog Post# 416833-1     
Jayashree ❖ Amita**     Added by: 12301 KOLKATA RAJDHANI 12302*^    May 05 2012 (12:54PM)
This appears -- when the waiting list for any class had reached the maximum limit fixed and no further wait listed tickets can be issued.
It means on the particular date for which you are checking the availability of the route and class -- the booking is suspended.
Aug 19 2011 (12:53PM)


Entry# 635     
Kishor CBE chain 1Σ17262 19275 14795 19330**  
While booking an AC First Class (1AC) ticket for two people, is it possible to specify a preference for 2-person Coupe?

Feb 05 2013 (10:07PM)
Blog Post# 661812-3     
DB**     Added by: Nazeer*^    Mar 14 2013 (5:49PM)
1) Go to PRS and request clerk to feed "CP" option.
2) After the ticket is booked, approach CRS/DRM/CCM with an application for allotment of cabin/coupe/lower berth at the time of chart preparation.
Latter would carry more weightage and preference over the former.

Apr 03 2012 (12:35AM)
Blog Post# 387127-1     
bhanu teja భాను తేజ     Added by: rfZ**    Nov 26 (3:02PM)
Inform the Ticket supervisor that this is a gift and ask for a 2 berth coupe.
still you will get after chart preparation.

Aug 09 2011 (12:38PM)
Blog Post# 217129-4     
S K Jain*^     Added by: Nazeer*^    Aug 22 2011 (11:01AM)
In 1st AC (and 1st class), the berths / seats are allotted only on charting.
Being the highest class, it is VIP prone and they are given the maximum comfort.
After the VIP absorption, it comes to the general passengers and if available, a coupe of 2 may be given to a PNR of 2.
Yet, suppose, on a day in a train, after VIO allotment, remaining there are a coupe of 2 and a coupe of 4 for 6 un-allotted (so far) passengers who have 3 PNRs of 2 each. The charting clerk can now give a coupe of 2 to only one PNR and rest 2 PNRs (of 2 each) will have to be accommodated in the coupe of
This way, there may be a chance that a PNR of 4 passengers is bifurcated into 2 or more Coupes.
Ladies traveling alone are also given preference to be either in a coupe of 2 with other single lady or to be there in a coupe of 4.
Wish you all the best for allotment of a coupe for 2.

Aug 16 2011 (9:49PM)
Blog Post# 217129-8     
विश्व नाथ**     Added by: Nazeer*^    Aug 22 2011 (11:02AM)
Re# 217129
If the passenger passenger gives verbal or written request (on the same reservation form) for allotment of Coupe than the booking clerk selects 'CP' option in PRS system to consider this request as first preference.
In case of any VIP/HO movement their PNR gets priority over any CP request made by any GN quota passenger.
At the time of charting such VIP PNR are manually entered in to PRSystem for priority allotment of coupe.

Aug 22 2011 (10:59AM)
Blog Post# 217129-20     
Nazeer*^     Added by: Nazeer*^    Aug 22 2011 (11:04AM)
Normally, a coupe(2 seater) will be allotted for a two persons PNR and a cabin (4 seater) for 4 person PNR at the time of charting. But It will be based on the priority of booking and availability .
Nov 26 (1:52PM)

Train Connections/Directions

Entry# 1814     
How to go from Chennai Central to Chennai Egmore?

Nov 26 (1:40PM)
Blog Post# 1287694-2     
Raghu     Added by: rfZ**    Nov 26 (1:52PM)
capture2.jpgYou have to come out of Central cross the road diagonally(on the right) to reach Park Station(see attached). From Park, take local train to Egmore, It will take 5 mins to reach Egmore.

Nov 26 (1:42PM)
Blog Post# 1287694-3     
TRAINSPOTTER     Added by: rfZ**    Nov 26 (1:52PM)
If you are going from Egmore to Central just take a local heading towards the beach and if heading from Central to Egmore take a local going towards Tambaram both the cases you should get down/board up(depending on the situation) @ Park.I am sure you are pretty much aware of it but still i just wanna make your journey as hassle free as possible.So starting from getting a ticket and standing in the queue,waiting for the local and getting to Park from either side should take you around 15 mins. but yeah the actual journey time should be less than 3 mins. or there about,so if you are not in a hurry then go with the local,pretty cheap and cost effective and quick way to get to your destination if you calculate the distance purely on the travel time.Depend on autos as a last resort and if it's a...
real emergency but if you got time,go with a local,should cost you 5 bucks. :) Hope that helps.

Nov 26 (1:45PM)
Blog Post# 1287694-4     
TRAINSPOTTER     Added by: rfZ**    Nov 26 (1:52PM)
To add - Park is right in front of Central and if it wasn't for the rush,you would do the cross over in 3 mins. but with the traffic,people and depending on your luggage,it should take you 5 - 7 mins.
Nov 25 (12:55AM)

Ticket Booking/E-Ticketing

Entry# 1813     
Amjad Ali Khan*^  
Where is Current Reservation Counter Located at Secunderabad ?

Nov 25 (12:45AM)
Blog Post# 1286194-1     
Observe your Breath and You can Find Yourself     Added by: Amjad Ali Khan*^    Nov 25 (12:55AM)
It is near Main Entrance only

Nov 25 (12:46AM)
Blog Post# 1286194-2     
munir_sm     Added by: Amjad Ali Khan*^    Nov 25 (12:55AM)
Main entrance and also on platform 10 entrance
Retiring room timing slot

Nov 21 2014 (6:50AM)
Blog Post# 1282497-1     
jay jay**     Added by: अच्छे दिन आने वाले हैं**    Nov 21 2014 (7:02AM)
The slots are from 8pm to 8pm or 8am to 8am. I don't think they allow early check-ins as there might be someone occupying your room till 8am. You should have booked from 8pm itself.
Feb 07 2013 (6:40PM)


Entry# 1487     
Mr Citizen**  
Rules regarding penalties imposed for various irregularities

★  General Travel
Feb 07 2013 (8:56AM)
Blog Post# 662847-0     
PKV**     Added by: Mr Citizen**    Feb 07 2013 (6:40PM)
1) Travelling without proper pass or ticket
Fare from the station which he has travelled or from the station which the train originally started or from the checking point with equal amount of excess charge subject to a minimum of Rs. 250/- upto the point of detection.
2) Adult travelling with half ticket
Difference in fare between the cost of a full ticket and half ticket with equal amount of excess charge subject to the minimum of Rs. 250/-
3) Child travelling without ticket
Half of the adult fare
subject to the minimum fare applicable with equal amount of excess charges subject to the minimum of Rs. 250/-
4) Travelling in a higher class
The difference in fare for the minimum charge of the class upto the point of detection with equal amount of excess charges subject to the minimum of Rs. 250/-. Difference in fares will be collected from the point of detection to the destination of the passenger as per ticket held, if accommodated in higher class. If there is no accommodation, the passenger will be detrained from higher class and will be directed to goto the class for which he origianally holds the ticket.
5) Passengers travelling 'on e-ticket' without original identity card (now applicable for all reserved tickets) original id-card
Will be treated as travelling without ticket and charged as per rules (in 1 above)
6) Senior citizens travelling without age proof
(i) Senior citizens whose age is 60 years and above for men & 58 years and above for women, travelling without age proof will be charged the difference of full fare and the concessional fare
(ii) Persons travelling on Senior Citizen's concessions whose age is below 60 years for men and below 58 years for women, will be treated as without ticket and charged as per rules (in 1 above). The concession ticket will be forfeited. (Possibly SINCE WITHDRAWN)
7) Concession ticket holder travelling without original certificate
Wherever instructed, the concession ticket holders should carry the respective certificates in original and produce it on demand. Otherwise they will be treated as without ticket and charged as per rules (in 1 above). The concession ticket held by the passenger will be forfeited.
8) Physically challenged persons travelling on concessions without an escort
Will be treated as without ticket and charged as per rules (in 1 above)
9) Male persons found travelling in ladies compartments
Will be vacated from the coach and if he resists, he will be forcibly removed from the coach. Ticket forfeited and shall also be punishable with a fine which may extend upto Rs. 500/-
10) Smoking in railway compartments/premises
Shall be punishable with a fine up to Rs. 200/-
11) Roof top travel and footboard travel
Shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term up to 3 months or with fine up to Rs. 500/- or with both.
12. Trespass (i) Crossing of railway track (ii) Entering into platform without proper authority
Shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term up to 6 months or with fine up to Rs. 1000/- or with both.
To be contd........
(Source: Page 281 of Southern Zone Time Table valid from July 2012)

Feb 13 2013 (7:48PM)
Blog Post# 662847-22     
PKV**     Added by: Nazeer*^    Nov 08 2014 (11:13AM)
13) Travelling in drunken condition/Consuming Alcohol in train
May be removed from the railway premises. In addition to forfeiture of his ticket/travel authority or pass. punishable with imprisonment up to 6 months and fine up to Rs. 500/-
14) Alarm chain pulling without any valid reason
Shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term up to 1 year or fine up to Rs. 1000/- or both.
15) Travelling in Brake van/Luggage van
It is strictly prohibited. If found travelling will be treated as travelling without ticket in First
Class. Fare + Penalty is collected as per rules and will be removed from the carriage.
16) Travelling without Super fast surcharge ticket in Super fast trains
Will be charged with Super fast surcharge and excess charge of Rs. 250/-
17) Waitlisted passengers travelling in reserved coaches
Will be detrained from the reserved compartments and directed to unreserved coaches
18) Waitlisted 'e-ticket' holders travelling in reserved coaches
Will be treated as without ticket and charged as per rules
19) Transfer of tickets
Forfeiture of ticket and Will be treated as without ticket and charged as per rules
20) Ticket holders travelling on other than booked trains
Passengers holding confirmed reserved tickets found travelling by other than booked trains inclusive of suburban trains, will be treated as travelling without ticket
21) Season ticket holders including First Class Season ticket holders travelling in Reserved coaches of any class
Season ticket holders including First Class Season ticket holders are not permitted to travel in Reserved coaches of any class. If found travelling, the passengers will be treated as travelling without ticket.
Nov 03 2014 (8:55AM)


Entry# 1810     
জয়দীপ JOYDEEP जय़दीप*^  
List of all Sanctioned works of Eastern Railway , as per May ,2014

General Travel
Nov 03 2014 (8:16AM)
Blog Post# 1265339-0     
জয়দীপ JOYDEEP जय़दीप*^     Added by: জয়দীপ JOYDEEP जय़दीप*^    Nov 03 2014 (8:55AM)
List of all Sanctioned works of Eastern Railway , as per May ,2014
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