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TATA Steel Express - Second Sitting sasta bhi, sabse achha bhi - Ravi Raj

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Wed Dec 1 00:02:58 IST
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BJE/Bhojudih Junction (2 PFs)
ভোজুডী জংশন     भोजूडीह जंक्शन

Track: Double Electric-Line

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Santaldih road, Bhojudih, Jharkhand 828303 ; Dist - Bokaro
State: Jharkhand

Elevation: 156 m above sea level
Zone: SER/South Eastern   Division: Adra

No Recent News for BJE/Bhojudih Junction
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Type of Station: Junction
Number of Platforms: 2
Number of Halting Trains: 22
Number of Originating Trains: 5
Number of Terminating Trains: 5
Rating: NaN/5 (0 votes)
cleanliness - n/a (0)
porters/escalators - n/a (0)
food - n/a (0)
transportation - n/a (0)
lodging - n/a (0)
railfanning - n/a (0)
sightseeing - n/a (0)
safety - n/a (0)
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Rail Fanning
Aug 04 2015 (13:36)   12988/Ajmer - Sealdah SF Express (PT) | DHN/Dhanbad Junction (8 PFs) | HWH/WAP-7/30311
Arnab~   7713 blog posts
Entry# 1557417            Tags   Past Edits
It was saturday the 25th of July, when I set off for Kolkata. I reached Dhanbad Junction at 10:00 AM so to click some photographs of Dhanbad Junction. I was aiming for the 12988 Ajmer-Sealdah Superfast and planned to avoid the 13152 JammuTawai-Kolkata Express.
The PRS came to life and announced that both of the train were delayed by over an hour. Still wanting to avoid the 13152 I took a stroll along Platform number 1, and clicked a few snaps.
it can be seen, it was a beautiful overcast morning, with occassional torrential downpour. The station drenched in the rains looked very fresh and was an eye-soother.
At 11:00AM sharp 53061 BWN-HTE passenger chugged in with a TATA WAM4, I couldnot take a picture as a freight train blocked the view as the passenger entered, simulataneously VSKP WDM3A 13282 chugged with the 12832 BBS-DHN Garib Rath. I was cursing the freight for a wasted oppurtunity,when all of sudden a twin-honk alerted me .I turned to see HWH WAP7 30311 pulling in 22387 HWH-DHN Black Diamond Express.
At 11:45AM the 68087 Bankura-Dhanbad came in,simultaneouslly 63522 GAYA-DHN-ASN memu chugged in.
At 12:00 sharp JAMMU-KOAA express came in. Majority of my fellow passengers got in, myself and the daily passengers waited on for the 12988 which the PRS announced would be arriving shortly. The daily passengers theorized that that 12988 would overtake 13152 sometime ahead, so it would be wise to wait for 12988. Why settle for Silver when you can get Gold,right!
An hour later we would be deeply regretting our decisions.
12988 came in with HWH WAP4 22286 at 12:15PM, I quickly scurried around looking for a seat. None, there was none, and none of the passengers around were inclined to share their precious seats. I stood at the door, amongst the commotion, hoping that I would get a seat at ASN. 1 hour of standing isn't such a bad deal ,right! Besides I was getting a beautiful view of the natural scenery and would be getting a good look at DHN trip Loco shed as the train would passby. I was happy.
The train waited and waited, would'nt start. Some of my fellow passengers started speculating that probably the incoming 12382 NDLS-HWH Poorva Express would be given track priority over the 12988 as Poorva was the senior train. An intimadating honk followed. I put my head out and saw MGS WAP4 22509 draw 12382 to a rest at platform no 2 beside my train. My heart sank! The daily passengers were right, Poorva would get track priority. I watched with a sad face, as almost all the daily passengers jumped ship to the Poorva. Only an old grumpy uncle remained. Like me he had purchased a ticket for SDAH. I stood there looking at probably two hour delay in my plans.
Half an hour went by, none of the two trains budged an inch. It was then a commotion was heard outside of the platform. I stepped out of the train,and went up to the Loco-Pilot to ask him about the cause of delay. What he said sank my heart!
What happened was that 13152 whilst passing through had tore open a piece of overhead wire with it's loco's Pantograph at Pradhankanta. Repairs were underway,it would take atleast two hours to get the wire functional again! I was devastated! In my imagination I could see the HWH WAP4 of the 13152 laughing out loud as it had prevented not one, but two of it's illustrious cousins to overtake it. The Jammutawai would reach KOAA on time, while the usually punctual 12988 and 12382 would reach their destinations atleast 3 hours late.
Meanwhile the 68088 Dhanbad-Bankura MEMU was ready to depart on it's homerun to Bankura, but was stuck at Platform 1A for the same reason. All these while Black and Garib Rath got shunted and 13352 ALLP-DHN express had arrived on Platform 7/8. Meanwhile the VSKP WDM3A was all over the place chugging around happily, honking heavily as if to remind us that it did'nt require the wires to move around.
It was 14:30PM.I was still conteplating the 13152's devillish act of jealously when suddenly there was a honk from one of the two WAP4s. I put my head out, and saw that it was ours.
Ours signal showed a faint yellow glow in place of the bloodish red, that was their until a few seconds ago. I turned to my right on hearing a noise and saw a mass immigration of passengers from the Poorva into our train. With a faint start, the train slowly started out of the platform. With multiple triumphant honks the WAP4 started accelerating out of DHN JN. We passed by Loco Shed but I wasn't interested anymore, I was simply too tired. The solitary WAP7 30311 was resting peacefully, two dirty MGS WAP4 lay as if dead, a very dirty rajdhani livered ancient MGS WAM4 was the only thing with it's panto on.
The end of the Dhanbad Loco Tank and the flash of green of the signal post were the sign that we were finally leaving DHANBAD behind.......and gradually speeding towards SDAH!
These are the clips that I clicked on that day:-
1,2 & 3 show WAP7 30311 getting ready to shunt the Black-Diamond Express
4 shows the BBS-DHN Garib rath in the background of the WAP7
4&7 are panoramas of DHN JN taken during a light shower.
5 shows 68088 ready for Bankura
6 Self Explanatory
8 & 9 show the unusually deserted trip Loco Shed from the platfrom
10&11 show the station during a light shower
12 shows HWH WAP4 22286 arriving with 12988 at platform 1
13,14,15 & 16 show the arrival of 12382 with MGS WAP4 22509
PS:- I reached SDAH at 19:00 hours that day. The train was stuck outside Dum-Dum Jn for a futher 1 hour.
The Poorva reached much before 12988
Call it Deja-vu but I spotted MGS WAP4 22509 next day at HWH station, shunting a LHB rake of the Poorva EXP.
Very soon, my return journey to DHN from HWH by 12340 HWH-DHN COALFIELD EXPRESS!

17 Posts

Aug 10 2015 (21:55)
Arnab~   7713 blog posts
Re# 1557417-18            Tags   Past Edits
Thank You very Much

Aug 10 2015 (22:37)
Pained to know Boeing 777 landcrashed
MailguardSG25~   24002 blog posts
Re# 1557417-19            Tags   Past Edits
Nice story but the notorious act of SDAH never always makes Exp trains wait for 1 hr @ DDJ outer even though it knows very well that there are no contenders for PF#9A

Aug 11 2015 (15:53)
Abhishek Kumar~   12573 blog posts
Re# 1557417-20            Tags   Past Edits

Aug 11 2015 (17:39)
Arnab~   7713 blog posts
Re# 1557417-21            Tags   Past Edits
Well it is not exactly Sealdah's fault. The confluence of so many railway lines at Dum Dum Jn doesn't make things easy for the Sealdah Control room. Priority is obviously given to the local trains, over the long running trains. However there is always room for improvement.
If HWH can manage surely SDAH can as well!

Oct 15 2015 (19:53)
Arnab~   7713 blog posts
Re# 1557417-22            Tags   Past Edits
Spotted MGS WAP-4 22509 at DHN today, with Muri-Dhn pax!

Nov 07 (13:11)
Nov 07 (13:04)   BJE/Bhojudih Junction (2 PFs)   Station - Name & Address
Pran_22   407 Conf TLs   2 Void TLs
Local Name:
Regional Name: ভোজুডী জংশন
Hindi Name: भोजूडीह जंक्शन
Santaldih road, Bhojudih, Jharkhand 828303 ; Dist - Bokaro

Jun 01 2018 (11:43)   (previous value)
Timeline Entry# 2090463
by: xxx
Local Name:
Regional Name:
Hindi Name: भोजूडीह जंक्शन
Santaldih road ,Bhojudih, Jharkhand 828303 ,dist - Bokaro

Nov 07 (13:05)
Pran_22   804 blog posts
Re# 5115243-1            Tags   Past Edits
New Small Stn board.
General Travel
Jul 17 (13:19)   18619/Ranchi - Dumka InterCity Express | BJE/Bhojudih Junction (2 PFs)
Travel with Niket Karan on YouTube
TravelwithNiketKaran^~   10136 blog posts
Entry# 5017507            Tags   Past Edits
Quiz No. 104
Guess the Train and station
Hints - 1. Both Train and station is SER
Winner : Soumyadeep

27 Posts

Jul 17 (13:44)
PC Gaming needs to boast in India
Soumyadeep~   1987 blog posts
Re# 5017507-28            Tags   Past Edits
Ranchi Dumka?

Jul 17 (13:45)
Ban all chinese mobiles
Sagnikdhn25~   1322 blog posts
Re# 5017507-29            Tags   Past Edits
12815 nandan kanan express

Jul 17 (13:46)
Travel with Niket Karan on YouTube
TravelwithNiketKaran^~   10136 blog posts
Re# 5017507-30            Tags   Past Edits
This time its Correct. . .
Congrats! You are the winner 🎊🎊🎊

Jul 17 (13:50)
Travel with Niket Karan on YouTube
TravelwithNiketKaran^~   10136 blog posts
Re# 5017507-31            Tags   Past Edits
Correct answer is Ranchi Dumka Express
Thanks all for participating in the quiz. . .
I was travelling from Bokaro Steel City to Asansol in general coach and this pic was taken at 3AM in the morning...I will post the full story in a separate blog

Jul 17 (13:50)
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasma
Brandon12663^~   29662 blog posts
Re# 5017507-32            Tags   Past Edits
General Travel
Jul 02 (22:07)   BJE/Bhojudih Junction (2 PFs)
Ahin 21305M4
AHIN_22~   1298 blog posts
Entry# 5002980            Tags   Past Edits
Finally one of the most awaited doubling project in SER gains momentum.

The Bhojudih Talgoria Doubling. ( 12.20 KM ) in connection with permanent diversion of the fire affected Dhanbad - Chandrapura Road .

recently floated Tender for
execution of Picking Up of the Final Alignment, Soil Investigation & Yard Plan, Preparation
and Submission of various of detailed Design & Drawings of Doubling between Bhojudih and
Talgaria (12.20 Km) South Eastern Railway. Estimate No. 1/SUR/2020.

44 Posts

Jul 04 (12:50)
Chaos is a ladder
Rajiv2911~   183 blog posts
Re# 5002980-45            Tags   Past Edits
Yes ei bypass ta SER er jonno shortest route hochhe grand chord e enter howar jonno ar in future EDFC access korar jonno ar duto div e freight oriented eta to expected e , moreover ECR pinkbook e ei line tar PKA-PHE-BJE line tar doubling o proposed ache ar decent fund allotment o hoeche er doubling er jonne.

Jul 06 (21:31)
WorldWar3~   6710 blog posts
Re# 5002980-46            Tags   Past Edits
scenario of GMO-MHQ line. It falls under danger area
+ Chandrapura bypass proposal for GMO-MHQ train. Bypass via Jamuniatanr Bridge, will enable GMO-MHQ train avoid danger area of Bandidih mines

Jul 06 (21:34)
WorldWar3~   6710 blog posts
Re# 5002980-47            Tags   Past Edits
BJE-TLE doubling with bypass at CRP for GMO-BJE/BKSC train via MHQ-TLE

Jul 06 (22:14)
Ahin 21305M4
AHIN_22~   1298 blog posts
Re# 5002980-48            Tags   Past Edits
Is there any proposal for Chandrapura bypass by ECR? I just find the PKA to PEH doubling proposal in pink book.

Jul 07 (12:44)
WorldWar3~   6710 blog posts
Re# 5002980-49            Tags   Past Edits
CRP bypass included in CRP-MHQ-TLE doubling. Railway line in GMO-Bandidih, KDS-KTH-PLJE & MHQ-LYD-VAA sections falls in danger zone, see my pic attached. Railway lines in GMO-CRP, VAA-BJE, CRP-MHQ-TLE, PKA-PEH & DHN-KDS-TET sections are safe for train operation. very slow movement of freight trains allowed in GMO-Bandidih, KDS-KTH-PLJE & MHQ-LYD-VAA sections. Regarding others, GMO-CRP section has 120 kph MPS; CRP-MHQ-TLE section has 110 kph MPS; VAA-BJE, PKA-PEH & DHN-KDS-TET sections have 100 kph MPS.
General Travel
Jun 22 (16:02)   02535/Aranyak Special | SHM/Kolkata Shalimar (3 PFs)
Guest: 5ecc7559   show all posts
Entry# 4992292            Tags   Past Edits
Shalimar-Bhojudih spl starting, full TT attached

Source SER FB
Moderator sir please create this train number

Jun 22 (17:24)
Anubad Chakraborty
Anubad139^~   4070 blog posts
Re# 4992292-1            Tags   Past Edits
Any news about Shiromoni?

Jun 22 (18:16)
Guest: 5ecc7559   show all posts
Re# 4992292-2            Tags   Past Edits
After partial lockdown gets withdrawn in West Bengal Shiromoni can start.
But somebody was saying me yesterday that SER is in thought to start Shiromoni Exp.
But Steel Exp will restart again most probably start soon or next week maybe. Let's see

Jun 22 (18:20)
Guest: 5ecc7559   show all posts
Re# 4992292-3            Tags   Past Edits
Almost no change in Aranyak exp TT.
Will Lalmati exp will run again. Any news?
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