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CNR/Chandor Goa (1 PFs)
चांदर गोवा     चान्दर गोवा

Track: Construction - Doubling+Electrification

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Cotta, Chandor, Salcete, South Goa - 403714
State: Goa

Zone: SWR/South Western   Division: SSS Hubballi (Hubli)

No Recent News for CNR/Chandor Goa
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Type of Station: Regular
Number of Platforms: 1
Number of Halting Trains: 12
Number of Originating Trains: 0
Number of Terminating Trains: 0
Rating: 2.5/5 (7 votes)
cleanliness - good (1)
porters/escalators - average (1)
food - average (1)
transportation - good (1)
lodging - poor (1)
railfanning - poor (1)
sightseeing - n/a (0)
safety - average (1)
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Station News

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Feb 26 (11:21) Traffic on Collem-Vasco route disrupted after train derails (
Major Accidents/Disruptions

News Entry# 441070  Blog Entry# 4889254   
  Past Edits
Feb 26 2021 (11:22)
Station Tag: Chandar/CNR added by Anupam Enosh Sarkar/401739
Margao: A coach of an empty Vasco-Sanvordem parcel special rake derailed after one of its axles got detached and fell off just as the train was chugging into the Curchorem-Sanvordem railway station on Thursday morning. No casualties were reported. The derailment paralysed train traffic along the Collem-Vasco stretch of the South Western Railway (SWR) for several hours. The incident occurred around 8.30am, minutes before the scheduled arrival of 07324 Collem-Vasco passenger train.
Deputy general manager, SWR, E Vijaya, told TOI that the passenger train was detained at the Chandor railway station for nearly three hours on account of the derailment.
the derailment occurred just after the engine had crossed the level crossing, road traffic through the level crossing was suspended until the line was temporarily cleared by moving the train away towards the railway station.
“The obstructed line was cleared within three hours. Accident Relief Trains (ART) were ordered immediately from Castlerock and Vasco. The Collem-Vasco passenger train that was detained at Chandor station left at 11.35pm once the obstructed line was cleared,” Vijaya said, adding that the cause of the derailment was under investigation.
Sources said that a major disaster was averted as the affected parcel special train was moving at a slow speed on account of the track doubling works that are underway along that stretch.
Senior officers of the SWR closely monitored the restoration work and the post-restoration situation all day.
Other News
SWR/South Western
IR Press Release

News Entry# 439036  Blog Entry# 4876757   
  Past Edits
Feb 14 2021 (19:16)
Station Tag: Chandar/CNR added by ForeverRailfan/248735

Feb 14 2021 (19:16)
Station Tag: Kudchade/SVM added by ForeverRailfan/248735

Feb 14 2021 (19:16)
Station Tag: Castle Rock/CLR added by ForeverRailfan/248735

Feb 14 2021 (19:16)
Station Tag: Vasco-da-Gama/VSG added by ForeverRailfan/248735
As the existing Railway track was laid more than 100 years ago, many towns have developed o­n both sides of Railway track, especially between Vasco-da-gama and Castle Rock stations. Residents of these areas are facing lot of inconvenience in crossing of Railway track and have to travel many kilometres for level crossings. Keeping this aspect in view, it has been planned to construct 3 Underpasses at Curchorem, Chandor and Kamral.

A part of the o­ngoing doubling between Londa and Vaso, SWR has facilitated three Underpasses at Curchorem, Chandor and
Kamral villages which have brought relief to the road users in and around these villages. These under passes being constructed by Rail Vikas Nigam Limited were commissioned in the month of Feb 2021.
The first Underpass at was launched o­n Feb. 3, the second o­n Feb. 6, and the third o­n Feb 10 at Curchorem, Cahndor and Kamral respectively. Both Passenger and Freight traffic was suspended for 5 hours for construction of the underpasses. These Under passes were constructed after suspending normal rail traffic, both passenger and Cargo, for five hours each time and at an estimated cost of Rs. 6.5 crore. In addition to the cost of construction, the Indian Railways had incurred a loss of Rs. 3 crore approximately as a result of suspending train services.

Keeping in mind of the inconvenience being faced, SWR has taken-up the work of providing Underpasses despite these economic consequences. These Underpasses are part of the over-all plan of Rail double tracking, and underpasses are designed to accommodate small and medium size four wheelers.
Of the three underpasses launched by SWR, the underpass at Kamral village would provide the biggest relief since o­ne portion of the village, having 60/70 houses was landlocked between the Railway line and a River for the last several years, and public were forced to transporting all essential items through a longer route or across the Rail line which was unsafe. The o­nly access to they had to the village road was a small water path under the Rail track, which was used mainly by pedestrians and two-wheeler. With the construction of this Underpass, it is now possible take 4 wheelers to the landlocked part of the village.
For the citizens of Chandor and Curchorem, the underpasses will provide a great relief for road users as they can ride through the underpass without having to wait at the Level Crossing gates that have been closed. Railways is also planning to construct connecting roads at both the locations, which is estimated to cost around Rs. 5 Cr. Railways plan to complete work of these roads within by March.
General public of these villages have appreciated the initiative because besides providing connectivity which was not available earlier, the waiting at Level Crossing for trains to pass will now become a thing of the pass. In addition to provision of ROB/RUB and Limited Height Subways, SWR is also taking up improvements to Station buildings by providing better passenger amenities, like foot over bridges, platform shelters, platform toilets, Ramp for physically challenged and longer platforms for the convenience of passengers along with doubling.
Feb 03 (09:59) Chandor villagers halt Railways’ work yet again (
Commentary/Human Interest

News Entry# 436724  Blog Entry# 4865268   
  Past Edits
Feb 03 2021 (10:00)
Station Tag: Chandar/CNR added by Anupam Enosh Sarkar/401739
Stations:  Chandor Goa/CNR  
Margao: Residents of Chandor and Guirdolim confronted Railway officials once again on Tuesday over the issue of filling of the river and alleged encroachment by the Railways into private properties.
Cuncolim MLA Clafacio Dias asked the Railway officials to stop all ongoing works in the village until the property of the Railways is properly demarcated by the state revenue department. Officials of the water resources department (WRD) also conducted an inspection of the filling of the water body in the vicinity of the site of the ongoing double-tracking work. Dias said he has directed WRD officials to send a show-cause notice to the Railways and to take appropriate action in case of any violations.
said that they will soon be approaching the collector with their complaints. “The Railways has been doing all sorts of illegal works—hill-cutting, filling of low-lying lands and water bodies—with impunity and without taking any statutory permissions. They have destroyed bunds and sluice gates,” former Guirdolim sarpanch Agostine Antao said.
Jan 31 (11:51) Approach govt or move court, Railway officials tell Chandor, Guirdolim locals (
Commentary/Human Interest

News Entry# 436024  Blog Entry# 4862524   
  Past Edits
Jan 31 2021 (11:51)
Station Tag: Chandar/CNR added by Anupam Enosh Sarkar/401739
Stations:  Chandor Goa/CNR  
MARGAO: Officials of the Indian Railways on Saturday had to face the fury of villagers of Chandor and Guirdolim over a host of issues pertaining to the track doubling works under way in the twin villages. The two-and-a-half hour long meeting held between villagers, panchayat members and Railway officials, however, remained inconclusive with Railway officials expressing their inability to stop the track doubling work in the village as demanded by the villagers, and instead advising them to take up the demand with the state government or explore legal remedies.
The bone of contention between the villagers and the Railways was the issue of alleged violation by the Railways of certain laws – Land Revenue Code, CRZ laws, Goa Irrigation Act, etc -
pertaining to land acquisition, change of land use, hill-cutting and land-filling, diversion of course of water bodies, and other activities related to the track doubling works in the village.
While the villagers insisted that the Railways produce the permissions obtained by them from various statutory bodies for the construction activities, the latter maintained that the Indian Railways Act exempted them from taking such permissions. “We have been permitted by the district collector to undertake the work. Calling off the work is beyond my capacity. If you think any of the works is in violation of the laws, you are free to take legal recourse,” John Shilshi, a senior official of the Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL) said.
To a query, he said that the state government was the appropriate authority for the villagers to approach with their demand. RVNL general manager (Goa) Shashibhushan Sahoo was also present.
Earlier, villagers as well as environmental activists fired a volley of questions at the Railway officials. Expressing their disapproval over the failure of the Railways in replying to a number of letters written by the local panchayat demanding that the Chandor railway station development and track expansion plans be shared with it, the villagers demanded that all work in the village be suspended until all the details are made available to the panchayat.
Former Guirdolim sarpanch Agostine Antao led the charge against the Railways, along with activists Abhijit Prabhudessai, Olencio Simoes, Capt Viriato Fernandes, Zarina Da Cunha, and others.
Prabhudessai expressed his disapproval over the Railways “blatantly violating the laws” instead of setting an example for people to abide by the laws. “The people will take a decision about the next course of action soon – whether to take to the streets, approach the courts, or resort to civil disobedience,” he said.
May 10 2018 (10:16) Locals aghast at plan for Railway Hub at Chandor (
Commentary/Human Interest
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 336555  Blog Entry# 3402634   
  Past Edits
May 10 2018 (10:16)
Station Tag: Chandar/CNR added by sreerup kol~/1802590
Stations:  Chandor Goa/CNR  
MARGAO: Residents of Chandor are aghast on realising that the railway station in the village is proposed to be made into a depot with ten railway tracks, thus making it a major hub for railways.
The developments have come as a shock for villagers as all along they were given to understand that only double tracking was to be done.
It may be recalled that Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd (RVNL) has been entrusted with the task of double tracking the railway line on the South Western Railway Line and acquisition of 10.5 hectares
of land had already commenced last year.
RVNL was given the responsibility of doubling the existing tracks and constructing two new platforms, one at Chandor and the other at Calem. In fact, though villagers did not oppose the proposal they grudgingly accepted the move.
However, on Friday, when some villagers, including the Deputy Sarpanch of Guirdolim Franky Rodrigues and former Sarpanch Sonia Fernandes along with some villagers called on the station master, they were shocked to learn that Chandor station was proposed to be made a hub for the railways with around 10 tracks.
Earlier, engineers reportedly told villagers that they are going to build only two more tracks in Chandor and an additional platform, while showing the plans of the same.
However, RVNL Additional General Manager Sassi Sahoo admitted that the railways had plans to increase the capacity at the Chandor railway station and in future the station could have ten tracks.
“The expansion will take place only when the land is acquired but presently we are laying only two tracks at Chandor,” he said.

1 Public Posts - Thu May 10, 2018

May 10 2018 (12:43)
sreerup kol
x-under SW-x   19272 blog posts
Re# 3402634-2            Tags   Past Edits
Should be, otherwise no use. Madgaon needs a proper Railway Yard with Pitlines and a Freight Yard. And, what best place to construct it then at a remote location like this.

May 10 2018 (12:46)
Dhanno   3041 blog posts
Re# 3402634-3            Tags   Past Edits
This part is with SWR. So the freight yard will be of SWR. Also if they do construct pitlines it will be of SWR. I doubt if they will.
If pitlines are to be constructed it would be at VSG. No idea if space is there at VSG for any pitline.
If not, then hoping something happens here too.

May 10 2018 (12:47)
sreerup kol
x-under SW-x   19272 blog posts
Re# 3402634-4            Tags   Past Edits
Yup, right. No pitlines. But, a Freight Yard is a must.

May 10 2018 (14:01)
A2Z~   17280 blog posts
Re# 3402634-5            Tags   Past Edits
As reported many times, why villagers of Goa region are always skeptical about augmentation of Rly facilities?? Where as residents of normally demand for and welcome railway related facilities coming to their region?

May 10 2018 (14:13)
sreerup kol
x-under SW-x   19272 blog posts
Re# 3402634-7            Tags   Past Edits
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