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Railgarion ki Devi, Nanda Devi AC ko pranaam - Sunaina Malhotra

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Sun Jun 7 11:20:45 IST
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News Posts by Rail Fanning~

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Today (09:58) Railways may frop tains with low occupancy, reduce stoppages post COVID (
IR Affairs

News Entry# 410656  Blog Entry# 4646039   
  Past Edits
This is a new feature showing past edits to this News Post.
A new Zero-based Time Table is in the works with much lower number of trains and stoppages.
In a major paradigm shift, Indian Railways is exploring a new time table – Zero-Based -- with the
aim to reduce the number of trains and stoppages post-COVID.
As the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc across the globe by aecting life and disintegrating economic activities, the state-run
transporter has been equally hit with low passenger and freight business. India had the sixth largest number of COVID-19 cases – over 2 lakh -- till Saturday morning.
With the Centre announcing a graded phasing out of the countrywide lockdown, and the economy
sputtering back to life, Indian Railways is also gearing up to return to normality.However, the passenger
business will not be the same again as a multi-disciplinary team involving senior railway ocials and the
Operation Research wing of IIT Mumbai is working out details to devise a Zero-Based Time Table on the rail network.2020 Railways May Drop Trains with Low Occupancy, Reduce Stoppages Post-
"There is a need to attempt an ecient time table in the new paradigm post-COVID," a Railway directive
issued to the directorate concerned stated. According to the plan under consideration, trains having less than 50% and stations that have very low ticket sales are likely to be dropped in the Zero-Based Time Table.
A Zero-Based Time Table means a complete new time table. Every year the Railways has new time table, which is mostly a repetition of the previous one with some changes here and there, plus accommodating of new trains and stoppages.
In the new time table, many trains and stoppages, found to be commercially not viable, are expected to be eliminated. The Railways maintain that dropping ‘unviable’ trains and stoppages would increase operational efficiency.
There were about 2,200 Mail/Express trains besides Rajdhani, Duronto, Shatabdi and Vande Bharat services operational before the COVID-19 outbreak. Currently, about 200 mail/express and 30 AC trains are running as special trains besides Shramik Specials during the lockdown.
After COVID crisis, regular train services will not be the same as before, according to sources close to the development. They said this would require a need-based fresh time table with less number of trains and stoppages.
Incidentally, the letter addressed to the directorate concerned mentions "Review stoppages", and the "need
for identifying passenger and freight corridors and maintenance corridor.
There are many trains that have low occupancy rates as well as stations where passenger footfalls are negligible. For instance, if a train running on a particular route stops at 10 stations and some of these do not have adequate passengers, then those stoppages are likely to be dropped.
Similarly if a particular train has a low occupancy rate or the rate of return is less than the minimum requirement, then it will be discontinued in the new time table.
However, this would be tough to implement, as cancelling of train services and eliminating stoppages are sure to face stiff political opposition, sources said.
While many stoppages and train services are operational due to the political considerations as also social obligation, the Railways has been constantly avoiding this issue despite facing mounting losses, as it fears a political backlash.
Now, with coronavirus scare reigning supreme, the public transporter seems to have found an opportunity to put in place a process to chart out a practical course of action.Hence, a massive exercise is on to review train occupancy and stoppages to nalise the new time table.ways May Drop Trains with Low Occupancy,
Though the earlier plan was to complete the exercise before June 30 so that a fresh time table is in force from July, there are possibilities of delay.
Since the Railway passenger business is incurring heavy losses and is cross-subsidised from freight profit the pruning exercise is expected to be carried out to cater to market forces.
Amid the lockdown, Railway freight earnings saw a shortfall of Rs 8,283 crore compared with the corresponding period last year. Except foodgrain, other goods carried were much lower than the last year.
Also, as there are no regular passenger services right now, barring Shramik and AC specials in April and May, passenger revenue is also down by around Rs 9,000 crore.
Meanwhile, the public transporter is in the process of reviving some services in phases. While freight and parcel services are on, more passenger-carrying trains are expected to be run across the country as special trains, besides Shramik Specials.However, one may have to wait a bit longer for regular train services, which are not likely to resume before September-October
May 26 (10:56) रेलवे की बदइंतजामी से यात्री बेहाल, भूखे कामगारों ने ट्रेन से उतर कर प्लेटफार्म पर लूट ली खाद्य सामग्री (

News Entry# 409280  Blog Entry# 4637908   
  Past Edits
May 26 2020 (10:56)
Station Tag: Prayagraj Chheoki Junction/PCOI added by Rail Fanning~/718429

May 26 2020 (10:56)
Station Tag: Kanpur Central/CNB added by Rail Fanning~/718429
रेलवे की बदइंतजामी के चलते यात्रियों का धैर्य जवाब देने लगा है। श्रमिक स्पेशल ट्रेनें कई -कई घंटे की देरी से अपने गंतव्य तक पहुंच रही है। अपने-अपने घर लौट रहे प्रवासी भूख-प्यास से तड़प रहे हैं। भीषण गर्मी ने परेशानी और बढ़ा दी है। हालात ये हैं कि जहां भी खाना और पानी दिखता है प्रवासी टूट पड़ते हैं।
सोमवार को महाराष्ट्र के पालघाट से बिहार शरीफ जा रही श्रमिक स्पेशल ट्रेन में सफर कर रहे भूखे प्यासे कामगारों ने प्रयागराज छिवकी जंक्शन पर खाद्य सामग्री के पैकेट लूट लिए। स्टाल में तोड़फोड़ की। वहां से खान-पान का सारा सामान लूट लिया। अपने परिचितों को भोजन पहुंचाने आए लोगों से भी पैकेट झपट लिया। करीब 200 से ज्यादा यात्रियों ने
देखते ही देखते साढ़े छह हजार लोगों की खाद्य सामग्री लूट ली। कानपुर सेंट्रल स्टेशन पर ही ऐसा ही नजारा देखने को मिला। यहां केरल के पालक्कड़ से बेतिया (बिहार) जाने वाली श्रमिक स्पेशल ट्रेन में पानी को लेकर लूटपाट हुई तो महाराष्ट्र के बांद्रा से मधुबनी (बिहार) जा रही ट्रेन में बंद, नमकीन और मठरी को लेकर झीना झपटी की गई। यह देश के अलग-अलग हिस्‍से में देखने का मिला है।
कानपुर में पानी की लूटपाट, नमकीन के लिए छीना-झपटी
कानपुर सेंट्रल रेलवे स्टेशन से रविवार रात 11 बजे से सोमवार दोपहर 3:30 बजे तक तकरीबन 85 श्रमिक स्पेशल ट्रेनें गुजरीं। इस दौरान 17 खाली रैक और 2 स्पेशल ट्रेनों को भी गुजारा गया। लेटलतीफी तो तीन दिन पहले जैसी नहीं रही, लेकिन गर्मी में लोग प्यास और कोच के पंखा न चलने से परेशान नजर आए। बेतिया जा रही श्रमिक स्पेशल ट्रेन सेंट्रल स्टेशन पहुंची तो पानी के लिए होड़ मच गई। रेलवे की ओर से पानी की बोतलों का वितरण कराने के साथ पाइप लगाकर कोच के भीतर ही लोगों को पानी उपलब्ध कराया गया। रेलवे ने यात्रियों के लिए 25-25 लंच पैकेट के तीन-तीन पैकेट बोगियों में डाले। इसे लेकर भी छीना झपटी हुई। किसी ने एक साथ चार पैकेट उठाए तो किसी को एक भी नहीं मिला।
80 घंटे विलंब रही ट्रेन
सोमवार को एक श्रमिक स्पेशल ट्रेन कोडरमा पहुंची। सूरत से मोतिहारी के लिए चली इस ट्रेन को नई दिल्ली-हावड़ा ग्रैंड कार्ड सेक्शन के मुगलसराय, गया, कोडरमा, धनबाद, और आसनसोल के रास्ते डायवर्ट कर चलाया गया। यह ट्रेन 80 घंटे विलंब से चल रही थी। ऐसे में यात्रियों को खाना-पीना उपलब्ध नहीं हो पा रहा है। यात्रियों का धैर्य जवाब दे गया तो अपराह्न लगभग 4 बजे कोडरमा में यात्रियों ने चेन पुलिंग कर ट्रेन रोक दी। यहां यात्री भोजन और पानी की मांग को लेकर हंगामा करने लगे। बाद में संबंधित अधिकारियों ने बताया कि अगले स्टेशन पर भोजन की व्यवस्था है। इसके बाद यात्री माने।

Rail News
May 26 (11:01)
Rail Fanning~   4532 blog posts
Re# 4637908-1            Tags   Past Edits
Mentiond in the article that shramik train passengers loot items from stalls, somewhere in Prayagraj. Similar issues faced at Kanpur Central station for water....looks like so many issues being faced when trains are entering NR, ECR territory. From originating stations across, food and other items are being provided, but there seems to be complete lack of co-ordination after train starts its journey.
One of the train Surat-Motihari it is mentioned reached 80 hrs late !!!!

May 26 (11:07)
♛ 🔥𝐖𝐀𝐏 𝟕 तो भाई है अपना🔥😎 ♛^~   1653 blog posts   640 correct pred (70% accurate)
Re# 4637908-2            Tags   Past Edits
India politics hme jhuti tassli de rhi hai ki halat control me hai mager positive case ki rating bdte jarhi hai 7.1% ke ass pass hai

May 26 (11:12)
Bharatiya Rail ke Bhism Pitamah WAM4   1886 blog posts   2 correct pred (50% accurate)
Re# 4637908-3            Tags   Past Edits
बाद में संबंधित अधिकारियों ने बताया कि अगले स्टेशन पर भोजन की व्यवस्था है। इसके बाद यात्री माने।
Inko Dhanbad me bhi khanna nahi mila bad me

May 26 (11:54)
Rail Fanning~   4532 blog posts
Re# 4637908-4            Tags   Past Edits
Sad to see the state of shramiks. . Hope their respective states are able to create more jobs and ensure their well being.
May 11 (13:10) Migrants' Trains To Run On Full Capacity, 3 Stops In Destination State (
New/Special Trains

News Entry# 407468  Blog Entry# 4625631   
  Past Edits
This is a new feature showing past edits to this News Post.
The special trains taking lakhs of stranded migrant workers back home during the coronavirus lockdown will now run at full capacity, the Railways said today. The "Shramik Special" trains will also have three stops in the destination state apart from the final stop on the request made by states, the Railways state.
The capacity of passengers in each special train should be equal to the number of sleeper berths on the train, the Railways said.
Middle berths too will be allotted to passengers in the special trains, unlike earlier.
"Shramik Special" trains have 24 coaches with a capacity to carry 72 passengers in each coach. Currently, these trains are running with 54 passengers in each coach due to social distancing norms. So far, the Indian Railways has ferried over 5 lakh passengers since May 1.
"The Railways has a capacity to run 300 trains per day and we want to maximise it. We want to carry as many migrants home as possible over the next few days and have appealed to states to send approvals," a senior official was quoted as saying by news agency PTI.
Earlier, the Indian Railways had issued a set of guidelines for its zones for running the special trains, saying the trains should have at least 90 per cent occupancy to operate and ensure social distancing by not allotting the middle berth to any passenger.
he government announced the special trains to ferry migrant workers back home after a huge backlash over stranded workers walking back to their home states. On Saturday, the govenrment said the Railways has operated 302 "Shramik Special" trains since May 1 and ferried home more than 3 lakh migrants stranded in various parts of the country.
While Gujarat remained one of the top originating stations followed by Kerala, the states receiving the highest numbers of returnees were Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.
After criticism from the opposition for making the migrants pay for their train journey, official sources said the government was already subsidising 85 per cent of the ticket fare and that it was up to the states to bear the remaining cost of the ticket.

3 Public Posts - Mon May 11, 2020

May 11 (13:53)
Chennai Mail 12658   57 blog posts   284 correct pred (60% accurate)
Re# 4625631-4            Tags   Past Edits
That Brown, Orange, Green, Magenta and Violet, Dont know where that Dark Pink Paper Money went

May 11 (14:44)
The Rail Mail ™^~   56114 blog posts   18658 correct pred (70% accurate)
Re# 4625631-5            Tags   Past Edits
but rly stated it is free for shramik spls.

May 11 (14:52)
Go Corona Go 😷~   2208 blog posts   11 correct pred (75% accurate)
Re# 4625631-6            Tags   Past Edits
Jo 15% state pay karega Woh toh IR ke hi engine mein aayega 😁

May 11 (14:53)
The Rail Mail ™^~   56114 blog posts   18658 correct pred (70% accurate)
Re# 4625631-7            Tags   Past Edits
No here he is talking that people are paying up.

May 11 (14:54)
Go Corona Go 😷~   2208 blog posts   11 correct pred (75% accurate)
Re# 4625631-8            Tags   Past Edits
So he's wrong
Mar 26 (14:55) Railway staff stranded in Delhi, complain of insufficient food (
Major Accidents/Disruptions

News Entry# 403742  Blog Entry# 4602504   
  Past Edits
Mar 26 2020 (14:55)
Station Tag: New Delhi/NDLS added by Rail Fanning~/718429

Mar 26 2020 (14:55)
Train Tag: Kerala Express/12625 added by Rail Fanning~/718429

Mar 26 2020 (14:55)
Train Tag: Kerala Express/12626 added by Rail Fanning~/718429
Stations:  New Delhi/NDLS  
The rakes of the train have been hauled at the railway yard at Sadar Basaar in Delhi.
As many as 60 railway employees from Kerala and Tamil Nadu are stuck in Delhi owing to 21-day lockdown. They work on Thiruvananthapuram-New Delhi Kerala Express (train number 12625).
They reached New Delhi railway station on March 22 and 23 as the last batch of trains before the Railways announced suspension of services till March 31. The employees would now have to wait till April 14 as the country is in a 21-day lockdown period. “When
we arrived we were assured of return trip on Wednesday. But now it seems we are stuck till the lockdown ends,” said an employee.
The rakes of the train have been hauled at the railway yard at Sadar Basaar in Delhi. The employees complained that they do not have enough food to sustain. “It has been three days since we came here. The rice and lentils we carried are about to finish. We are also worried about our health,” said an employee. The employees are hoping that the Railways would issue special rakes for all staff stranded at the yard or allow them to board freight trains which are operational.
Mar 22 (20:54) Railways suspend services (
Major Accidents/Disruptions

News Entry# 403506  Blog Entry# 4601058   
  Past Edits
This is a new feature showing past edits to this News Post.
With effect from 22-3-2020 all train services have been cancelled upto 31-3-2020 by Southern Railway to strengthen the efforts already taken to contain the spread of COVID-19.Taking this into account and to avoid gathering of crowd in public places like railway stations the following further measures are taken and advised
1. PRS and UTS ticket counters to remain closed: In view of the cancellation of all type of train services relaxation of refund rules have been already notified. It
is reiterated that for all trains cancelled by Railways during the journey period from 21st March to 21st June 2020, refund across the counter can be taken on submission of ticket upto 3 months from date of journey (instead of existing rule of 3 days/72 hours excluding day of journey).
Keeping in mind the relaxed refund rules and in compliance with various advisories issued for social distancing and against crowding in public places, no ticket counter in Reservation office for reserved tickets and no UTS ticket counters in booking office for unreserved ticket will operate during this period from 22-3-2020 upto 31-3-2020. Hence passengers are requested not to visit stations for claiming refund of the reserved ticket at PRS counters in Reservation office as they will not be functioning anyway for all purposes during this period upto 31-3-2020.
2. No fresh advance booking in ticket counters in Reservation office will be done during this period upto 31-3-2020. However online booking for advance reservation through IRCTC website will remain available.
3. UTS on Mobile app also has been suspended upto 31-3-2020.
4. However adequate support staffs are available at stations, booking offices and PRS centers for assisting and helping any passengers in case they turn up without having awareness of these arrangements.
Railways will never be completely shut down or unmanned and its dedicated staff are always available to carry out their responsibilities as part of Indian government’s public services.
And Passengers are requested to cooperate with Railway administration for measures taken to contain COVID-19.
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