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Mon Dec 10 04:06:55 IST
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News Posts by ⭐16105🔄16106 ⭐Chendur express ⭐✡~

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Yesterday (10:59) 259 touts held, ₹57.65L tickets seized this year (
IR Affairs

News Entry# 371124  Blog Entry# 4082729   
  Past Edits
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The Railway Protection Force wing of Southern Railway has been conducting intensive drives at regular intervals to curb unauthorised ticketing.
Special squads are deployed all over the zone to nab touts at PRS centres and unauthorised travel agencies. Until November 30 this year, special teams nabbed 259 touts under the Railways Act and seized e-tickets and PRS counter tickets worth ₹57.65 lakh.
Of the arrested touts, 60 were convicted by the Judicial Magistrate Courts concerned and fined ₹3.9 lakh. The remaining cases are under investigation.RPF wing of the Chennai division recovered railway reserved
tickets worth ₹36.44 with the arrest of 104 touts. Trichy division seized reserved tickets worth ₹1.27 lakh with the arrest of 21 touts while in Madurai Division, special RPF squads recovered tickets worth ₹4.67 lakh and arrested 31 touts. A total of 22 touts were apprehended in Salem Division and reserved tickets worth ₹3.23 lakh were recovered.
Similar drives were carried out in Palakkad and Thiruvananthapuram Divisions and reserved tickets worth ₹4.95 lakh (50 touts were held) and ₹7.12 lakh ( 31 touts were held) were recovered.Safety and security of passengers has always remained one of the principal goals, say senior RPF officers.
One of the most effective measures taken to fulfil this responsibility is providing escort for passengers on trains.In Southern Railway, on an average, 316 Mail/Express/Passenger/Suburban trains are escorted by 529 RPF personnel daily. Besides, 130 EMU trains running over the Chennai suburban section during night hours are escorted by RPF.
As a unique initiative, in order to ensure safety and security of women passengers, four women’s special trains in the Chennai Division are escorted by ‘Sakthi Padai’, a women RPF squad.
RPF train escorts have been instrumental in prevention and detection of crimes, seizure of contraband goods, rescuing of destitutes and missing/runaway children and securing valuables and luggage left over by passengers.
All India Security Helpline 182 has been functional throughout the Southern Railway network from December 2014 to deal with rail security-related complaints promptly. This year, up to October, a total of 18,360 messages for help were received from rail passengers and were redressed on a real time basis, said an RPF release.
RPF train escorts have been instrumental in prevention and detection of crimes, seizure of contraband goods, rescuing of destitutes and missing/runaway children left over by passengers.
Yesterday (08:40) Demand for operating Antyodaya express (
IR Affairs

News Entry# 371115  Blog Entry# 4082350   
  Past Edits
Dec 09 2018 (08:40)
Station Tag: Tiruchchirappalli Junction/TPJ added by ⭐16105🔄16106 ⭐Chendur express ⭐✡~/1865201

Dec 09 2018 (08:40)
Station Tag: Thanjavur Junction/TJ added by ⭐16105🔄16106 ⭐Chendur express ⭐✡~/1865201

Dec 09 2018 (08:40)
Station Tag: Mayiladuturai Junction/MV added by ⭐16105🔄16106 ⭐Chendur express ⭐✡~/1865201
Trichy: Regular railway passengers from Trichy, Thanjavur and Mayiladuthurai have appealed to the Southern Railway to operate the Tambaram-Sengottai Antyodaya train as the train had good patronage when it was operated as a special train.
Though the superfast express train was planned to be operated daily via Mayiladuthurai as it was announced by the railway in 2017, it was not materialized so far, rail users said. The railway authorities should operate the train as a special again until the express
is officially announced. During Sabarimala season, passengers can visit temples located in
and around Trichy, Thanjavur, Kumbakonam and Melmaruvathur, they said.
The train was included in the timetable released on November 2017 and the railway announced it again in August 2018. However, nothing has happened, said R Rajan, a regular commuter from Thanjavur. In December 2017, the train was operated between the sections as a special train. Citing line block between Kumbakonam and Mayiladuthurai, officials suspended the service. Later, the special was brought into a halt stating scarcity of rakes. However, there was no word about the train from the officials, Rajan, who is working at a private company in Thanjavur, added.
According to officials at Trichy railway division, a new rake is ready for the train at Tambaram. If the rake is ready for use, the officials should initiate steps to operate the service, commuters said.
Member of DRUCC and Thanjavur District Rail Users Association A Giri said the officials’ announcement may be delayed. In the meantime, the railway should announce the train as a special and can be operated without wasting the rakes.
Meanwhile, officials at Trichy railway division said that the Tambaram-Sengottai Antyodaya express will be operated after getting orders from the railway board.
Dec 07 (11:31) ‘Suspension of train services on Pamban bridge, a precaution (
IR Affairs

News Entry# 370951  Blog Entry# 4076241   
  Past Edits
Dec 07 2018 (11:31)
Station Tag: Rameswaram/RMM added by ⭐16105🔄16106 ⭐Chendur express ⭐✡~/1865201

Dec 07 2018 (11:31)
Station Tag: Mandapam/MMM added by ⭐16105🔄16106 ⭐Chendur express ⭐✡~/1865201

Dec 07 2018 (11:31)
Station Tag: Pamban/PBM added by ⭐16105🔄16106 ⭐Chendur express ⭐✡~/1865201
Stations:  Rameswaram/RMM   Mandapam/MMM   Pamban/PBM  
DRM says empty rakes are, however, taken on the bridge
Suspension of train services on Pamban rail bridge to reach Rameswaram was only a precautionary measure after a crack was found in one of the main members of the cantilever bridge. However, empty rakes of trains that were terminated at Mandapam station were being taken across the bridge to pit lines in Rameswaram for maintenance, said Divisional Railway Manager Neenu Ittyerah.
Members are iron structures that hold the Scherzer’s span. The member that developed crack was welded and repaired. Train services had been
suspended to make it doubly sure that all other members were intact so that trains could be run safely. The railways wanted to check whether the strain of the cracked member had been shifted to others, she said.
The Chief Bridge Engineer of Southern Railway had decided to involve instrumentation to ensure the strength of each element in the bridge. Only after analysing the entire bridge, repair work, if necessary, could be taken up before allowing trains with passengers, she said.
Ms. Ittyerah said it was during a routine safety inspection that the crack was detected. The century-old Scherzer’s span of the bridge had been strengthened over the years. “The plan to replace it is in an advanced stage,” the DRM said.
As of now, the railways had made arrangements for transporting passengers between Rameswaram and Mandapam railway stations by road. Over 2,000 persons were ferried by railway officials on Wednesday, she said.
Basic infrastructure at Mandapam was being temporarily augmented to meet the requirements of a large number of passengers. Additional facilities for issuing tickets were being made, she added.
Dec 06 (12:22) SR rejects plea to halt express trains at Tiruvallur (
IR Affairs

News Entry# 370900  Blog Entry# 4073368   
  Past Edits
Dec 06 2018 (12:22)
Station Tag: Tiruvallur/TRL added by ⭐16105🔄16106 ⭐Chendur express ⭐✡~/1865201
Stations:  Tiruvallur/TRL  
Southern Railway (SR) has turned down the request of rail commuters on Arakkonam section to extend stoppage to additional express trains at Tiruvallur stations. Tiruvallur station which falls under non-suburban category -III, has been denied stoppage owing to well-established suburban train connectivity and want of average ticket sales laid down by railway board.
Representative Image
Chennai: Officials of Chennai Railway Division have declined public request in Last Week’s Zonal Railway Users Consultative Committee (ZRUCC) on the premise that provision of additional storage at short intervals for these long-distance trains would increase the overall
running time and result in some trains losing superfast character.
However, the official reasoning has not deterred commuters from persisting with their demand. Regular rail users argue that Tiruvallur, a district headquarters which generates the same revenue (Rs 15 crore) as Chengalpet, was being denied stoppage, while the same has been extended to Chengalpet. “Only 10 of the 50 express trains passing through Tiruvallur stop there. We only request the division to stop an additional five trains there,” said DRUCC member K Baskar.
For instance, several commuters rely on Kovai bound express train starting from Chennai Central at 6.10am to reach Katpadi and beyond. To board the express train at Arakkonam, which is the nearest stoppage 35 minutes away from Tiruvallur, commuters must take an EMU from Tiruvallur at 5.35am, for which we must start from our home at least around 5am. At Arakkonam, commuters must wait for around an hour to board the Coimbatore bound express trains which stops in all but Tiruvallur district, Baskar added. Ironically, the same Tiruvallur transformed into a terminal in 2015 when Chennai Central was closed during the December floods. Several trains bound for Coimbatore and beyond started from there. It has been reliably learnt that around 300 express tickets were sold even without proper announcements on December 6, 2015. Providing stoppage at Tiruvallur would not only reduce the journey time of commuters but also reduce congestion at Chennai Central and Arakkonam junctions.
A few weeks ago, at least three MPs in Chennai have proposed stoppage for additional express trains at Tiruvallur during a recent meeting with the general manager and divisional railway manager at the zonal headquarters. Ironically, officials have ruled out the feasibility of stopping these express trains during a recent ZRUCC meeting by arguing that provision of additional stoppage at short intervals “would be resented by existing long-distance passengers.”
Station & services
Tiruvallur station has all the facilities to accomodate the express trains
Five of the six platforms in Tiruvallur can accommodate 24-coach trains and facilitate “turn back”
Tiruvallur generates Rs 15 crore per annum, same as Chengalpet station which has express train stoppage
Around 160 trains from Chennai and Arakkonam reach the non-suburban station daily
All express trains bound for southern districts stop at Tambaram and Chengalpet, both suburban terminal
Commuters demand stoppage for Palani Express, Coimbatore bound Inter-city, Kovai and Cheran Expresses plus Bangalore bound Bridavan and Lal Bagh Expresses

Dec 06 (15:16)
12633 Kanyakumari SF express~   1140 blog posts   39 correct pred (65% accurate)
Re# 4073368-2            Tags   Past Edits
If SR had rejected this plea to stop the Intercities (other Than Cheran, Palani) at Tiruvallur, they could have done the same for Dhanbad-Alleppey express when it was denied the proposed for speedup of 3.5 hours for the same reason,instead went in favour of the ERS-ALLP MST holders!!
Well played SR :(

Dec 07 (14:26)
Rail Fanning~   3610 blog posts
Re# 4073368-3            Tags   Past Edits
Agreed. Ironical as it may sound, for stoppages and slowing down they seem to agree to all demands from Kerala except new trains. But for TN it seems the other way round !!!!
Dec 05 (13:02) Chennai Mainline Electrical Multiple Unit rakes to have bio-toilets from March (
New Facilities/Technology

News Entry# 370832  Blog Entry# 4070430   
  Past Edits
This is a new feature showing past edits to this News Post.
CHENNAI : From March onwards, rail travel from Chennai to Tirupati, Jolarpettai and Nellore by local trains, is set to get better with the Railways having begun fitting bio-toilets in Mainline Electrical Multiple Unit (MEMU) rakes recently. To begin with, six coaches of Chennai - Arakkonam MEMU local and one coach at the centre of seven MEMU rakes, has been fitted with the toilets two weeks ago. The MEMU rake of Chennai - Arakkonam local, is run as an Express train between Arakkonam and Jolarpettai.
According to official sources, the Avadi MEMU coach maintenance shed holds 11 MEMU rakes each, comprising of two motor coaches and six trailer coaches. The official said,”Bids have been invited to install bio-toilets in 66 trailer
coaches of MEMU rakes maintained at Avadi shed. Each trailer coach will be provided with two toilets. Works to clean the toilets also will be outsourced,” said a senior Railways official from the Mechanical wing.
Though it has been a month since toilets have been installed in select rakes, many are yet to be thrown open for public and often remain closed owing to issues in water filling and lack of infrastructure facility in cleaning the toilets. “We have just begun to create dedicated water filling points for bio-toilets at Arakkonam, Katpadi, Vellore and Tirupati. We expect the works to get completed by March next year,” added a Railways official.
On right track
 Avadi car shed holds 11 MEMU rakes
 Chennai - Arakkonam MEMU rake fitted with toilets recently
 A rake comprises 6 trailer coaches and two motor coaches
 Railway to install toilets in 66 coaches
 Each trailer coach to get two toilets
 Each MEMU rake runs three to five services a day, covering a distance of 350 to 400 km a day
 The trains run in Chennai - Arakkonam, Arakkonam - Jolarpettai Express, Vellore Cantonment - Beach, Beach - Tirumalpur, Katpadi - Salem, Chennai - Tirupati, Tirupati - Nellore and Nellore - Chennai
 Many newly fitted toilets yet to be thrown open to public due to issues in water filling and lack of infrastructure facility to clean the toilets

Dec 05 (21:08)
nambi83~   318 blog posts
Re# 4070430-2            Tags   Past Edits
I think Tambaram electric shed too deserve MEMU train.So that direct services like Tambaram - Tiruvanamalai (with toilet facility) train can be operate.
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